Monday, June 26, 2006

Random Pics

Have some pretty purple flowers out front. Thought I would go take some pics of them before they wilt away in this heat.

Glad I could share them with you!

Dog Mountain

Went on another hike today. It was very beautiful, and a ton of fun.

It was also VERY HOT!! Temperatures up into the 100's. Yeah! Got to be 102 in some places in Portland. I cannot believe how hot it was.

Dog Mountain is in the Gorge. Near Cascade Locks (about mile 44) on the Washington side. cross over the Bridge of the Gods, and it is about 12 miles from there. Beautiful area. Hard (listed as strenuous in the hiking book) climb. It is 3.7 miles of climbing. About 2900 foot elevation gain. I didn't make it to the top, but it was still very steep. I estimate we made about 3 miles of it. Just couldn't keep going, had to turn around.

I went with my friend, Julie. She is a pharmacist at the hosptial I work at. Apparently, she is an avid hiker, so I am a big novice compared to her. But that was cool, she was ok with that.

Headed out, and after picking her up and driving there, we started hiking at 10:30am. Probably should have started hiking at 8am, but, more lessons learned.

I got some great shots up there. I will share some.

This is the trail we took. Apparently it is the "easier" of the two options. It was hard just the same. Maybe when I am an expert hiker, I will attempt the other side.

This is a beautiful shot of the Gorge. It was a little "muggy" for long distance scenery, but there was blue skies as far as the eye can see, and very sunny. (and HOT, can't forget it was hot!)

Saw one dog on Dog Mtn (it isn't named for that, btw). He was really cute. A Dalmation, having a blast. He allowed me take a shot or two. Here they are. The first he has just the biggest smile, and the other, gave me a "what're you doing?" look.

Another great shot of the view

This is Julie.

This is me...

A cool shot of a wildflower.

On the way back, we stopped at a small museum. There was this train outside, and I liked it, so I got a shot or two of it too.

Another shot of Julie, and I

The Unknowns Strike Again!

My softball team is the unknowns, and yes, we WON again!

This week was a make-up day from a rained out day early in the season. Glad we had it now too, because it gave us a chance to get our team together and start learning how to play together. Now...we rock!!

First few games this season were losers. We lost big time, but now...we win. We even have fun doing it.

I am not on a team that puts you down if you strike out or yells when you don't make it to the base. Nope. My team cheers you on, and gives you high fives whether you made a run or didn't.

Last night, I nearly forgot it was Sunday. After all the sleeping I did yesterday I woke up around 7pm, was about to let the dogs out, and realized it was Sunday. Luckily, this week's game was at 9. Still had plenty of time.

So, we played the Bill's Brat's. They were pretty good. This time we didn't win by the over ten rule, but we did win 7-3. Yeah!!

Had a few injuries, Tim hurt his ankle, so we even had to take an out every inning.

That was the fist half of the season, so on to the second half, where we kick butt, and make it to the play-offs. Yeah!!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Everything I need to know...I learned today!

Lessons I learned today.

1. Don't leave two dogs home alone with bedding on the floor. Charlie is notorious for chewing things up. Especially when they have batting/filling of some sort in them. When I came home today, I found my floor like this...

Zoe-I owe you a dog bed! I am so sorry that happened. Luke has been a good dog, and Charlie-not so much!

2. If I really want to run the Portland Marathon, I need to get my butt in gear and KEEP running. Today I ran the Beat the BUrnside Bridge Run. It is an 8k and mostly downhill. I did pretty good. Finished in 1 hour, which was my goal. I even had to walk the last 0.25 mile because the sun was blaring, and it was HOT!

3. Never trust that there will be T-shirts available after a race. Especially this race. I remember this happened when I ran it with my sister in 2002. Who knows, it oculd have happened every year since then as well. I don't know. All I know is I didn't get a T-shirt, and I finished before the majority of the people in the race. You see..this is a race where the goal is to guesstimate your time, and start when you want, aiming to finish right before the bridge raises at 9am. I figured 1 hour, with a 3-5 minute "extra" time. Well, once I got off the MAX at the start line...I just felt like starting. It was 7:42 am. I finished at 8:42 am. Maybe 8:43...I looked at my time at the bridge, but the official finish line was just over the top, so maybe an extra minute...but who cares! I finished with my goal, which is way faster than I have ran in a long time. 12 min/mile. I am averaging about 13min/mile lately.

