Saturday, January 29, 2005

So here goes nothing, I am becoming a blogger!!

Okay, so I am in nursing school and only 5 months to go. I am not looking for anyone to get in the way of that. Right, we all know how that goes. See, when I get into relationships, I focus on the relationship, who cares what else is important in my life, I have a relationship to focus on. So, that is why I KNEW I was NOT to get into a relationship. Grr...well I met someone. Nothing serious yet just a few "dates" and a few kisses, no big deal, right? WRONG! That is already too much. I hate dating! School has already suffered and I hate that. I am too close to my dream of becoming an RN. I must back off, I must focus on school. Well that was #1......boy #10. I have a long lists of other things I need to focus on right now too! Yes, boy must be far down on list. If he gets too high on the list, then you know how fast the game can turn, he could be in first place before I even have a clue what is going on!....yes....maybe #11, or 12 would be best...but it is fun kissing him and hanging out with him....I guess #10 will have to do!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Just for Mara

I never had a journal or diary in my life, so I have no clue why I thought I would be able to keep this up, but I will try! My friend Mara has a blog and I wanted to post a comment on it, so I had to sign up! I will try to keep you all updated in my daily life, but I am a very busy person, so check back often, just not too often! Hehe!
Well, until then....