Monday, October 10, 2011

Emmalin has arrived!

We were blessed with the birth of our first daughter, Emmalin, in August. She is now almost 8 weeks old. She looks just like her brother, Oliver. Oliver is adjusting very well to being a big brother and helps out a lot.
We moved to Frederick, MD last week. We are finally starting to get things all put away and make it a home. I am really going to like living here, but still counting down the days until I get to move back to Washington. Less than a year now.
Here are a few pics of Emmalin and Oliver. Some are from a photoshoot with my dear friend, Ruthie, and others are from home, and some from Picture People.

Oliver and Emmalin

Emmalin-2 weeks old

Emmalin-4 days old

Emmalin-coming home from the hospital

First pic of Emmalin and Mom (that's me!)

Emmalin-7 weeks

Oliver loves his sister!

This is my favorite picture!!

Emmalin-1 month

Emmalin-4 weeks