4. Can't go run 5 miles and start uphill, when you havent' ran at all for two weeks. The race starts off with a little uphill. My legs were burning not one minute into running. But, after the downhill started, I got over it, and felt pretty good.

5. Not a lesson, but I am gonna keep running, and see how I feel about continuing. I still really want to run another marathon, but I still really need to get running.

6. Never fry bacon naked. No, I didn't learn this lesson today, nor did I learn it the hard way. I just really wanted to share a great lesson with everyone!

Night out on the town

Went out tonight with Zoe after work. Came home took a shower, got preetied up, and headed downtown. Zoe and her husband are having a weekend hiatus (away from the kids) and was out on the town tonight, asked if I wanted to come.

Of course I never turn down a chance to go to smoky bars filled with drunk people, never!

Met up at Skooter's. Nice little bar, met a couple friends of hers there.

Then off to Aura. A little classier place with dancing. Danced for a little while, then headed upstairs to sit and chat. Got a little drink. Zima-h2o all the way!! (For those of you who don't know what that is....think no calories, crystal clear, and on ice....yeah, water!!

After that we headed to Fez. A middle-eastern dance hole. It was techno music the whole time. Pretty cool. Actually, not cool at all, it was very warm in there. We danced straight for about 45 minutes maybe, then headed out.

Said goodbye to her friends, and then Jason, Zoe and I went further downtown to this place called Embers. Apparently it is a gay-straight bar. Depending on which side you are on. We, of course, went straight to the gay side. Yeah!

There was this show where drag queens lip sing to music. Pretty funny. The main "lady" sang a song about pussy. Pointing to different girls when she got to a new type of pussy in the song. Zoe was sore pussy, some other lady was wet pussy, then I was HOT pussy. Yup! I was hot pussy. Zoe took some pics of this "lady". I will post them when I see them. I told her right then and there that that was going on my blog!!


Okay, I am past that now. It is 2:30 am, and instead of sleeping, and getting plenty of rest for my race tomorrow, I am sharing my fun night. Oh yeah, to top things off...I got a ticket on my car for not paying my bill to park.


I paid. When I first pulled up the guy took my license plate number and gave me a ticket to put in my car. Then, another guy took my license plate number and put it on a receipt of mine, and marked it down in there book. Yet, when I come back from partying all night long, I have a freaking ticket on my car window...very pissed off I was!!

I am sure if I mail in my ticket and my receipt of payment, it will be ok. Just one step I wish I didn't have to do.

Overall, tonight rated as fun. Oregon still allows smoking in bars. My eyes were starting to burn by the time the night was over. But, not terribly bad on the smoke in some places. I wish Oregon passed the same law that Washington did...NO SMOKING INSIDE ANY BUILDINGS!!

Saturday, June 24, 2006


I didn't run today.

I have been so tired lately. i have worked alot (by "alot", I mean A LOT) of hours this week. Plus, with Luke here, I didn't get good sleep last night. Not because of Luke, but because Charlie wanted to get up at 4:30am to play with Luke. It's new. He's not used to having a playmate here.

I know I am making excuses. I have resorted to that, but I really am tired. I have a run/race tomorrow, so i am hoping that will rejuvenate me. I really don't want to quit, but when it comes down to actually getting out there, I never feel like running.

I know I just need to stop thinking, and just do. I know I need to get myself over a big hump. I know I just need to do a lot of things, but I just can't seem to do them.

Next week, I won't work as many hours, and I am going hiking on Monday (hopefully-can't get a hold of Julie), so I will run. Even if it isn't much, I will run!

I will RUN!!

I got the dog

So, my friend Zoe and her husband get a nice weekend away from the kids. Boys went to grandma's and I got the dog.

His name is Luke. He is a Shit-zu doggie, but they way he is cut, he looks like a snauzer. Complete story on Zoe's blog-to your right!

I just brought him home after work tonight. Him and Charlie are aquanting themselves. I tried to get a good pic, but they dont hold still long enough.

Luke already made himself at home, and poopied in my house, but oh well. Then he went out and tried to pee all over the place, but nothing came out, so we came back in.

Charlie loves to play with other dogs, but I don't think Luke wants to play with him. When Charlie gets snapped one too many times, he will get the point. Right now, Charlie is trying to play, and Luke is giving him the cold shoulder with a little growl mixed in. Kind of funny actually.

I hope tonight goes fine.

Next subject matter. I am losing interest in training for my marathon. Everytime I reach half marathon, when I am training by myself, I stop training. I just seem to lose interest at this point, unless I have a training buddy.

