Thursday, November 30, 2006

Just Kathleen

So, I went to the Oregon Hash House Harriers event last night. It was a TON of fun. Basically it is a co-ed fraternity.


But, I had fun just the same. So we started out at this hotel, and the hares left about ten minutes before we did to set the trail. Then we started off. We ran around the city, basically bar hopping. Apparently it is not always like that, last night was different. Last night was a "pick-up" hash. Which meant no one chose to be the hare ahead of time. So, they drew straws at the beginning, and the shortest was the hare. Audrey didn't want to be the hare, so we showed up later than 6:30, so she didn't have to partake in the drawing of the straws. I was a virgin, so I of course wouldn't ever be chosen.

We run around chasing the hare, and stop at these "beer checks", tonight was at bars. We had three bars that we stopped at total. It was fun. No pressure for us non-drinkers either, it was really cool. Then after about 15-20 mins, the hare is off again, and then so are we. Running to the next check point. At the end, there was even a boob-check. No one is allowed to go on, until someone shows their boobs. I got there just as the group was breaking up. Someone had shown their boobs already, so I didn't have to do it. :)

So, it was totally fun. It lasted about two hours, probably got about a 3-4 mile run in, with lots of stops in between. But that is ok, it was still a ton of fun. So...Just Kathleen. When you get there you are required to sign in, and you are "just whatever-your-name-is" until you have been to many hash's and they decide to name you. Most names are sexual or perverted in nature. So I am cool with being Just Kathleen. If you introduce yourself, you have to say "Just Kathleen", or if you have a name...then whatever that is. This group is a drinking group with a running problem. They tend to be professionals during the day, and just like to have fun at night. So, you are not allowed to talk about work, or what you do.

I met this cool guy. His name is Mystery Meat. He was hitting on me all night long. He was totally cute, so it was fun. His real name was Andy, he slipped that one in. At the end of the night, he had won a super cool Bangkok (? spelling) T-Shirt, and a second Hash T-shirt too. Well apparently, he already had one of those, so asked me my size, and gave that shirt to me. So it was super fun. I can't wait to go back again! They meet three times a week. The Wednesday group is called the Portland Humping Hash. I can't go next Wednesday, but I will try to go next Monday and Saturday. I guess most nights are more running, less bars/beer checks, and most nights only last about 1:00-1:15, vs the two hours we were out last night.

I will keep you posted on my future hashing nights. I am no longer a virgin, so I don't have to get re-initiated!!! Yes, I had an initiation last night. But, luckily you are allowed a proxy to drink for you, so I still didn't have to drink! Yeah!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Home life

Finally got some housework done. I ahve been working/traveling so much lately, I just have not had time to get any housework done. So, I finally got about 10 loads (no joke) of laundry done, dishes, and random other cleaning stuff. I will do more heavy duty stuff tomorrow. I know my apt isn't that big, but I am not working on it all day, constantly. Even though I should be! :)
Tonight I am headed out to a new running group. My friend Audrey, from work, runs with this group. They are all professionals in some manner, and there only rule is not shop talk! Yes! I love that. I hate getting together with people at work, and all they want to talk about is work. So, it will be nice to meet a bunch of new people, and get a good run in. Catch...we don't ever know how far we are going, where we are going, what terrain we will be running in, and it is at night. So, Mom...don't freak out. I will constantly be around other people. Apparently it is a game. The "hares" run ahead and set the trail, and if you catch them... I don't remember exactly, but something happens to the "hare". It sounds like fun. Oh, and I forget to mention, something about drinking...every mile, every turn...I don't remember that either. She explained all this to me about a month ago, when I was gonna go with her before...but I couldn't then. So this is the first time I will have gone with her. I am excited. I know it will be major freezing cold, but that is ok. I am cool with that. I have lots of winter running clothes. I trained for my second marathon during the winter, and I enjoyed it more than summer running!
So, I am off to go run the Hash...that is what they call it. I will update you all on how it was and how it works. yeah. I am excited to go running again!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Seattle Half Marathon

Yes Jeffery...the race was Sunday. You are correct.

I convinced my friend Heather to join me on the trek to Seattle, so I didn't have to go alone. I am so glad she decided to come, it was a ton of fun! We left Saturday morning, and headed up there. Got to the Hotel, valet parked my car, then we checked in. Got my race packet, and met another frined named Heather. She ran the Portland Marathon too, and we met before that race as well. It was nice to see her again.

