Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's a BOY!!!

So, I was totally wrong. I thought for sure I was having a girl. But, just goes to show how much you never really know until you can prove it. Ultrasound went great yesterday. All organs are where they are supposed to be and working to the level they should at this point. No club feet, no cleft lip, no spina bifida, no down syndrome...none of the bad things that we can detect were detected. Appears to be a healthy baby boy growing rapidly. He was exactly the size he should be for 19 weeks and 5 days. Tomorrow, I hit 20 weeks. I must be something right. He is very active in there and I feel him more and more these days. Shaun hasn't been able to feel him yet, but I am sure that will come soon enough.
We started looking at bedroom plans for him, but couldn't find something we really liked. We are thinking over a couple different patterns. Just got overwhelmed a bit yesterday, and I needed to just come home, think it over, take a nap, and we will go back and decide another day!
I swear some days I am like a little baby myself, if I don't get a nap in, I get cranky because I am so tired. Hehehe!
Shaun still has yet to get pics of my belly, but I will keep on him. I really want at the VERY least half way and right before birth pics. Maybe we can get on a every 4 week update. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Not much going on. I am getting bigger and bigger, but still have a long way to go. I have my ultrasound on Monday to tell us whether we are having boy/girl. I think it is a girl, but we will have to wait and see.
Work is good. 12 hours are all of a sudden a long shift. I am usually pretty tired by the end now.
Plans to go home in April, can't wait for that.
We decided to tear out the laminate in our living room and hallway. We chose to have a nice carpet laid down. We chose a freze (pronounced freeze-a). It is a medium grade carpet, but has flecks of dark in it so you can't tell when it gets dirty! Sneaky aren't we!
I will try to post some before and after pics soon! I wish we had some more exciting news to update. Monday, I will have some exciting news to share!