I am trying hard not to, getting involved in a few more races. Like this Sunday is the Beat the Burnside 8k race. Fun race. Have done it once before with Jen, several years ago.

I will force myself to go running tomorrow-whether I want to or not, and then with my 5 mile run on Sunday, I am hoping that will re-motivate me.

You see...I WANT to run the marathon, but I don't seem to WANT to run. Strange how that works.

It will pass. Any other words of motivation out there for me? I could use it right now.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Pay backs are hell

So, remember my post not to long ago about how I was late? Well, today...I was early.

Sort of.

You see, I was scheduled for an extra shift which means I get incentive pay, which also means I am the first to be called off when there are extra nurses.

Well, apparently the night shift manager had trouble reaching me. My local phone number is on a Cingular go phone account, and I forgot to refill my minutes when they expired. So I am unavailable on that phone. However, they know to use my cell phone first. My cell phone is still a Kennewick number, so it is long distance for Portland. Apparently, she didn't know how to access long distance calls from the hospital, because she said all she got was a humming sound.

So, I get up this morning, just liek normal. take my shower, get all pretty for work and head in. When i get there...I get "We tried calling you several times. We couldn't get through. We don't need you"

Great. Well, I even checked my phone this morning. And last night, I didn't really want to come in anyhow, was thinking of calling myself off. (You can do that if you are extra and no hit against you)

Oh well, so I volunteered to go home. (If you come in when you are supposed to be called off, they are supposed to pay you for four hours, regardless if you work or not) They tried to get a hold of me, so I didn't mind going home with out pay. Besides, more sleep for me that way!

They did say they could use my help around lunch, and will definetely need me at 3, so I am going back in at 12. At least I still get some extra work. I need to work extra to pay off my camera I just bought!!

On other great news. Spent the day with Zoe yesterday. Had a blast. Started out heading over to go for a walk. Also, gonna be watching her dog this weekend, so we wanted to make sure Charlie and Luke (her Shit-zu) got along.

Ended up staying the whole day and well into the night. I didn't come home till about 11pm. We had fun though. Got some great tips and know-how on my camera. And since she is an aspiring photographer/entrepenuer, she wanted to do a little photo shoot with me and Charlie.

There is this cool little nature area near her house, so we went there. Got some great photos. I will post a few shots she took. She is a great photographer, and she learned it all on her formal training.

I will also post a few of the shots I took at her house, but mostly they are Zoe's pics of me and Charlie.

Here are some great one's of me and Charlie. These I ordered in 11x16's to hang on my wall in a series shot.

These are just a few other pics I loved. Man, she did an amazing job. Don't ya think?

Just me.

Great capture of Charlie. I love it. She wants me to get this blown-up in a 36x24 size. I don't know for sure yet. Opinions??

Another great one of me!

So what do you think? There were three others that are of just Charlie romping in the grass, but I am having trouble uploading them. I thought about getting those large size too in a series, but then decided to get the ones with both of us.

I think I will wait to get a really big one, when I can take a great picture. That way it can be my masterpiece.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Charlie strikes again

Since I have had Charlie-over 2 years now, I have had so many things chewed on. Shoes, hair clips, belts, clothes, and furniture.

Of course, he doesn't really chew now like he did when he was a puppy. Now, he likes to play with his toy, and it gets stuck under my chair or near my couch. When he starts scrathing at the furniture to get the toy out, he also starts chewing on it, hoping he can just chew to the toy.

Well, he has done that way too much, so now I have a big hole on my chair and many, many holes on my couch. I don't see new furniture in my future for a long time. Of course, my couch has a nice cover over it, but he has chewed on that too, so I have to tuck it into the couch cushions so he doesn't ruin that anymore.

Here are some pics of what he has done. Of course I used my new camera to get these great photos. (hehehe)

This is the corner of my chair.

This is my couch. See how I have the cover tucked into my couch. Yeah. That sure looks nice for company.

This is Charlie after he has had a bite of chair or couch. That little booger.

Here's the first shot...

I thought this was a good one, but it is pretty blurry. I will ahve to work on that. Fine tune my skills.

This is just of my apt, but I thought it was cool the way it focused on the plant. Of course, I made it do that, but still.

Finally got it!

So, I got my camera this morning. I had to wait until 10am. They (UPS) delivered it yesterday, but since I was at work, they took it to my apt office. Well, they were closed by the time I got off work, and didn't open until 10. I tried to get them to put it in my apt yesterday, but they don't do that apparently.