In Seattle we did a little shopping, but mostly vegged in the host hotel room. It was a ton of fun, just relaxing in the Westin's Heavenly beds, and watching DVD's.

The next morning called for snow/rain mix, so I wasn't 100% I wanted to run, but I did. It was snowing in the early am, but not enough to stick, and it was more wet than anything. So, I got up, dressed, and forged my way to the start line. I had about a mile to walk to even get to the start line, but it was ok. Heather met me at the hotel in the morning, and we started the race together.

So, when I say Heather ran with me, it is the second Heather, not the first Heather that came to Seattle with me. The second Heather lives in the Seattle area. So, from here on out...Heather1 came with me, Heather 2 met me there!

Heather2 isn't much of a runner yet. She does the run/walk method, so it was abig deal to start running with me. She ran the first mile, then started walking, and I never saw her again. Oh well, she knew that would happen. It was nice just to have someone to start with. Thanks Heather2!!!

The run...well, it was really wet, and cold. Heather2 told me before the race to wear a garbage bag, to keep warmer and I did. It was a funny sight, but she was right, it was way warmer. It rained the whole time, and started down-pouring about mile 10. I called Hather1 and told her not to meet me at the finish. There was no point in both of us being drowned rats.

Overall, it was a good race. A good route, and I finished strong. I even feel I could have ran another 3-5 miles if I absolutely had to. Luckily I didn't have to. I was tired of the rain. But then again, I did have to trek back another mile to the hotel. So, really I did about 15 miles this weekend. Hehe!

Time: Finished in 2:43, which is pretty good for me this year. That is 12:30 pace. Not bad. Got a good shirt, sweatshirt, and cool medal. So I am happy. Next run for me is the Red-Nosed RUNdeer, on Dec 10th. Audrey wants to run that with me! Yeah! I will run the 10k at that race. I am excited to keep running now. I was starting to feel like I couldn't run distances anymore, but that race reminded me, my body likes to run, and it will remember no matter how much I try to forget!!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I do have to work (and am here now), but I got to spend a few days with my family, and even got to see Jeff for a moment or two before leaving town. I got in late last night, so early to bed for me. It was worth it though! :)

Hope you all have a great Turkey day! Eat lots and lots for me. After two days of work here, I am off to Seattle for a Half marathon (that I haven't been training for-bad Kathleen). I am going alone, so wish me luck!!

Nov 22

Nothing too exciting today. Just a lazy day. Watched You, Me, and Dupree. It was good! Was gonna head home about 4 or 5, then I learned that Jeff was coming into town, so I stayed. We went to dinner, and got to spend about an hour and a half together. I guess it is better than nothing! Off to bed though, as I am getting in very late!! Have to work tomorrow!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Nov 21

So, it was another great day with my family. Had the family over for dinner. That was fun. It is always nice to see everyone. Did some baking too, so I got to eat no-bake cookies. The bestest ever. Really... in my mind, that is what makes Thanksgiving...Thanksgiving. Yes, the cookies. They really are that good!!

So, tomorrow I have to head back home. Not my idea of a great holiday, but you got to do what you got to do! I Yeah! Too bad I have to head back. More family is coming tomorrow night. My Uncle Jeff, with a few of my cousins, that I never get to see. Oh well. He lives in Portland near me, so I can see him whenever...the cousins, well I don't get to see them whenever, but oh well.

Jeff may be coming tomorrow too. I may get to see him just as I am leaving town to head home, or he may decide to wait and come Thursday morning. Which means, I don't get to see him at all. Grr. I hate long distance relationships. I miss him so much, and I hate not seeing him very often. Grrr.

Well, I am off to bed!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Nov 20

Got to hang out all day with my mom. I had a blast. First off, we started running. I know, can you believe it? I got my mom to run with me. She did a really good job. We ran for 45 mins. It was only supposed to be 30, but she walked a lot. Which is fine, I just ran circles around here, it was fun.

