Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Baby Names

So, we have had names picked out since before we got pregnant. Only problem is...this is the name that this little person will have for the rest of his life. It is the biggest decision a parent can make. We want to make sure we are making the right one.
We talked last night, and both agreed the more we said the name we picked out, we weren't sure if we liked saying it over and over again. We still like the name, but don't want to make it our only choice come birth day.
So, we went to the book and looked over all the boy names. We found a couple more. We are considering putting a poll up to get some ideas and feedback, but haven't decided for sure. Alot of times, it is better and easier to just decide and tell people when the baby comes. We want to be able to look into his eyes and know that this little guy, our little guy, will have the most perfect name for him!
We would love to hear some more names, if you have any *good* ideas, please comment. We want as many options as we can. Of course, it has to sound good with Mierzwa. It can't be so complex people won't be able to pronounce it, nor do we want the name to be made fun of (as in kids at school-we know it happens, just don't want to make it easy for them).

Friday, March 27, 2009

Cape Cod

Headed to Cape Cod this year for our first anniversary. We are also making it our "babymoon". Almost all books you read aboiut becoming parents recommend you take one last little get-a-way before baby arrives, just the two of you. We decided Cape Cod would be nice, relaxing, fun and enjoyable. We didn't want to cram in a weekend of sightseeing, considering I will be 7 1/2 months pregnant. So, we decided to do a sight-seeing/relaxing weekend. We will see as much as we can, or rather, as much as I can. Hehe. I have no clue how much I will be able to do. Shaun just really wants to go to Martha's Vineyard. Sounds fun to me! I want to go to Boston. I have never been and neither has he. He also has a friend from high school/college that lives there. He hasn't seen her in years. It will be nice to catch up with her...and for me to meet her! She sounds really nice. She has 3 young children, so she has given me a piece of advice or two.
We are going in the off-season, so I hope most things won't be closed. Season doesn't start until mid-spring, usually around Memorial Day. Good thing is, it won't be busy for the things that are open! Most things are outside stuff to see and do, but I am sure they close things off.
I am hoping spring arrives by then. I am getting really tired of winter weather. We are starting to see things warm up a bit, but very sporadic. I would love to see everyday sunny, cool to warm temps (65-70), birds singing, flowers blooming. I don't mind a day of rain (if it must come) but not everyday. I can only hope we have good weather on our vaca!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jury Duty

I was summoned for jury duty this week. I happened to be in group number 26, and groups 1-25 were called for Monday. It was a good thing I wasn't called because I had a much needed class to attend. So, I was called in o n Tuesday. There were 2 big cases that would be needing jurors. It was a lot of watiing but it wasn't bad.
In MD, they have a set of questions they ask everyone. If you have a yes response, then the judge pulls you up to the bench one-at-a-time to ask you further questions. This is good for privcacy and allows the judge a chance to see if you need to be excused from the particular case or not. Well, when you have 100+ people answering questions, this can be a long tedious process. I didn't have any yes answers, so I just had to sit there and be patient. Once we were done with that process, we were excused for lunch and told the jury selection would take plaace after lunch. Only thing is, we were the second round of people. The first round was on Monday, and those who still qualified were told to come back Tuesday after lunch.
I wasn't picked as a juror, my number never got called. It went in order and was #129. Of course, not 128 people were in front of me, several got excused before lunch. But, there were at least 50 or so in fornt of me. So, by the time it even got close to my number, they had picked the 12 and the 4 alts were picked too. Then they just excused the rest of us. It wasn't a full day, but I was there 8:30 am-2pm with a 45 minute lunch. Not too bad, I guess.
Good thing was, it was my only day to work, so I don't have to go back until Saturday now. Woohoo!!
I kind of wanted to be on the jury though. It seems like such a neat process. Something different than my everyday stuff. This would have been a 7 day trial for a murder. I guess I will just have to stick to Court TV and Homicide Files. All very intersting stuff.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Long Overdue Updates