So, I finally got it.

I got it all unwrapped, then charged it. While it was charging I read the manual. A ton of stuff I didn't get. It will probab;y take me a long time to figure everything out.

I did take some pics, but didn't really have a lots to take pics of. Charlie wouldn't hold still for me. Everytime I got down to take a pic, he would come running over, and trample me. Oh well. I did get what I thought was a good shot, but when I uploaded it to the computer, it was blurry. Apparently, that will take some time to get down. At least, I think it will.

I will keep playing with it some more tonight and tomorrow. Maybe in a few days I will get a pic worth posting. I really only got a couple hours with it today. By the time it was done charging it was after 12, and I volunteered to work a four-hour shift today so I had to work at 3 (to 7:30-and no, I was NOT late...well a little, but that doesn't count.)

Gonna go for a hike tomorrow. Don't know where yet. I will go looking in my new book for a good place. I was gonna go with Laura, but she backed out. Apparently has a sick friend that needs her. Who am I to say anything about that?

Monday, June 19, 2006


I woke up at 5:30 this morning with Charlie. He wanted out, and I didn't want to allow him to be playing on the floor. Just in case he needed to go potty. So I ttok him outside this morning, let him pee, then told him it was still bedtime.

I threw him back on my bed and told him to crawl under the covers. Normallly that works, and he goes back to sleep.

Not today.

Today, he wanted to play.

I had to yell at him to get him to calm down and sleep. That was just not gonna happen.

So here it is, 5:40 now, and my alarm is due to go off at 6 am. All I want is about 15-20 more mins of sleep. That is I asked for.

Finally after about another 5 mins of yelling and making sure he stayed up on my bed, he settled in and I finally got another wink of sleep.

My alarm went off at 6am as scheduled. I have to work at 7am, so I set it so I can press snooze a few times in the morning before I have to get up.

I remember pressing snooze at 6am when it went off.

What I don't remember is...

Shutting it off.


Apparently I shut it off, because I woke up at 7:45 am.

Oops. My shift started at 7am.

I darted out of bed, dashed to the phoned (which was in the living room charging-it can't keep a charge longer than a day now.), and of course 1 missed call. It was work.

I dialed the number asked for the charge nurse, and before she got to the phone..I was bawling.

Sob sob. "I am so sorry Cathy, I slept in. I will be there in 20 minutes"

Sob sob.

Cathy was great. She had a feeling that had happened, no big deal she said. Take a shower, get ready, but don't rush...well rush but don't get in an accident.

Wow. I can't believe it. Of course once I got to work (at 8:15 am) everyone gave me crap about "How nice of you to come to work" and "glad you could make it"

Oh well. They covered for me. I'll take the crap. I just hope I never do that again!

Softball is a blast

So, we won again today.

Our team is really learning how to work with each other. Today, I finally made a hit ( Ialways hit the ball) and made it to first base without getting out...yes!!

I did a little cheer ofr myself when I got there, I was so happy.

Then I made it to third, and then home. Yeah! No homerun or anything like that, but another point for the team made by Kathleen!! (#14 by the way!)

I also (apparently, I didn't see the hit, since I was running) hit an amazing hit out into center field. Unfortunately it was caught, but everyone was surprised gave me major high fives and the other team even had to back up to get my ball. I wish I had seen it, but I was just running like hell to get to first base. That time, I didn't make it, but still.

So we won like 16-2 or some ridiculous amount more than them. It was so much fun. We got so many runs, and we just cheered people on like crazy.

I played right field the first couple innings. But, we have more girls than guys, so we have to rotate. After that, I played catcher once, then sat out for two innings. Then we were done.

They have this greater than 10 runs by the 5th inning ends the game. So, for two weeks now, we have won, and for two weeks, we have won by the ten-run rule.

Yeah! Go Team "The Unknowns"

Sunday, June 18, 2006


I have to wait til Monday to get my camera. Then since I get off after the office closes, now I have to wait till Tuesday to really get it. I just can't wait. But, I guess I will have to.

Met with the girls today for lunch.

The girls are all my old friends from school. Rachel, I met in the fifth grade. We were connected at the hip for years. She has been there for me through thick and thin. Matter of fact, in my 7th grade yearbook, listed under the Honor Roll section, I have my first name and her last name, because most people couldn't keep us apart from one another. Rachel is married and lives in Eugene. She has a dog and a couple cats.