Then we went and got Grason, and I got to hang with Grason all day. We went to the mall got our brows done, pedicures. It was fun. Then came home, watched a couple movies. Jen/Joel came over for dinner (Yumm...tacos, my favorite!) and then they took Grason home! :(

It was a blast! Tomorrow....baking all day for Thankgsgiving Day. That I won't be here for...but at least I get to eat all the cookies!!! :)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Nov 19

Man how things change so quicky. I guess I am going home now. My mother has offered to pay for gas, so I have no excuse not to go home. I will have fun. I will get to see my neice/nephew again (who can turn down them), and my parents, and my sister/brother. So, it iwll be fun. I will even see my grandparents (which I never really see). Too bad I have to come back for Turkey day. Oh well, who needs turkey anyhow?

Short post, but I need to pack and get on the road. I worked all don't want to be up too late...driving!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Nov 18

I guess I am not going to go howm now. I spoke with my mom, and I just don't have the money to spend on all that gas. Besides I am headed to Seattle this weekend for a half marathon, so I will have to spend gas money then, and hotel money.

I will either get my puppy after Thanksgiving, or near Christmas. I need to speak with Steve. I am sure he will appreciate having him longer. I miss him lots, but I know I will see him again, so it isn't as bad as it was before (when I tried to give him up!).

So, I guess I will clean on my days off and start decorating for Christmas. Yeah! I love Christmas!! I can't wait til the season gets under way!!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Nov 17

Ended up being a lazy day. We decided there wasn't too much to do, but housework, and so we didn't hang out together. I, of course, didn't get much done. I need to do morelaundry, and some dishes. I hate housework. That is why I was a housewife for Halloween....scary job!!Hehee

Back to work tomorrow for a couple more days, then back to the TC's. I was thinking I didn't really want to go home again (don't like driving, don't have the money), but my puppy is there. If I don't go get him now, I don't know when I will get him back. I just hate going home, knowing that everyone still has to work, and can't hang out with me, except in the evening, and by then, doesn't ever want to do anything. Although, I love just hanging out all day in my pj's, I can do that here.

Oh well, I am sure it will be fine. I am sure I can find someone to do something with. Somewhere!

Nov 16

Oh my goodness. I almost forgot to blog today. Wow...that was a close call.

Today was a work day. Very, very busy. Of course I can't talk about it, due to confidentiality reasons. Oh well. You wouldn't understand it anyhow. (Not to offend anyone)

Gonna hang out with Heather all day tomorrow, can't wait!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pictures from this weekend

Jeff took the above picture. I am not that good with my camera yet, and he has known photography for a while. It was a cold day, but really fun hiking. Nothing like the gorge, but still fun. This is at Bowl and Pitcher in Riverside State Park in Spokane, WA.

This is Jeff at the top of a cliff. He didn't want to get too close, so he kept down low, as to not fall off. Good thinking!

This is Jeff.

This is a picture of the balloons on the swinging bridge. Some people were putting them up because it was "A good day!"

Nov 15

Another day at work. Nothing too exciting. Came home to an empty house. Charlie is hagning with Steve for a few days. I was home, and plan to go back home next week, and well all I do is work when I am here, so he might as well have some fun with Steve. He gets so bored hanging out here all day...alone. I feel for him, I really do. I have a doggie sitter come in the middle of the day, and play with him for an hour, take him out. That breaks things up a bit, but I bet it can still be boring here. I don't' think he does anything until I get home. Then he is very wild, and all I want to do is relax. Oh well. he is having fun with Steve. I will get to see him next week!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Nov 14

I am home now. Today I got to spend a few hours hanging out with my mother and my neice, Kaitlyn. It was a ton of fun. But, back to work I go tomorrow. I work 4/5 days, then I head back to the TC (Tri-Cities, WA) to spend (my) Thanksgiving Break with my family. I have to work on Turkey day, so I am going there early. I know I was just there, but I didn't get to see everyone, and I have three days off, so what else will I do with my time???

Better get running more though. I need to get a longer run in, or my half marathon in Seattle (which I am running whether I am prepared or not) will really suck. That is ok. I can always walk. There is no harm in walking, nothing wrong with that. It is just supposed to be a fun run anyhow, to keep me motivated, and keep me running. I will have fun. So far, I am going alone, but my sister may go with me, and run a few miles. I don't know for sure!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Nov 13

Lazy day today. I slept most of the day. It felt great. I don't think I get really good sleep when I go out of town, so it is nice to be able to sleep all day.

Tonight I get to go visit my friend Kat. Won't get to see her long, but a short chat will be nice! Tonight I have Grason too. I love taking him for the day or the evening. Tomorrow I get Kaitlyn for the day. Yeah!! I don't know what we will do, but I am sure we will have fun. I might try to get some more pics of her.

