Friday, March 23, 2007


Headed to DC today. I will take lots of pictures. I hope the weather is supposed to still be nice. Earlier in the week, it was. I will go check that out now. Have a great weekend, and I will return with some cool stories and even better pictures.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Yeah. We have lots of trips planned, I can't wait.

Friday we are headed to DC for a fun-filled weekend. I can't wait. Then...well, okay we aren't going too many places, but I am headed home for Bloomsday. I bought my plane ticket today, and I will be home Fri-Mon. (May 4-7). Yeah.

Also, Shaun and I bought our tickets to come home for a week between my contracts. We have decided to fly home, then drive my car back. It will save me about $500 per month on a rental car, and that gives me a chance to see a few more while driving cross country. We figure a good 4-5 days at home, then leave for the open road. Take 3-4 days to drive back here. Yeah, I am pretty excited, plus I get my car back!! I miss my car. :)

Well, hope you enjoy the pics below of Shaun and I, and our trip to see his friends (Andrea and Tammy) in North Carolina. Next up will be pics of us in DC. :)

Shaun and I in North Carolina

How cute!!


Apparently I am comfortable

Wow, I am HOT!

Group photos are fun! Shaun, me, Andrea, and Tammy

Me and Tammy...Shaun's 2 favorite girls! :)

Monday, March 19, 2007

North Carolina

Got back really late last night from NC, so I am pretty tired again. No sleep! :(

It was a ton of fun. I got to meet a few of Shaun's friends. They were really cool, and we had a ton of fun. Basically a lazy weekend, went out a few times, stayed in a bunch, and I tried something new.

Yup, you heard me right. Shaun took me (well all of us) to a sushi bar. *Gasp*. Yes...I tried sushi. Well, I am not sure if it is really called sushi....I didn't eat the raw stuff. I tried some crab roll, and something with Eel. I don't know. It was ok. I am really excited that I tried something new, especially something that has freaked me out for so long. I am sure the look on my face was priceless. The girls were great though, they helped me get past my fears....well Shaun helped too.

St. Patty's Day we got all dressed up...I didn't, because I didn't have anything green, and headed to a bar. We stood outside in the freezing cold for about 30 mins, and the line didn't move AT all. So, we decided to leave, and get drunk at home, on our own. By our own, I really mean, their own. Since you all know I don't drink. Of course, Shaun and I were asleep by 1, and the others carried on a bit longer. It was still fun.

Sunday, was a lazy day, but we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. It was pretty good. Headed home a lot later than we wanted to, but we got home safe and sound. Next weekend is DC. Woohoo! Oh, and the girls and Shaun all got pics of the weekend, so I have to wait till someone takes pitty on me, and shares! :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


This weekend I get to head out to NC. I guess it is at Fort Bragg, near Fayetteville. I hope I spelled that correctly. But first, I get to hang out with a new girl friend. I can't wait. Tonight I am headed to Kristy's house to have a girl's night in. I guess I will see what we do when I get there. I am sure it will be total girly things. Yeah. It is so nice to have a friend.
Today, I am going for a run. It is a little breezy, but I don't care. I really want to start running again. Besides, I have got to get ready for Bloomsday, coming up in May. I am so excited I get to go to Bloomsday this year. I haven't missed it since I started running it in 2001. This will be my 7th year. Yeah!
For all those that don't know what Bloomsday is, it is a 12k race that has over 50,000 runners in it every year. I feel like I have already mentioned this in a post before, so sorry if I have. Either way, I can't wait to go. I usually get my family and friends to go too, so I am really excited to be able to see everyone. Can't wait.
I am almost 100% sure now that I am going to renew my contract. If I renew here for another 13 weeks, I will be around here through August. Yeah.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Long awaited...

Here are some pics of my trip to NY...enjoy.

Times Square

More Times Square

I didn't see this play, but it is famous, and I thought the sign was cool.

Over looking NY


Planet Hollywood-where I had to get my NY Pass

Central Park

View from Empire State Building

This is Pete. He is my New Zealand buddy. My NY foreigner!!

Me, with NY in the background. A view from the observatory from the Statue of Liberty.

There she is, isn't she beautiful?

NY Firefighters pay tribute to Ground Zero. Granted it was wax, but I liked it best.

Another picture of the NY firefighters Ground zero wax sculpture.

Well, I think that is plenty for now. I will post a pic of Shaun, as soon as I can. Please be patient, my goodness. I am headed to NC this weekend, I am sure I will get some more pics, then I can go get the put on a CD, so I can upload them to the computer. Hope you enjoyed my pics from NY.


