Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Can you believe it??

The countdown is almost complete. We are home and just running the errands that need to be done. We are getting really excited. Can't wait!!

Guests start arriving tomorrow.

Festivities start Friday and go through Sunday. Wow. Just a couple days away till that happens. Tomorrow I get my final fitting for my dress, men pick up their tuxes. Yeah.

Making some welcome baskets and wrapping some gifts. Fun, fun, fun!

I have been pretty tired, but I think that is mostly because I am awake in the day time, switched back to west coast time, and just getting rest from working SO much lately. This vacation time has been nice. I have actually had time to do some leisure reading, took a few naps, and haven't felt rushed.

I have been reading about the FLDS lad that escaped a few years ago. Since the raid has been in the news of the polygamist ranch in Utah/Arizona area, I have been following it. I heard about this girl that escaped and wrote about her life. So far, very interesting. I can't believe these women live like that. The book is really good. I feel bad for all of them.

Oh, Shaun and I also went and got some (more) engagement pictures. Our wedding photographer wanted to meet with us ahead of time, to get to know us, so we can get to know him, and he can see how we do in front of the camera. He said we are naturals and very fun. He is excited to do our wedding. He even had a viewing ready for us the next morning. That was today. We had chosen about 14 really great photos. We ordered one for the wedding. It will be on display as guests arrive. It is REALLY good. I can't wait for the wedding photos. He is a ton of fun, and a great photographer. We made the right choice.

Matter of fact, so far we have been very pleased with almost all the vendors that we chose. We will have to see how Saturday goes. So far, it looks good. See you there!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon


I am gonna do it.


I am.

I found someone at work that wants to do it with me, so we will train together. The run is August 31, 2008 in Virginia Beach, VA. I will start training after the wedding/honeymoon. That will give us three whole months to train, plus a couple weeks. Of course, I haven't started running yet, but I will, give me time. Right now I am still working crazy hours. When we get back, I will have two weeks for 60hr weeks, but then will be done with that. Then, I will pick up a shift when I want, maybe 1 or 2 a month, not a week like I have been.

This is a good thing. Not doing it to lose weight (great if I do), not doing to get healthy (great if I do), not doing it to get in shape (great if I do). I am just doing it! No goals, other than to do it!

Now, Shaun is supposed to be gone for a month in Aug. Aug 11- Sept 11th. So, he won't be here to see me run, but I did promise him, there will be others! This is not the end. Just like the last few years haven't been the end. Just took a little break. I am ready to come back.

On a side note: 10 days to go till the wedding. I work the next couple days, then we leave early Saturday morning (7:50 am) to head home to WA. We are getting so excited. Everything is done and ready except the things that have to be done in the days right before the wedding. So, we will have a busy week, but it will be fun! See you all in just a few short days!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Before and Afters

Here are some of the updates that have been keeping us busy, and away from bloggerland...

Before: This is a view of the Living Room Wall. We decided it needed a color on it. Although, we didn't want to make the entire room dark, we did want a nice bold color.

After: This is what we chose. It is the background of the accent chair from our living room set. You can see it in the picture as well. We love it.

Before: This is view #1 from our extra bedroom. It is a burnt orange color. Very drab. We live on the terrace level, so we are partly below ground. Having this room dark, with the little bit of light that did shine in, made it feel very small.

View #2-same room.

After: This is our new room. We call it the yellow room. Very pale yellow (although the picture doesn't portray that very well) with a soft green for accents. It is very soothing, and I just love being in here.

View #2 of the yellow room. This pic gives a better idea of the yellow.

Before: This is our entry way. Very small. Soon as you enter, you have to turn left into the condo. We needed to spice things up a bit. All the walls are this very plain creme/off white color. As you can see, we also have a white (-ish) brick wall. Something needed to go here.

After: Voila. We have a beautiful stresses finish, hand-painted table. It is beautiful. Now, the color on the wall, is not that vibrant. It is called "Salsa Diane". It matches the pink/red in the flowers on the table, and just adds to the entry way. Something that says...."welcome to our home" Eventually we will have a mirror on the wall and maybe some candles. For now, still very plain, but plain with color!!

