Thursday, July 28, 2011

Still Pregnant...

Well, I am still pregnant. Okay, most of you are saying, duh? You aren't due until Aug 30th. You are right. I am just getting to the end and am really uncomfortable. I am starting to swell so bad I can't put my shoes on (except flipflops) and my hips hurt to walk. Classic end of pregnancy symptoms (I know), but I can still complain. I have that right.
Good news is we have pretty much everything done. We are ready. Clothes are washed and put away. Room is rearranged and Oliver is in all his "big boy" stuff now. He transitioned great to his bed and hasn't looked back once.
On another note, I am super excited about thirty-one. I have my kick-start Open House this weekend. So far, no one has said they will come, but I am holding out hope. I am hoping that those that can't come will check it out online, as August has amazing specials of 15% off entire catalog. That has never been done before, so I am hoping people take advantage of it! Also, hoping for a party or two before this little one decides to join us!
Of course when she arrives I will post an update and pictures. I am hoping for beginning of August, but I will settle for anyday as long as she is strong and healthy! I will suffer through to make sure she is ready! I know we are ready though!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thirty-One Consultant

Hi All,
I have decided to become a thirty-one consultant. I will be selling a great product of bags, wallets, tote, organizers, etc. They are a great company and have a great product. I look forward to seeing where I can go with this company.
I am new to the consultant selling game, but I look forward to my first open house and then helping others have parties to share with their friends. I will post some more info about when I get it.
The new Fall line starts Aug 2011, so I will be starting my business the end of this month and having my first party beginning of August! I am super excited!!