I am so sorry I haven't gotten my pictures posted. I have been a busy bee. I have them ready to post, and I will send the rest home so you can see all of them. They are really good. I was very pleased.

So, my trip to NY. Awesome. I left monday morning, got to my hotel and checked in. Unfortunately in was 10:30 am, so I had to leave my bag behind the desk. Then I was off to the streets of NY. I headed to Central Park, since it was so close. After that I needed to find Planet Hoolywood to pick up my NY Pass. It is the pass that allowed me to get into many attractions for free. It was sweet. My life saver. They even gave me a cool book that gave me directions, maps, numbers, and hours of operation. It proved to be the best investment I did. Well, I wasn't sure where it was at, so I decided to just start walking, and hope that I find it.

I did. It was in the middle of Times Sqaure. Now, Times is amazing. I loved it. It is as cool as it is in the movies. Big building, lots of people, bright electric neon signs. So cool. It seemed to be the hub of NY.

Monday night I went and saw a Broadway play. I saw Avenue Q. It was so good. I had never heard of it, but heard when I bought the tickets it had one a Tony award. I got all dressed up, and took a cab downtown. It was the best play. Hilarious the whole time, and very risque.

Also Monday, while I was walking around downtown, I headed to the Empire State building. That was cool. I bet the view would be even more spectacular in the spring and summer. It was a bit hazy, but I still got some good pics. Which I will post either tonight or tomorrow. Yeah.

Next day, had an issue getting to my massage appt, which happened to be in another town. So I had to take the train up north about 45 mins. Well, because there was some confusion, I didn't get there in time. Then, they wanted me to come back at 4:30, but I had already wasted a few hours of my morning, so I managed to get them to give me a gift certificate, so I could use it at another location. This is a much longer story, but too hard to explain in this post. Needless to say, I wasted my morning, and it was about 10 degrees with a wind chill factor to -12. Not fun for me. Oh well.

After I got back into town, I headed to the NBC studios for a couple neat tours. I got to read the news from one of the news desks and read off the teleprompter. It was really cool. Too bad it wasn't recorded, because everyone said I did a great job, and I was a natural at it. Sweet. It was a ton of fun.

Then I went to the wax museum, Madame Tussaud's. It was neat. Most looked really good. I took pics, but they all came out bad. Well, not all of them, but they aren't my favorite. I will post one or two of them, just so you can see them.

As I was paying for my gift shop purchase, this guy from New Zealand started talking to me. He seemed really cool. His name was Pete. He came over to NY to meet a girl he had been seeing, but at the last minute she ended it. So, he was visiting NY alone, too. We started walking around together, then headed to an Irish pub for some food and drinks. We sat there and talked for a while. It was getting late, so he walked me to my hotel, and we agreed we would meet up the next day.

After my long awaited massage at the NY location, I met up with Pete again, and we got on a bus tour, heading to the statue of Liberty. I didn't have time for much that day, as I was headed back home. But, even though it was cold, it was still really cool to see her. She is really big, and amazing. We walked up the 156 steps to the top of the observatory.

I made it back to my hotel just in time as the shuttle was there to pick me up. Then headed to the airport, to wait and wait. My plane was delayed. The downfall is...they didn't have any clue when the plane would arrive. They just knew it wasn't there. Normally they have a clue, and can say it was held up because of this, that, or the other thing, but not this time.

Oh well. I made it home safe and sound. I even stopped on the way home and got to go to a late dinner with Shaun. Because nothing is open, we went to Denny's. It was fun.

This weekend, I got to spend lots of time with Shaun. He dropped me off at work Fri morning, and picked me up Saturday night. It was a very long day for me, becasue I got absolutely no sleep Friday night. So, by Saturdya night, I had been up for 36+ hours. He cooked us some food, and we watched a movie. But, by the time the movie got started, I was nodding off.

Our plan was to go hiking the next day, but that didn't happen. Got up late, and basically had a lazy day. We did manage to run an errand or two, take a stroll in the park, and watch a movie. We were thinking of going to Cheesecake Factory, but didn't get there either.

Oh well. We were supposed to meet up with a girl from work, Nicole, but we had some mis communication, and some phone tag, and never managed to meet up. That is ok, we will go have some fun again later.

Also, the hospital has asked if I would be interested in renewing my contract. I said I wasn't sure, but I am thinking I will renew for a while at least. I figure I am having fun here, and I have some more fun to be had. There are several more places I would love to visit, and do. This weekend Shaun is taking me to North Carolina to meet his friends, and the next weekend, we will be going to DC. I still want to go visit some places in Pennsylvania like Dutch country, Hershey, and Gettysburg.