Nov 12

Had a blast in Spokane with Jeff. I have some pics to post, but I have to wait until I get home, because I need to upload them to my computer. Sorry, you must wait.

Yesterday we went to this little park and did a little hiking. Not quite like the Gorge, but hiking still. There was this cool swinging bridge across the river. There were some people putting up ballons all across the bridge. When we asked what the occasion was, some guy in a thick Russian accent said "It's a good day!" Yes, we thought it was a good day too, but we weren't putting up ballons. Oh well. I got a pic of them too, so that will be what I post when I get home. Also took some good pics of Jeff. :)

Today, we didn't do too much. Stayed in watched some TV. I didn't even get another run in, but it was crazy windy. I hate running in the wind!

I came home tonight. Jeff had to go into work, then work early tomorrow morning, so I came home. When I get here (at Jen's), Grason welcomed me with open arms. He even gives me lots of kisses. It is so cute. He really leanes in and kisses me...sometimes with open mouth, but he will learn to pucker his lips soon enough. Oh man...both my kiddos make me melt. I will try to go see Kaitlyn again tomorrow too. She is crawling all over the place. I can't wait till she starts walking and talking. She is growing like a weed. Maybe I can get a few more pics of my kiddos too.

I have the next couple days off, so I plan to stay in the TC till Tues. I may head home Tues morning, to get some cleaning/laundry done. Work a few days, then head back over here for Thanksgiving. I have to work on Turkey day, but I plan to spend a few days before here. Then off to Seattle for the Half Marathon. I still plan to do it. Whether I have been running or not, even if I have to crawl across the finish line! I will be there!!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Nov 11

Happy Birthday Zoe, and Matt!!!

I didn't get much sleep last night. Oh well. I haven't had much sleep in the last few nights, so what difference is it if I add one more night to the pile.

Got up for a run this morning at Jeff's. Went for an hour. I am guessing about 5-5.5 miles. I feel really good. I am so glad I decided to go. It felt good to get out there vs laying around in bed not really sleeping, but trying to. Maybe I will go back to bed now, and see if I can get some sleep.

Yeah! Nothing else to exciting going on here, at least not yet!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Nov 10

Made it home safe to the TC!! I am having a blast seeing everyone. I went over to Jen/Joel's this morning, picked up Grason, and he gets to hang with me all day! So we are at the office right now, playing with Kaitlyn too. I miss these kids so much!

Well, I will keep everyone posted on my fun I am having this weekend (this extended weekend-woohoo!). Daily blog posts are a lot of fun!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Nov 9

Happy Birthday to my friend Jackie!

I am headed off to the TC here in just a minute. Work seemed to take FOREVER!! But, good short three-day-weekend, just became a nice 5 day stretch off. Thanks to Khristina and Scott for switching with me. :) Thanks a lot!

So, I am off to see my Jeff, and my family! :)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Nov 8

Today I am at work. It seems to be a very slow day. So, Power of 10 update. I am a little sore in my arms, but that seems to be it. I am thinking it is because I just didn't do it correctly. I will try again next week and see if I can do better.
As for the rest of my life...been feeling a bit depressed lately. Nothing major, just maybe the weather. Getting excited to go see Jeff this weekend though. Really excited now to see my family too. I convinced Mom to make dumplings for dinner Friday night. Yum, yum!!
Jeff has his interview in Seattle today at 3pm. Hopefully he will get the job, and move over to this side of the mountains....yeah! It will be a great opportunity for him! (and us...hehe :) )
Better get back to work!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Nov 7-Election Day

So, I am bad at remembering to vote. But, since I have a boyfriend, that is big into that sort of thing...I had to do it. So..everyone remember to go vote! Okay, I have said my peace!!

As for today. I went to the gym today. Did my first Power of ten workout in almost a year. It was good. Although, I really feel we didnt do it right again. We counted way to fast, and I just didn't feel I pushed myself as I should have. It will get better. I remember the first time I did it last year. It took us a few weeks to get the hang of it. Of course, I may be singing to a different tune tomorrow, when I hurt like hell. We'll have to see.

I also did 15 mins of cardio before hand. I wanted to do more, but we were pressed for time. So maybe I will get a good run in tonight. I will have to see. I am spending the day with Heather again. We are gonna just hang, watch more movies, run some errands. That sort of thing. Then two days of work, then I am off to see Jeff!!! Woohoo! I can't wait!

