Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hmmm...What to say?

So Jen and Joel are officially gone now. I am all alone. I get Charlie back in just a couple weeks, and I cannot wait! I am so excited. I have missed him so much!

Mara's wedding was awesome. They are off in Honeymoon Land (aka Mexico). They get back the day before Bloomsday. I will post some pics as soon as I get them. I have a few, so I will post them at the end of this post.

Called a guy today about a softball league. Luckily I called him today, because he was turning in the roster tonight. It is a co-ed league, starts May 7th. Games are every Sunday in the afternoon or evening. I am pretty excited about it. I will get to meet some really cool people. Sounds though, like there are a few couples, so less chance to meet a special someone. But that is okay, there is always people on the opposing team. Hehe Wink-wink!!

Off again this weekend, so I will be running 8 miles. I never managed to get 7 miles in, but that is ok. I will be fine. I was gonna try to do it today, but I never got a run in. I had lots of errands to run!!

Got a new bed set for my spare bedroom. Before Jen/Joel moved in, I had a twin bed (it was theirs), but they wanted it back, so they could put it in their new house. They used their spare Queen bed while staying here with me, then left that for me. So I needed some new sheet/bedding set, so I went out and got one.

Went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond, found a complete set that wasn't too spendy. When I got to the register, the lady checked it to make sure I had the whole set. It was all there. Package of sheets with pillowcases, bedskirt, and pillow shams, along with the comforter. So, I came home, washed everything, and went to put them on the bed...had two top sheets in the sheet package, and no fitted sheet. So, I had to go back to the store to get a fitted sheet. It was quite interesting. Now I have to wash the fitted sheet. Oh well. I just realized that was probably the most boring story ever. If you are still reading...you truly are a devoted soul. Thank you!

Don't know what else to say, so I will post a pic or two.

Pic of Mara and Brent at the reception...

Mara and Brent saying goodbye...

This is all the Bridesmaids with the Bride...

This is a pic of me giving my toast to the newlyweds...

This is a really washed out pic of me, but I still like it...

Monday, April 17, 2006

He is Risen...Indeed!

I went to church on Sunday. It was great. I had so much fun. I met a ton of great new people. Laura introduced me to most of them. Cheryl was also there. Cheryl and Laura are nurses I work with.

So, it was Easter Sunday, and due to time, there wasn't much of a sermon, but it was a good one. The only red flag I have is this...There were no mention of specific scriptures. No opening of bibles. A little thing that made me think, but then...maybe it was just because of Easter. There was an awesome music group, the kids sang, and he talked about the rise of Jesus, and the 12 apostles, and how their lives were changes with the rise of Jesus.

So, I will go back again next Sunday (by next Sunday I mean the Sunday after next, because next Sunday I will be in Spokane for Mara's Wedding!!), and see if he starts mentioning scriptures. If not, I will have to rethink, if this is the church for me. If not, I met another group of awesome people. They all go to Calvary Chapel. I may go there one Sunday, and see if that church is for me.

My friend Amber invited me over to her house for dinner. That was fun. There were a big group of church people there, and I met a ton of people I can see myself hanging out with again.

Change of subject...I contacted the Loft at Frontier.

You are probab;y asking what the Loft at Frontier is.

Well, I will tell you...

It is a doggie day camp at a vet's office. They are open M-F, 6:30am to 8pm. About $23/day, or I can get 20 days at a time for $17.50/day. Not bad. It will give Charlie a safe place to play with other doggies, and be watched, so he doesn't have to stay in his cage all the time. That is only a last resort, if I have to work more than 2 days in a row. He can go there during the middle day.

I know it isn't perfect. In a perfect world, I would stay home all the time, and play with my puppy, and be skinny. But I am not, and I cannot, so I do the best I can!!

Went for a good run this evening. Thinking I was running 7 miles, but once I got out there, I forgot which road to turn on. I turned on what I thought was the correct road...turns out, I was wrong. It ended up cutting my run down by 2 miles. I only ran 5. Too bad. Oh well. I will get my 7 miler in next week on Tues. I have to miss this Sat's run (which is the 7 miler), was gonna do it today, but obviously...DIDN'T!!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Outlook: Sunny

So, I have lots new things going on in my life now. First off...

I am getting Charlie back!!

I just miss him way too much, and I can't stand it any more. I called Steve up, gave him the news, and he was great.

"Uh, Steve, been meaning to talk to you"

"yeah, what's up?"

"I have been thinking...I really want charlie back."

"Sure! When do you want to get him? Or Should I bring him up to you?"

I was thinking...not only is he more than willing to keep the bargain, and give him back when I asked, but he was willing to bring him to me, if I needed/wanted.

"Well, I am running Bloomsday May 7th. Can I get him that weekend?"


Then he told me how he has been training him to wait for his treats, and all the cool things he has been doing. Of course, makes me miss him even more, but I am now getting him back.

