Saturday, May 23, 2009

Long awaited Updates

Hi all. So Sorry for the lack of posting. I guess with baby, work, etc just have been too busy. I think the real excuse is facebook. I update there so frequently, that I forget to update my blog. Evil Facebook!!
So, Baby. I am almost 33 weeks now. I have something like 52 days to go until our little monkey shows his face and greets the world. Look out world, this ones gonna change the world and be amazing!! So far so good, no complaints. I am getting bigger of course, but no complications and growing just as I should. Here is a pic from 30 weeks.

Of course, because I am behind, that was 3 weeks ago now. Oh well. I will try to get another posted, but not sure it will make it up here. I have started to nest now. I am getting things in the baby room as organized as I can. Shaun is making our furniture and getting it done slowly, but it looks amazing. He really is one talented guy (everyday he amazes me, and I am glad I snatched him up), and will be an amazing father. Here is a pic of the dresser that he designed and made from scratch. It is done and in the room now! He is working on a changing table next. He found one he liked in an ad, but it was from Wal-mart and the reviews said it was very cheap and the boards were really thin and not sturdy. He said "I can make that", so he designed one and voila...he is making it. When it is done, I will post a pic of that. It is a corner one, and is bigger than I expected, but will give us lots of extra space for things to go in there. Here is the dresser...

I am able to finally put some stuff away and get them out of bags. Today we are headed to the store to buy dreft (hypoallergenic laundry especially for babies) and get some newborn stuff washed and ready to go. Of course, we know not to take tags off everything in case he can't wear them or grows out of them too fast. We don't have that many clothes, but a few newborn sizes. My worst fear is that I end up with a 10 lb baby, and he doesn't fit into anything that we have. I just hope for a healthy baby, but not one that is 10 lbs. Of course, since I plan on having a natural birth, 10 lbs would totally suck to push out too!! :)

As for my baby shower. Rachel (one of my best friends since the 5th grade-yeah, over 20 years now-crazy) took all the pics. I will post a few here. She is getting really good with that camera of hers! Thanks Rachel, you are the best!!

The three of us have all been friends since middle school and we haven't had a picture together like this is years. It was great to be able to be together in one spot long enough to get a snapshot.

My wonderful cake. My sister and mom threw me a wonderful shower. I was able to see lots of family and friends during this trip home. Wish there were more trips home, but now with baby...I will be lucky to make it home at Christmas next.

Ashley got me this. It is such a cute tank. I got so many great gifts that my baby is already pretty spoiled!!

Cutest little outfits. He will be best dressed on the block everyday starting from day 1.

Blankets, I love blankets! If he is really my child, he will love them too!!

Hmmm, what else. Work is good. I changed to 8 hour shifts in early May. Was gonna go in late May when the new schedule started, but I turned in my doctor note and Cindy (the ER manager) said, lets start this effective immediately. So, I have been working 24-32 hours per week, but only doing 8 hours instead of the 12 hours I usually do. 8 hour shifts are much nicer. I have found I have more energy on my days off and am able to make it through an entire shift without hurting at work. My plan is to work up until baby comes or July 11. Whichever comes first. Being due July 15 and Mom coming on July 13, I didn't want to push it. I am taking the 3 months off after baby though, so that will be nice.

I have great plans to start running again. Of course, I can't start now, but am really motivated (now, lets hope it continues) to loose the weight and then some and get moving. I need to be able to keep up with this little guy when he starts moving on his own! I might start training for another marathon next spring. They have lots of good marathons in the fall, so starting next spring will give me time to get back into the running thing and not put too much pressure on me at first.

At the suggestion of Brandi, I have created a ticker at lilypie. Here it is.

Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker

Well, there you have it. I will try to do better. Can't wait to see all who are planning to visit. I will get pictures of the nursery when we are finished with it. It is looking great so far, but we still have a long way to go! We ordered a rocker chair, but it isn't supposed to be ready until early July. It takes 8-12 weeks to make and ship. Grrr, wish I had that, but at least it will be here when baby arrives!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stay tuned...

Baby shower pics to come.

30 week pics to come.

Updates on baby room/furniture to come.

Stay tuned, it will all be here soon!

Under Construction!!