Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Random Pics

I am sure he will not like this one, but for some unknown reason, I do!

Shaun and his cousin's little girl, Rachel

Rachel sleeping. This is from the day at the Baltimore Zoo

Rachel's sister, Sarah

Jill, Shaun's cousin. Mom to Rachel and Sarah

In New York with Mara, at Ground Zero

Monday, April 23, 2007


Well that was fun! I was sitting here at my computer minding my own business when I heard someone scream. Sounded like little kids, so I didn't think anything of it. I just figured they were playing, and running down the stairs.

Well, the next thing I know, I hear someone calling the ambulance...so I get dressed really quick. By dressed I mean throw on some sweat pants and a bra. I head out of me foor to find a little old lady had fallen down the stairs and is bleeding from her head. Of course EMT/RN girl kicks into high gear. I saved the day. I held pressure on her head, and kept her calm until the ambulance got here.

I didn't really do too much. What can I do? With no first aid kit...I used paper towels, no gloves...I was as careful as I could be, and no medications for her chest pain. No oxygen, no gurney, no nothing. Oh well. I was a Good Samaritan, and I still feel like I helped her in some way.

I am sure she will be fine. Had quite a "goose egg" on her head, and a small laceration to the top of her head...but I bet she is fine!

Okay, back to my boring mundane house chores...Grrr!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Blue Man Group

Went and saw the Blue Man Group last night, and it was amazing. We headed down to Baltimore and met up with Shaun's cousin and her husband. Went out to dinner at Capital City Brewery, in the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. It was fun. It was the first time in a long time the weather was nice. I think it got to be about 78-80 yesterday. We actually ate outside. How cool is that? Pretty darn cool, if you were wondering.

So anyway...after dinner headed to the arena. First up was a man named Mike Relm. He did some pretty cool artistic things with music and video. Then, on to the Blue Man Group. They were hilarious, and really talented. It was just an overall great show. Very entertaining.

I would recommend them to anyone who can go.

Other than that, nothing terribly exciting going on. Shaun and I were going to look for a church to go today, but we were out really late last night. It was after 1 before we got home. So, needless to say...we didn't go to church today. Oh well. We still have to find one. Next week, I guess.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Nothing New

Nothing new to post about. Our lives just haven't been too exciting lately. Been working lots and picking up extra shifts when I can. Sunday was Shaun's birthday. WE went out to breakfast and dinner, and I baked him a carrot cake. It turned out great, but I was really worried. Thanks mom for the recipe. He loved it.
So, no great big plans going on now...just counting down till Bloomsday, and when I get to go home. I can't wait. I haven't been running, but I am gonna try to get a few runs in before then. I want to be able to run most of it. I know I will have to walk, that is ok. So far, several of my girlfriends have agreed to go, and do it too. So I am really excited that I get to see so many people. It has been (almost) three months since I have been home. Probably the longest I have ever been away without visiting. Crazy. I miss everyone so much, especially my babies. Of course, I will post pics when I go home. I hear Grason is talking lots, and Kaitlyn is learning to say more. They are both growing like weeds, and I can't wait to give them big hugs. Sis's...give me babies BIG hugs, and tell them I am on my way!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Some pics from Mara

Mara, I am working at getting them all uploaded on Kodak gallery for you. I should have them ready by tomorrow. I couldn't upload them all together, so I have to do it separately. You will get them asap. Thanks for coming, I had the bestest time ever!!

Ground Zero

Jefferson Memorial

Mara in Times Square

Deanna, Me, and Shaun in DC

Shaun and I on the Metro in DC

Mara and I in DC, Jefferson in the background. Cherry blossoms were in full bloom, but a lot were blown away, due to the wind the previous day. Oh well.

Mara and I at the FDR Memorial, in DC. This was my favorite part of DC so far. I am glad I didn't get to see it all the first trip. It was neat to see some more cool things this time around. Next time, I am sure I will see some more cool things.

All of us together, under a beautiful Cherry Blossom Tree.
Deanna, Shaun, Me, and Mara.

NY was a blast...as always!!

So Mara and I headed up to NY City yesterday. Woke up early, at 4:30am. That is 1:30am Mara time. Headed off to NY. It was really cool. I got to drive through Chinatown and Brooklyn, and parts of Manhattan. How cool is that? Yeah, pretty cool.

I really love NY. I loved it last time, and I loved it this time. However, it was still COLD. Brrr! Yeah, she decided to come visit me on a bad weekend. Why she wasn't checking the weather when she booked the flight 2 months ago, I have no clue. Oh well. She seemed to acclimate well. Good job Mara. That winter coat needed to come out of the closet, it was getting lonely in there. :)

Anyway. Had some fun. Walked around Times Square some more. Visited the M&M store again. Got some yummy (read: expensive) m&m's. In the evening we saw an off-Broadway play. It was called Perfect Crime. It was good, but I don't think that I got it completely. Normally I like figuring these things out, but we were really tired. We did get up at 4:30am, so that explains things.

Stayed over night, then headed to the airport today. She has the coolest GPS system, and we used it to get all over NY and to/from as well. I want one now. I will do some research for prices and types, then get one before my cross-country trip. It is really neat. We called her Betty. She helped alot. However, at the last step, she tried taking us through a small city with major traffic congestion, so we had to override her a bit. Oh well, she tries.