I have been wanting to write for a while now. I had so many good ideas for posts, but then never find myself on the computer long enough to type them out. I will try to remember my ideas and make a comment about them all.
Jury Duty: I have officially been summoned for jury duty. My service starts Monday. I have a very important class on Monday, so was really hoping my group number wouldn't be called. I lucked out. Just got off the call-in line and they called groups 1-25. I am group #26. Yeah. Plus, I work Tuesday, so more than likely will be called for duty on Tuesday and get to skip work. I won't work again until next Saturday. Woohoo, just the way my schedule works out.

Hair: I have noticed that my curls are getting looser and looser. I am hoping this is just a side effect of pregnancy and I don't loose my curls all together. I have grown quite fond of them. I never had curly hair until 2000, it just started getting curlier and curlier. I like it. I don't want to loose it. We will have to see.

Pregnancy: Pregnancy going great so far. I haven't had too many problems. Last few days my sciatic nerve on the right side has been bothering me, but again, hoping it isn't permanent and goes away. Today I had a complete 24 hours without it hurting. Yay!! I am getting bigger and bigger and it is harder to do everyday items like tying my shoes without getting winded from bending over. I get tired easier, but I am still working 12 hour shifts at work. I am not sure if I will be able to continue through the entire 9 months, but I am hoping. We need the income and work is a great social outlet for me.

Baby Shower: I am flying home in April for a Baby shower. We decided we should probably register for it. Last Sunday we spent the day out and about looking at all things baby! It was so much fun. Can't wait for our little man to arrive. We were originally thinking to register at Target and Baby Depot (inside Burlington Coat Factory), but after getting completely overwhelmed at Baby Depot with their lack of customer service and chaotic store, we decided to register at Target only. We had fun registering at Target and found lots of great items.
We weren't done there. We had heard about a store that we thought was just a one store place (vs chain store), but found out it is a chain, just on the East Coast. Well, we wanted to check it out. Heard it was like the Costco of baby items. Big warehouse like. Boy was it. It was so neat. When we got there we decided to register there too, in case anyone over here wanted to get us something (plus they have an online store too). As we were signing up, she pulled one of the sales associates over, and she became our personal shopper. She went around with us (for over 2 hours) and helped us register for what we might need. She answered questions, offered suggestions, and explained items. It was so cool. We were totally impressed. The store is called Buy Buy Baby. I believe it is a subsidiary of Bed, Bath, and Beyond. The store is set up exactly like BBB from the aisles down to the registers. We love BBB, so of course we now love Buy Buy Baby. If you wanna check it out, click here.

Pics: I have a belly pic of 20 weeks. I am not really a fan of it, but it is what I look like. I had just gotten out of the shower, and didn't even comb my hair. I look really tired, but I am well rested. I get plenty of rest on my days off. Too much in fact. I gained 8 lbs since my last appt 5 weeks ago. Boy, did I get a chewing out from my doctor. She didn't seem to care about the fact I have only gained 10lbs total since getting pregnant, she only cared that 8 of those lbs were in the last 5 weeks. Of course she gave me the nutrition and portion size lecture. "stay away from the cakes, and cookies, and sweets. If you want something sweet go for a piece of fruit". Well, made we wanna come home and devour a few cookies...so that is what I did! Hehe. But she is right. I do need to do better, and I do need to start exercising. I know it will make me feel better, but at the time...the couch feels so good!!
Here's the pic...20 weeks. I am now about to enter into 24 weeks, so almost time for a new pic.

Nursery: We have decided to go with Lambs and Ivy: Papagayo nursery theme. Here is a pic

Well, I think that about sums it up. I know I have been slacking a lot lately. I will try to do better. Even if my posts are short, sweet, and to the point. I fear I have been using facebook so much, that my posts here are almost repeats. I know some of you who read this aren't on facebook, so I apologize!