Thursday, May 19, 2005

An Interview!

I know it has been way too long. I just don't have that exciting of a life rigt now. WIth school and work, thats it. I have my last two clinical days tomorrow and Sunday. I can't wait for that. I graduate in three weeks, totally can't wait for that. and I move then too. But the best part...well let me step back a little. I have been getting very nervous about moving, 1) it is scary, 2) I don't have a job yet, and 3) it is very scary. Good news for problem #2....I got an interview! Yeah, it is June 2 (Suzy's b-day!), I can't wait. I hope it turns into something. I am interviewing for a position in the critical care unit. How great is that? I have two weeks, so maybe in that time I will get another interview too. I really don't care where I work, I just need a job! Please keep your fingers crossed, keep me in your prayers, whatever you believe, just do it!
Oh, Good news....Dodgeball Tournament went great....please visit Mara's Blog for details. There are about 10 really good pics on there too!
No bf's yet, too busy. I will be looking forward to meeting lots of new people in Portland and have ltos new friends! I will not be picking and choosing anytime soon. I really just want to make great friends, then, later, maybe find me a good man. I need to get settled first. As in, settled into my new job, my new apartment, and my new life! I am very scared (reference problems #1 and #3 above), I know this is a life changing thing, and it is still very exciting, but I am very scared. I am leaving my family and friends that I love very much. I know it isn't goodbye, just goodbye til later, but it is still hard. I haven't started packing yet, I need to start!
I guess now is the best time to start....I'm off then to pack!