We agreed on some visitation rights. He said he would be more than willing to take Charlie on the weekends I come home to visit. Since Mom and Dad don't like him at their house, it works perfect!

Other great news in the forecast. I am heading to church on Sunday. I know it is Easter Sunday, but what better way to start back at church, than with a celebration of his return. I finally found a church I feel like I could belong to. Of course, I need to check it out first, but all the others I have thought about going to, just haven't been that motivating. This church, I am excited about going to. I can't wait actually. Also, there are two girls at work (Cheryl, and Laura) that attend this church.

Next up, I am going to fix my bike. Gonna head out today, and start looking at places (and prices) to tune up my bike. I just want to be able to go out every once in a while, if I want to, just for fun!

Still running with PFit. 6 miles this week. Bloomsday is coming up, is is 7 1/2 mile run, tons of fun in Spokane.

Next week is Mara's Wedding...can't wait!!

Oh yeah, friend from work invited me to Easter dinner at her house. Guess she is having a ton of friends over. So yeah, have another friend.

Also, another girl at work (Khristina), she said she would be my friend, and also be willing to doggie sit, if I ever needed it! How cool is that?

So, things are looking up for me now. Only downside...Grason (and Jen/Joel too) are moving away soon. So I won't get to spend as much time with them anymore, but I know I can come visit often. At least I will have Charlie with me.

Have a Happy Easter weekend!!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The BIG 5

I had to work yesterday (Saturday), so I had to do Vancouver fit this week. It was fun, but when I got there, I wondered where all the people were. There, apparently, are only about 100 VFit members, compared to about 1200 PFit members. Big difference.

It was nice though. Nice to do a different route. Nice to meet new people. The only down side, if you don't know the route...you could get lost. There aren't that many runners, so you get spread out easily. Although today was only 5 miles, it wasn't bad.

Yes, I ran 5 miles today. No where near 26.2, but I will get there. 5 was tough for me today. I felt really good the second half of the run, but the first half...I was struggling.

I am not sure if it was the uphill, or the unknown. Sometimes when i don't know a route, I feel like it will never end.

As soon as one of the coaches said " You are over half way done", I started feeling better immediately, also, from then on, it was pretty much downhill, since the first part was pretty much uphill.

To make matters worse, my shoulder has been killing me the last couple days. I don't know what happened to it, but for a couple years on/off again, it gets sore tight, I can't even life my arm. I have tried Chiropractic...couldn't keep doing that. It cost me $20 every visit. And if you know Chiro's, they want you to come back 3 times a week for several weeks, just to fix one minor problem.

I have tried massage in the past, and that has worked. Not 100%, but better, then it goes away and doesn't bother me for a long time.

But, it is back.

It has been tough at work, since I am required to do lots with my arms. So, I am hoping it will be temporary, and it will go away soon.

Back to my run. I am done now, it was a good run.

One more down side. We were stopped at a stoplight waiting for it to turn so we could cross, and between two people I noticed bird droppings...dropping. So I loked up and sure enough, there was a bird, so I told them what had happened (they didn't notice), and I moved out of the way. Well, apparently the bird wasn't done, it got me on my shoulder. So I have bird droppings on my shoulder for the rest of the run! Nice!!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Portland Fit

Portland Fit is my new marathon training program. I started last weekend with them, March 25th. They are great.

I get to go every Saturday and run with a big group of people who are training for the same thing I am training for...the Portland Marathon.

The Portland Marathon is October 1, 2006 this year. I have been planning to run this race since I started running.

The first year, my sister had already ran portland and she wanted to do a destination marathon, so I went with her to Victoria, Canada. The second race I ran in the spring, in Seattle, at Whidbey Island.

Both were great races, and I enjoyed them very much. Whidbey Island was filled with hills, and not a lot of support along the way, in terms of cheering. But Portland...Portland has a reputation for having one of the best supported courses along the way. I am so looking forward to it.

Portland fit is a 26 week training program that teached me how to train, and how to run. It offers seminars on hydration, shoes, safety, injury prevention, etc. So I am not just running, I am learning how to run.

I went out again on Sat, this was the first week we ran with our deignated color groups. I am red. Which means I run a 10min/mile or slower run. I personally am closer to 12 or 13 min./mile. I will increase. As some of this extra weight comes off, and I get better, I will get faster. I did last time, so I will again.

First week was 3 miles, last week was 4...next week 5. Bloomsday is also coming up. That is 7.46 miles (12K)is Spokane, WA. I ahve ran that race every year for six years now. It is fun. 50,000 runners pile on this 12k course. It is a blast. This year, my family is running with me! Possibly, my old neighbor and friend, Kat. She said she wanted to run it too.

So, lots of good runs and races coming up. After Bloomsday is the Helvetia Half Marathon on June 10th. So that will be fun.