Also, saw the movie Borat this weekend. It was funny, but not what I was expecting. Oh well. Got some pretty funny lines out of the show though.

Shaun and his sister had fun in Baltimore with their cousin. Hope everyone had a great Easter!!

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Mara and Deanna arrived safe and sound on Thursday night. I had to work all day, so after work, I came home, changed out of my scrubs (into normal people clothes) and we headed off to get our guests in Baltimore.
Friday, we hung out all day in Washington DC. We had a ton of fun, walking around seeing the cherry blossom trees. We say a few more things than I saw last time I was there. This time we saw Jefferson Memorial, FDR Memorial, and The Capital Building (from afar). We didn't go into the Capital bldg, thinking there wasn't much to see. We also took them to the Natural History Smithsonian Museum to look at the Orchids, and the Hope Diamond. Then we ate some dinner at Elephant and Castle (British Pub Restaurant) and caught a movie. We saw the new Will Ferrell Blades of Glory. It was HILARIOUS. If you like Will Ferrell, even just a little, you have to see it.
Shaun and his sister stayed in DC last night, and hung out with Shaun's friends Katie, and Ashley. They saw a hockey game today, and hung out. Mara and I went shopping, and just did fun girl stuff today. Tomorrow we are getting up early and driving to New York.
Yup. New York City. She has an old friend that lives there now, that we are gonna meet up with. But first....tourist stuff!! Woohoo! Gonna take her to Times Square, maybe catch a play, and whatever else we can fit into the day. Then, we are staying overnight, and heading back home about 10 am. Basically taking her back to the airport. But, that is cool, get to see some more sights, and have a fun road trip!!
So, I will post pics of DC and New York as soon as I get them, but this time they aren't on my camera...Mara bought a couple disposables, and we will wait till she gets those developed, and uploaded for me. I am sure we will have some good ones on there. Yeah!!

Happy Easter to you all. I hope you get to spend it with someone you love.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Long Awaited Updates

Hello All. I know it has been quite a while. I have no excuse. Well, I do, but they aren't good. First off, I want to post pics, but I don't have a card reader, so I need to look into getting one. That way, I don't have to go to Wal*Mart everytime that I need to upload photos. Also, way cheaper. Those CD's cost a few bucks each time, and if it isn't full, then it isn't worth it.

We had a ton of fun in DC last weekend. WE walked all over, saw the White house, the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and the World War II Memorial. What else did we see? Hmm, well we went to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. I think that was the coolest of the whole trip. I wasn't too impressed with the rest, but it was still cool to go see. I didn't get to go onto the White House. Apparently, you have to make an appointment to do that. Next time...that appointment will be made. However, I am a taxpayer, and I pay for that house, therefore I should be able to go into it. Whatever... I am sure they have heard it all. I also didn't get to sit on Lincoln's lap. He is sitting up way high, and there is a sign and roped off area. "No Sitting". Apparently others want to do the same thing. I think it would cool to let people up there, but it may hurt the structure and integrity of the statue. Again...whatever.

So, we also met up with some of Shaun's friends for dinner Saturday night. We wanted to go to Dave and Buster's, but it was a three plus hour wait. So, we hunted all over for a less of a wait, and landed at a smaller restaurant. It was a lot of fun, and his friends all seem really cool.

Sunday we were supposed to have date night, go to a cool audience involved play, then to a nice dinner. Well, traffic was backed up and we didn't make the play, so we ended up eating at Cheesecake Factory before heading back home. It was yummy. We decided to get our cheesecakes to go, so we could enjoy them for days to come. And we did, enjoy them, for days to come. Okay, two days, but still good.

Hmmm, what else is new. Well, Shaun is living with me now. He was staying over a lot, and eventually we just decided he might as well make it official. So, it is really nice to have him there with me all the time. :) He is so great. I love him so much!

Up next...next weekend Mara and his sister Deanna are coming to visit. We are gonna head to DC for the Cherry Blossom Festival on Friday, then part seperate ways. He will go spend some time in DC with his sister and friends, while Mara and I find something else fun to do. Then for Easter, Mara and I, are going to make a nice dinner for us, and make it a fun day. I am so glad I have someone familiar coming to see me.

In a few weeks, we are going to King's Dominion for Shaun's birthday. It will just be a day trip, but fun none-the-less. His friend, Andrea, is coming up from North Carolina, to go with us. I can't wait. I think it is a lot like Silverwood. How fun!!

Then, only about one month away, I get to go see my babies. I get to go HOME! I am headed home for the weekend of Bloomsday, then again for a week with Shaun, the following weekend. We are driving back cross country, to bring my car back. We are gonna try to stop at MOunt Rushmore, and maybe Yellowstone. How cool is that???

Well, those are about all the updates that I have. I will try to do better. As soon as I get that card reader, I will post more pics. Oh yeah

Yesterday, we went to Baltimore and met up with Shaun's cousin and her two little girls. One is 5, the other 3. They are super cute. We headed to the zoo. It was so much fun. Didn't get to see all the animals, but saw the cool ones. The polar bears, chimps, giraffes, lions, and elephants. It was a ton of fun. It was nice to get out for the day. It was really nice out.

I am so glad Spring has arrived!!!