Suzy is my best friend that I met in the 7th grade. One week before my birthday. Had a few classes with her, and must have thought she was pretty cool. I remember looking her name up in the phonebook, of course it was her old phone number since she just moved to Kennewick, so it referred me to the new number. Called her up and asked her to my birthday party. We have remained best of friends ever since. She is married now and lives in Eugene with her kitty Socrates.

Next is Jami. I met her in high school. Rachel, Suzy and I were all in band, and Jami was in choir. Suzy also did choir, so we met Jami through Suzy. She is great. jami actually was the first one to teach me to drive a manual transmission. She took me to the church parking lot, and I got to drive around there a few times. She was a great teacher, because when I relearned with Mike (an old boyfriend) I picked it up like it was old hand. She lives here in Portland near me, and is married with a 8 month old baby boy. Oh yeah, she has a cat too.

I guess I am the only one without a cat. I had a cat once. His name was Jasper, but I don't really like cats, so no more for me.

Well, so I had a great day catching up with the girls. Jami and I drove down to Salem, and Rachel and Suzy came up to Salem. We met at Applebees. Sat there for several hours just talking. We try to meet at least once a month, but have only done it a few times. This time we made a point to get together since Jami's birthday was at the end of May, and Suzy and Rachel each had a birthday at the neginning of June. Also, Rachel just graduated from college with Honors, so we were celebrating that as well.

Again, I was the only one who didn't have anything to celebrate, but that is cool. I had fun just the same.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006



I did it.

I bought the camera.


I cannot wait til it gets here.

I went with the nikon D70 that I mentioned in my previous post.

It will get here in a few (business) days.

I am also hoping I can get at least a few picture taking skills down, so when I go home, I can take some cool pics of my babies. They can be my test subjects. I already cleared it with Jen, she gave me the idea of "test subjects".

She thinks me buying a camera is a great idea too. I am so happy. i really can't stop thinking about all the fun and good pictures I want to take.

I see photography all the time now, and I want to take awesome pics of people, of things, of places. I can't wait! Yeah.

Okay I know, you are getting tired of me posting about my camera, so I will stop for a while.

Charlie is doing good, but while I was busy (and he was whining at me), I told him to wait...well...I guess I took too long, he made a booboo tonight. The first time in a long time. I hope it doesn't continue. He knows it was wrong. But, what can you do? When you gotta go, you gotta go, right?

I guess I will go now, I have a few more movies to watch. I love movies. Yeah!!

I don't take any time at all

Well, I have been doing lots of research. I have learned a little about some camera stuff.
I looked at prices, reviews, specifications, compares, and how-to websites. I think I have it narrowed to what I want.

This is a D70 Nikon. It is a entry-level dSLR camera. I think it is for me.

Thanks to Jeffery I checked out B&H photo website. They offer this particular camera with two lenses for a reduced price right now.

I don't want to be responsible for any heart-attacks out in blogland, so I won't mention the price. However, I will post a pic of the camera that I want to get. (don't worry, nothing has been paid out yet!)

I have already chosen two extra shifts to help pay for my new hobby.

Zoe...let me know what you think. Is this a good choice? I trust you!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

New Hobby

I have always wanted to learn about photography, and take great pictures.

Well, since seeing Zoe work her magic, and my old ER friend Mike, I am really, seriously looking at buying a good camera to start learning photography.

In order to take classes, you have to have a camera already. Since most of the assignments involve actually taking pictures, then getting them critiqued. I figure, I need a camera.

I am just in the research phase. I have been looking at several sites about what an SLR camera is, and what things are needed. It is gonna be a spendy hobby, but once I get the initial cost out of the way, it is smooth sailing. I will still ahve new lenses to buy (which can cost the price of the camera itself or even more sometimes), but I don't need new lenses to start with.

There are a couple at costco that come with the base camera and one camera comes with one lens, the other comes with two lenses.

I will of course need to continue my research, and find out which camera will be better in the long run, but I have decided I will definetely make this purchase.

I know, all who know ask yourself...

Self, did she ask her mother?

Of course I asked my mother first. Do you think I do anything without asking her opinion first. She thinks this will be exactly what I need. A great hobby, something fun (that I am totally interested in) to do. To get me out of the house. So, to her, this is a great idea. I am sure she is hoping it didn't cost as much as it does...but can't get around that.

If I get good-no guarantees-I may start a little side business in time. I am kind of copying Zoe on that one. She is really good, I may not have that natural talent, but still, something to think about.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

I'll bite...

Mara posted this questionarre on her blog, so I thought I would answer these questions too. here goes...

