Wednesday, May 21, 2008


We were originally going to take a cruise to the Meditteranean (France, Spain, Italy), but decided not to spend the time or money. We decided to spend a week in the Poconos. Nice, relaxing time. We had some decent weather. Mostly 60's, some rainy days. Which, was ok. We shopped a little on the rainy day, and spent most of it inside watching movies and taking naps.

Fist day there we went to Bushkill Falls. It is known as the "Niagara of Pennsylvania". It was no niagara, but was still fun. Lots of trails. We decided to do the hardest and longest of them all. It was a 2 hour hike, but very nice. Not many people do that trail, so we only saw two couples the whole time. We chose to do that one, cuz you see the waterfalls on that hike. The others you only get to see one or two, there five or six later on our hike we get to see.

This is one at the beginning. We asked another couple to take a pic for us. They did, that was nice.

This is overlooking PA. It was very serene to look out and see all the trees and no sound. Very peaceful.

The next day we chose to go horseback riding. It was fun. They had 45 minute rides, 2 hour adventure rides, and 4 hour rides. We did the 2 hour adventure ride. It was a ton of fun. We saw some turkeys, but didn't get pics of them. They have like 50 acres of land, and we go on a very rocky trail, up and down and even got to trot a few times. It was cool. I was hurting at the end, my ankles and knees, but after walking back to the car I wasn't hurting as bad. Two days later was another story. Actually what hurt the most was my sides. Probably from wobbling back and forth while on the horse. Oh, and they weren't even horses. They were mules. Mix between a donkey and a horse. They choose mules because they respond better to commands. It was still fun.
This is us on the trails!

My horses name was Cherokee. After we were finished they told us to let the horse go where it wants. It will chose the feeder it wants to go to. Well, my horse had another plan. He was very strong. Frequently on the trail, he would stop to eat the flowers (which is candy to them). They didn't want us to allow them to eat, so they instructed us to pull their heads away and just continue on. I tried. There was no way I could pull his head away. Very strong!! And strong willed. At the end when he would "know where to go", he decided to go everywhere but there.

So, this is me trying to get Cherokee back to where he was supposed to go. I guess my ride wasn't over.

Just a fun pic of us at Friendly's. A restaurant with ok food, but great desserts!!

Last day there, we decided to rent bikes. We chose a place that had a brochure stating "Downhill the whole way, we'll pick you and bring you back". So we thought that would be great. Rent the bikes, ride along the trail (used to be old railroad tracks-now a nice gravel trail) downhill and enjoy the scenery. Not so much. We had signed up to do the 25 mile ride. There was a 10 mile ride, but that didn't seem like much, so we went with the 25. Turned out, It was a 2% grade, so iti felt flat to us. Plus, about mile 15 or so, for about 7 or 8 miles, we had a head wind. It was so cold, and it felt like we were peddling backwards. I swear we weren't moving, but we were.
This is us stopped along the road somewhere near the beginning. It was neat scenery, very fun, even with the wind. I would do it again.

Another fun picture, but just look at the trail, very nice!!

This is one of my favorite of the scenery. I wouldn't mind getting this blown up and put in a frame!!

The End. It was 5 days of bliss and we were ready to get back home. We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast. It was neat, but not our bed. Plus, she made some interesting breakfasts. Most were good, some were not.

Friday, May 16, 2008

A Few More

Let me know when you get tired of these. For now it is just work again. Hopefully in June I can start working only 36 hours a week (fulltime and what I am supposed to be working) instead of the 48 or 60 I have been, and will be for a few weeks.
We don't have anything planned for the summer yet, but are starting to think of a few things. Maybe camping or something fun. We have talked about going to Williamsburg, VA. It is a ton of fun and lots of history. Can't wait. I will leave you with a couple more pics to enjoy of the wedding.

Mara and I before the wedding

Getting Ready

Cutting the cake. Don't you love the BIG green catering truck in our pictures. Silly people.

Butterfly!! They didn't go far after we released them. They are very tame and just stayed on my finger. I found this one on my dress.

Monday, May 05, 2008

New Name

So, I noticed on Jeffrey's blog, he did a cool name thing. Check to see how many people have the same name as you. So, since I am recently married, I checked with my new name. Results below:
LogoThere is
person with my name
in the U.S.A. many have your name?

Here is a cool pic of us at our wedding. Of course, more pics to come. We head home tomorrow (Monday), then off to our honeymoon on Wednesday. We were thinking of doing some name change errands on Tuesday. We will see what we can get done.