Nov 6

Had a fun day hanging out with Heather. She wasn't feeling good, and called in to work, so I went over and we watched girl movies all day. It was so much fun! Heather is awesome. We have a lot in common, and we can talk about anything. Fun to have a good friend. We are gonna hang out all day again tomorrow, then back to work for me.
Then I get to head home and see my babies. I just heard today Kaitlyn is crawling! Can you believe it? They are both growing up so fast!!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Nov 5

Hello All. A very non-busy day at work today. But I get the next couple days off, and I am totally excited about them. Tomorrow gonna go running with Audrey. then Tuesday, gonna hang out all day with Heather. We have all sorts of fun planned. It is nice to find friends to hang out with. I might even go to the gym with a new friend Ellie. I can't wait. I am thinking of getting started in Power of ten again. I really want to do it, but I have to find someone just as excited about it as I.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Nov 4

Today was a work day. Not too exciting. I have to go back tomorrow, then I get a few days off. Turns out I will be coming home on Fri (thurs night to be exact), so i get to see my Grason. He is walking now! I can't wait to see him again! I will probably head to Spokane for a day or two to see my boyfriend, but I haven't decided for sure. It is a short weekend, but a weekend none-the-less.

Friday, November 03, 2006

National Blogging Month

Happy National blogging Month. I will try to keep to the challenge as well. Good luck to us all!!! Wow....I have no clue what to write daily. I guess I will think of something. How come I am only speechless when I HAVE to say something...weird?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween 2006

So, I didn't get to go as a stick of gum. Mara decided people wouldn't understand, and I agreed (reluctantly, but agreed). So, she helped me chose to be a housewife. It was fun. We went to the dollar store, and got slippers, a frying pan, and some curlers. Then headed to Goodwill and found a housecoat. It was teal with ruffles, and
fit me perfect. It was like it was waiting for me to buy it. The whole costume was $8. Can't beat that. See pictures below.

Other than that, had a great time in Spokane visiting Mara. I also got a chance to see my boyfriend, Jeff. I hardly get to see him, so it was nice to be able to spend some time with him again.

Got into town on Fri night, headed to Kimmie's birthday party at a bar. Basically had
some fun bar time. I was the designated DD. I always am, and I like to be. I hate when my friends get drunk, and have to drive I get to do the driving!! :) After I dropped off Mara at her house...I headed over to see Jeff. :)

Saturday, I spent all day with Mara. We went shopping, and got all the Halloween stuff. We had dinner at home, then headed to the Halloween party. It was fun. However, we didn't stay very long. Left at about 12:30 am to lacey/Jeremey's house. We just hung out and talked. Most of us didn't drink that night, so it ended up being an early night.

Sunday I got to spend with Jeff. Except for a few hours when Mara and I went to a play. It was called "Isn't it Romantic". It is about two girls living in NY (or somewhere close), and their lives. It was really good. Reminded me how much I miss theatre. I will need to see more plays around here too.

Afterwards, Jeff and I went to dinner and a movie. We went and saw the new Robin Williams movie "Man of the Year". It was classic Robin...hilarious. It was fun. Monday morning, I had to head back home. Boohoo! I hated leaving. I wish I could have stayed a week. Oh well.

So, I am home now. Nothing too exciting. I need to go running tonight, but I find myself being lazy again. Now it has been over a week since I have ran at all. If I don't get my butt in gear, I will be really upset!! I will run tonight. I WILL!!

Heading home to the TC next weekend. I will be there for sure Friday. May be heading back to Spokane on Fri night, but I don't know for sure right now. If not, I will hang out with my family. Yeah!!

Mara and Brent as a sexy bat, and a pornstar/construction worker :)

This is Tabby and Dave as Thing 1 and Thing 2. They are so creative!! Tabby just had her wisdom teeth pulled the day before, so didn't stay out long. I don't blame her. I was in bed for days after mine were pulled. Way to go Tabby!!

Lacey and Reanna.

This is Chris dressed as a gypsy. He looked better than some of the girls there!

Mara as a motion! Watch out everyone!

This is my whole costume. I am a housewife. Aren't I cute?

This is a closer look at you can't deny how cute I am...I know you can't!!

The four of us. Meagan and Lacey were fairies, and Mara and me.