1. What time did you get up this morning?
7:30, but dozed till 8. I had to get up for my big hike today.

2. Diamonds or pearls?
It really depends on what you are wearing. I like them both.

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
Actually, just went and saw "The Break-up" last night. By myself, but that was cool. If I don't go alone, I'll never get to see movies. And I LOVE movies. You all know that.

4. What is your favorite TV show?
Right now, they are all on repeats. Very dissapointed some of my favorites were cancelled this year. Such as Charmed (WB), Everwood (WB), and 7th Heaven (WB). &th Heaven was time to end though, they were getting to be dumb episodes. Also love other WB shows, such as Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, and Smallville. Got cought on American Idol this season, but not every season. Grey's Anatomy, and What about Brian. Thos are just some of my favorites.

5. What do you usually have for breakfast?
I usually tend to forget breakfast. But when I do eat it, usually a yogurt and a nature valley granola bar. Yumm

6. Favorite cuisine?
When I cook...Tacos. When I don't...Stauffer's Mac/Cheese

7. What is your middle name?

8. What food do you dislike?
Not a fan of most vegetables, and hate Chinese.

9. What is your favorite CD at this time?
Umm...I have over 50 hours of music on my computer, so I have a ton of my own mixes that I like to listen to. I am a country gal though, so it is mostly country.

10. What kind of car do you drive?
Pontiac Aztek. I love it, but most people thinks it looks dumb. That is why I like it!!:)

11. Favorite sandwich?
Club on toasted sourdough. Yum Yum.

12. What characteristic do you despise?
I have to go with Mara on this one. Dishonesty.

13. Favorite item(s) of clothing?
My jeans. I finally found a pair that fit my hips well, and my waist. Yeah. Bought two pairs at the time. Loving that decision.

14. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation?
Hmm...I would love just to have a vacation, but always wanted to backpack (not the 100% literal term) through Europe.
15. What color is your bathroom?
Hmm, I have several colors. They are purple, green, blue and pink. Butterflies.

16. Favorite brand of clothing?
Don't care what brand, just hoping that it fits.

17. Where would you retire to?
Not sure, depends where my family is. I want to be near them.

18. What was your most memorable birthday?
Memorable, but not for a good reason. I remember on my 14th (go figure) bday, I was walking home slow from school-I didn't feel good that day- and my dad calls down the street "Hurry up, we are getting rid of your puppy, they are here to take her."
Yeah I know, not the best, but it is the one I remember.

20. Furthest place you are sending this?
Hmm, It is on the world wide web, so anyone can read it. Post a comment to see how read it the farthest away.

21. Who do you least expect to post this?
Can't say, it isn't for everyone. Mara has already done it, so I don't know!

22. Person you expect to post it first?
Refer to question 21.

23. Favorite saying?
I can't think of one.

24. When is your birthday?
Januray 14...the coolest birthday in the world!!

25. Morning person or night person?
I try to be a morning person, but I always sleep in, and stay up late.

26. What is your shoe size?

27. Pets?
Got the cutest mini-dachshund around. His name is Charlie.

28. What did you want to do when you were little?
I have always known I was gonna be a nurse. I didn't have to choose, it chose me. I am glad it did too, because I love being a nurse. It the best job ever!

29. How are you today?
Good. I feel great.

30. What is your favorite candy?
Anything chocolate. Milky way Midnight is my favorite candy bar of all time though.

31. What is your favorite flower?
I love the Tiger Lillies. The pink/white ones. I think they are gorgeous, and they smell sooo good.

32. What is a day on the calendar you are looking forward to?
Bought American Idol concert tickets for Sept 1, also my marathon on Oct 1.

33. Favorite game show of all time:
I would have to go with Price is Right too, unfortunately...don't have as cool of story as Mara did.

Well, that does it. Anyone else??

Forest Park

Had an awesome hike with Zoe and her family today. We started off at about 9:30 am at NW Portland entrance into Forest Park.

The toal hike was about 8 miles. It was tough, especially since I had just ran a half marathon yesterday, but I like the pain I guess.

After we hiked through forest park (~7 miles, Zoe said), we popped out onto Broadway, and ate lunch at a little restaurant there.

Good food, bad service. Oh well, well worth it. The we had another 1+ mile back to where the car was parked.

Overall, it was an awesome day. Zoe is an amazing photographer, and got some cool shots of me at this stone castle (~1/4 throught the park), and at the Rose Garden (~end of the hike).