Another view of the table/wall.
Those are some of the things we have done around here. Trying to add our own touch on things. Of course, I am not sure the condo likes it very much, cuz it spoke back to us a couple days ago. Our kitchen sink has clogged up. I have tried plunging, I have tried Drano, I don't know what to try now. I have an email into our association manager. I think these pipes might be covered under building maintenance, because our pipes connect with our neighbors pipes. They left a note on our door asking if we had been having problems. Of course, they just assumed it was OUR problem and proceeded to tell me that WE needed to call and get it fixed. I am sure it was my fault, but that is NOT the point. It all started after I made Shaun his carrot cake. I put the extra carrot scrapings down the drain....I used the garbage disposal, but apparently it wasn't enough, I don't know. I will keep you update on that saga, as more news develops.
As for now, Shaun's Dad and sister will be coming to visit. Deanna (his sister) has graciously decided to throw me a bridal shower, so that is Saturday. I can't wait. I even have a friend from work coming too. Yeah! They come tonight, so I had better get some sleep, so I am well rested when they get here! I am off for two days, I am SO excited!!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Shaun and I are trying to make a few changes around here. We love our new place, but want to add a fresh coat of paint and change things up a bit. I have been keeping him pretty busy.
Our plans:
1. Paint spare bedroom. We decided on a pale yellow. Shaun has some green curtains from his barracks room that will work perfectly in there. We bought a small futon to go in there. Found a small desk from Wal-mart that will go perfectly in there. Most things will be white, but the futon is tan/blue/white. I think it will go well.
2. Paint entry way for color and design. We found a great table at overstock that we ordered. Can't wait for it to get here. It is an antiqu finish, kind of white/cream with some hand painted flowers. Not too much though. We have a brick entry way on one wall, and right now, all the walls are a cream/off-white color. Very bland. Things blend into the wall very easily. So, thinking of painting it a nice mauve color, to bring out the flowers and spice it up a bit. I love accent walls!
3. Shaun wants to build some nice shelves to go in the living room. He has been drawing stuff up for a month now. He has got it all planned out, but I think this one has to wait until after the wedding. It will go on our carribean blue wall.
4. Paint our bedroom. Want it a soft, pale blue. Almost white, but blue. We have a blue/tan/cream colored quilt. Also found some tan curtains that match it perfectly. In order to lighten the room, we need to make it softer. Right now there is a burnt tan on the wall. Its ok for now, but needs to go!

In general, all the walls need something.

Some long term goals:
1. Paint kitchen. Right now all the cupboards are white, but on the inside a bright teal color. It is pretty neat, but I have a pink/black/white kitchen, so I want them pink. Yes, I have discussed this with Shaun, and he is ok with it, but he gets to approve the pink color first!
2. New floors in bathroom. We have this small (1 in x1 in) tile floor (both bathrooms) and they are icky. I think if we take them up, and find a nice flooring that will stay cleaner (easier to clean will do), then it would be way better. Maybe even the kitchen floor too. We'll see.
3. New sliders/windows. They aren't that good. They will do for now, and maybe for a couple years!
4. Some yard work, in the small yard that we have. Want to add some flowers and take out some ugly stuff that is there.

I think that about sums things up!!! Looks like we have lots of stuff to do!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Almost had a night off...

Shaun came home early. We enjoyed an early dinner, and some much needed cuddle time. Was about to head to Target to look at some stuff, then to Lowe's to do paint shopping.

Ring. Ring.

(Look at Caller ID-Hospital where I work) I was thinking to myself, Hmmm, they gonna ask me to come in tonight. I am already working 5 days this week, so I didn't want to go in.

Mary (charge nurse): " You on your way in? (It is about 7:30 pm at this time, regular shift starts at 7pm)

Kathleen: "Uh, no" Thinking, is this your way of asking me to work tonight?

Mary: "You are scheduled to be here"

Kathleen: "No, I am off tonight, I work tomorrow night"

Mary: " I have you on the schedule, we really need you."

Kathleen: Looking at my calendar-"Sure enough, I screwed up. I guess I am supposed to be there. I guess I will be there in a few."

Mary: "Thanks, see you when you get here."

So, turns out, Shaun and I didn't get to go to Target/Lowe's last night. I had to go to work. Luckily I slept most of the day, so it wasn't bad. The only downside, I had to leave. I never get to Shaun anymore, its getting really hard to leave in the evening.

But, I like my job, and the time passes pretty quickly. Last night was no exeption. I had a busy night, and the time flew. However, it was almost too busy the last couple hours. I had a very busy pt, that kept all my time, not allowing me to see my other pts (who were all admitted-waiting for beds on the floors). I don't like it when that happens.

Oh well. I am home now, and tonight I get off. So tonight we will go to Target/Lowe's and do what we wanted to do last night.

Fun Times!!