I guess you have all been updated. I will keep you posted on things as they progress. I am still hoping to come home for Bloomsday. I asked for that weekend off, and I will likely get it, so plan to go. I am even trying to convince Shaun to go too. He has some previous plans that weekend, so I am not sure if he will be able to come. I will keep working on him. :)

Next of NY and a few of Shaun and I at the park.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Date #2

I still haven't had a chance to get all the pics downloaded to my computer, don't worry they are coming soon, as is a post about NY. It went awesome, and I can't wait to go again.

As for the date with Shaun. He took me out to a Japenese restaurant last night. Believe it or not, I actually enjoyed it, and it was good food. I am glad he is helping me expand my food horizons. After we wanted to go bowling, but they had league, so we decided to go to a movie instead. We saw Wild Hogs. It was hilarious. Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, John Travolta, and William H Macy. Just plain hilarious.

Then, we ended up bowling after the movie. We played three games and I lost 2/3. After that we hung out at his place, and watched another movie. Overall a great date, and yes...we are seeing each other, and will be seeing lots of each other in the near future. I am gonna go with him this weekend to North Carolina to meet his friends. Then, next weekend we are headed to DC. Tomorrow, a fun hike, and maybe Cheesecake Factory in Baltimore.

He is a ton of fun, and I really like him. Things are great :)

Addendum: Okay, so the first meeting wasn't considered a date, soley because we were first meeting. But for all who are wondering, it will from here on out, be considered a date. So, we have had 3 dates then, if you consider the first meeting in Baltimore, the second night at Denny's on my way home from NY, and then yesterday. There you go, are you all happy??

Friday, March 09, 2007

Under Construction

NY pics soon to come. I am working hard to get the best all downloaded and ready for viewing.

Please be patient.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

I am home

Hello All! I know you are all very anxious to hear how NY was, and I can't wait to tell you.

However, I have to wait. Today I have to work, and tomorrow I will go get my pics uploaded to CD so I can download them to my computer, so I can share them all.

I took about 150 pics, so there will be lots to see. Yeah.

Just wanted everyone to know I am home safe and sound. Oh, and my last wasn't a date.

But, I did see him again, and I am going to continue to see him, and things are progressing well. Enjoy your day!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007


So, yesterday I met this guy that I met on His name is Shaun. We met at a little coffee shop, sat there for a while, then decided what to do next. There wasn't much to do in Hagerstown, becuase it was raining, and getting cold/windy. So, we decided to head to Baltimore.

As we were leaving town, it was getting sunnier, and warmer. It was nice in Baltimore. We headed to the Inner Harbor and hung out there all day.

I got to go to my first Hard Rock Cafe. I had never been to one before. So, as he was suggesting places to eat, I stopped him right there, and said we had to go.

That was fun. Of course, since I have been sick all week, I didn't get to enjoy it nearly as much as I would have liked.

Then, we went to the Aquarium. That was fun. I haven't been to an aquarium in years. We also stayed and watched the dolphin show. Man, are those dolphins so cute, and talented. It was pretty short though, I wish it was longer. Oh well.

Then, we walked the pier for a while, and decided to head back to Hagerstown to catch a movie. Well, when we go there, all the movies started at ten and we were there at like 8:20. So, we decided to get dinner.

Went to Ruby Tuesday. Again, didn't enjoy it nearly as much as I would have liked to. I am sure I will get over this soon. Just the post sickness stomach cramps hurt really bad, and knock the appetite right out of me. Well, by the end of the meal, we sat and talked to waste some time before the movie. It took forever for the waiter to bring the check, then we never saw him or anyone else again. So, we left. Yup. Dine'n'dash. I had never done it before, but it was kind of fun. Of course, I doubt I will do it again, but everybody's got to do it at least once in their life.

The movie. It was good. We saw The number 23 with Jim Carrey. I really like him in more serious roles. It was good, but Boy was I tired by the end of the night. Night ended at about 12:30 am, but the time I got home and in bed, it was about 1am. I had to get up for work at 5:30...I pushed it till 6 am this morning. :)

But, next up...New York City. Here I come!!! I cannot wait. My plane leaves 7am tomorrow morning. I have to get up at 4 am to leave and get to DC in time. Yeah for me!

Don't worry. I will post pictures soon. I don't have any way to get them to my computer, so I have to wait till I have enough to put on a disc. I bet after NY, I will go get them ready for uploading.