Really makes me want to go through with my want of learning about photography. I just can't afford the really nice camera, nor can I afford any of the lens that go on the cameras. I will have to work on saving for that. In the meantime, I can research it, and learn all about how to do it, and what to get. That way, when I am ready...I will know already.

Some of the good pics she took are on her blog. I linked to her at the beginning of this post. Click on "Zoe".

Afterwards, came home for a short nap, feeling really sore already, but decided to go to my softball game anyhow. Glad I did. We won!!

I alos finally made it to first base. I actually walked to first base, but at least I got there. then, I made it to second, and third, and HOME!

Yes, I scored a run for our team! I was so happy. Next time up to bat...same ol' same ol'....hit it, they catch it, I get out, before I even make it to first. Oh well. At least I made it once!! more activity. Just a little housework, maybe a small run, and some grocery shopping. Other than, rest, and more rest!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

This is how it went...

I was feeling really good today. I got there, it was a really nice stadium, and there were tons of people there. I went and got my packet. I didn't have time to get my packet yesterday, since I worked all day.

So, I got #1773 packet (that's me). I went and sat down on the astroturf and pinned on my number, and twistie-tied my timing chip to my shoe.

Then started walking around, seeing if I could spy my running friend Darla. Low and behold a small crowd moved out of the way, and there she was. I wasn't sure I would be able to find, but I am sooo glad I did.

We had a group warm-up. Never done that at a marathon before, but it was cool. then we were off to the start line. The finish line was in the stadium, but we started out on the street.

We started late, what doesn't start late these days. And we were in the middle, but the front middle of the group. I didn't want to start too far back. I figure people are gonna pass me anyway, and we will be in the back eventually, at least start out kind of near the front. So we did.

Started off slow, it was a nice run. The scenery was amazing. Beautiful colors, all countryside back roads.

Hills. Yes there were hills. This race is famous for having them, and this year was no different. First 2-3 miles, not really any. Then, mile 3-5 rolling hills with a big one. Then a really big long downhill. Which is always a nice change of pace.

I personally didin't think the hills were that bad. I have ran plenty other races with bigger/more hills. Not that I wanted bigger/more. I had fun with the ones I did get today.

Darla walked up the hills, but the downhill she flew. For me, I don't like wasting my energy on the downhills, since it is easy to do, so I lost her a few times. Which is fine. I cought back up, then lost her again, then caught back up. Then, finally lost her for good at about mile 9. It was cool. I found someone to run with at about mile 11.

Her name was Nancy. Matter of fact, earlier in the race, she even told me I was an inspiration to her since I ran all the way up the hills without stopping. I actually made it through the whole race without stopping or walking once. I am so happy about that.

So, my finish. I was slow, but I made my goal 1) of finishing, and 2) under 3 hours. I just barely made it. I think my time was around 2 hrs 56 or 57 mins. I don't have an official time yet. That is just by my clock. But who cares. I finished, and am living to tell the tale afterward. That is the most important part!

Also got a cool medal and Tshirt to commemorate the event. I may or may not get a good pic, I will have to wait to see if I was in one of the pictures the camera guy took.

Overall, I had fun. One of the best half marathons ever, and I will definetely do it again next year.

Helvetia Half Marathon

Today is the day. I am off to run my first half marathon for this year, and this training season.

IT will be the first time -ever- I don't have a cheering section. The first time....actually, nevermind. I have ran Portland Race for the Roses without a cheering section. My mom and sister were supposed to come, but it was raining, and never managed to get out of bed on time, so I kept looking for them, and waiting, and waiting. Finally got back to my car, called them, and they ditced me. Went to breakfast.

I was so mad. They wanted me to join them, but I was soaked. I had just ran 13.1 miles in the puring rain. Plus, I was mad. Those two do not go together.

So this time. I won't be expecting anyone, maybe it will be easier that way. A little sad no one called to wish me good luck. It's like they all just forgot.

My sister did call me yesterday, but I was on the other line, so I needed to call her back. I tried to call her cell phone about 4 times, and her house phone answer. So I do not know what she wanted. It COULD have been to wish me good luck, but I don't know that for sure.

Oh well. So I am running the Helvetia Half. Starts in less than one and a half hours. It is a very hilly run, so I am a little nervous about that. I have been running, although, not much in the last few weeks. Haven't done it on purpose, just been missing my runs.

Took almost two weeks off, the last weekend I ran Fri (one hour), Sat (40 mins), and Sun (8 miles), then took the week off again. So it has been since Sunday that I have ran. I am hoping to be ok, but I am nervous.

My goal for this marathon (half) is to finsh. That is always my first goal. Then, if I can, under 3 hours. I know that is slow. But I take in account, the HILLS, and the fact I am very slow still this year. Also, I have told myself, it is ok to walk if I need to. I will be ok with that. The main thing is just to finish.

So , I am off to go run 13.1 miles. The weather seems to be perfect running weather. I am gonna wear my new portland fit shirt. I will post after the race to let you know how it went!!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Spring Cleaning

June it was time to renew my lease. I got a letter in the mail at the beginning of May that said my new rate was $797. Rent now, or month-to-month would cost me $956/mo. I just about **it my pants. Sorry for that, but really, it almost happened.

Here I am trying to save every penny. I even broke into my piggy bank, and cashed it in. And I get a letter that say my rent is going up $150/mo. Yeah! I pay $647 now.

See what I mean.

So, I was fuming when I went in to talk to someone. this is rediculous. For one...I can't pay that much for rent, and for two...I can't afford to move. But, I checked out other prices in the area. They are all up about that price.

Stupid. So, even if I did get a slightly better price. I would have to pay another deposit. Another pet deposit, pack up, rent a truck, and move all my stuff. Way too much work for $50/mo savings.

So, I went in and talked to them. I didn't let them know I couldn't move. I was ready to give them hell.

But I am all talk. I say I am gonna get what I want, but when it comes down to it, I can't be mean like that. I just give in. Oh well.

This time however, I talked them down to $765/mo and told them I want my carpets cleaned. They agreed. Easier than I thought. I bet they raise the price in your flyer, knowing you would come to talk it down, that way they have room to move, and it looks better on their part to "help" you out.


Oh well. So I signed a new lease (another year here), and got my carpets cleaned. Back in May, when all this happened, he wanted to wait until the new lease began, so I agreed to today (June 6) to get them done.

Glad I waited. Charlie did have three bad days in a row since getting him back. They were about 2 or 3 weeks ago, so I am glad he got that out of his system before the carpets got cleaned.

So, now I have freshly cleaned carpets, and a doggie that is being so good. I am so glad I have him back!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Batter Up!

Had a game today. It was a good game.

We lost though. 13-9.

Oh well. I played catcher this game. I had a fun time, but there are a few too many players so I switched every couple innings with another girl.

Up to bat..I hit the ball everytime, but I can never seem to get any umph. I hit, they get, they throw and get me out before I make it to 1st. Oh well, at least I am having some fun!

Ran this morning. 8 miles. It was tough. A few hills, and I was beat. Of course. I did take a couple weeks off on accident. I am the only one to blame, but I am still mad about it. I just got busy, and made excuses, and didn't get out when I could, so 13 days passed without any running at all.

I felt it today too. I was beat. The hills were hard enough, then add in the fact I haven't really ran. I did get a good hour run in on Fri, and 40 mins on Sat, then of course 8 (actually 8.3) miles this morning. Hopefully I can get a few more good runs in this week, before my half marathon on Saturday.

I am running in the Helvetia Half Marathon (13.1 miles for all those non-running folk). It has a reputation for a ton of hills. Not as bad as it has been in the past. They have changed routes, but still very hilly. I will do my best. I am really just treating it as a training run for this year. Yeah that I get a Tshirt, and yeah I get (maybe) a medal. Most marathons (half or full) hand out medals. I just need to keep running, because this spot (after the half) is where I usually hang up my running shoes, and say I'll try again next year.

But I am running this marathon this year, no if and's or butt's about it. I AM doing it. So, I have to concentrate really hard, keep running, and go for it.

Still planning on getting a few more hiked in this year. I have one planned for the end of June with a friend from work (Julie-pharmacist). We are planning on doing Dog Mountain. It is another steep one in the gorge.

Jackie's bridal shower went off without a hitch. She seemed to have a blast, and it was a good party. Good food, good games, good prizes, amazing cake! Marie-one of her bridesmaids-made the cake from scratch. It was soooo good.

Next up, Wedding July 8th with a bachelorette party sometime a few days before the wedding. Then, on July 9th, I am running 15 miles. I have to do it alone (maybe a few miles with Jen) because Portland Fit is running it on July 8th (the day of Jackie's wedding, in case you are skimming this post, and missed the date the first time).

So, I will be in the TC running 15 miles around town, if you see me...cheer me on. I will need all the help I can get.