Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cooked....almost burnt

I am so done! This pregnancy is getting really hard now. I haven't made too many complaints, until today. Can't lay flat anymore...stomach decides it wants to be in my throat. Can't find a comfortable position to sleep in, even if I can lay flat for a few hours without said heartburn. My pelvis hurts. It hurts to sit on my butt in my wonderful new rocker! Grrr.
My feet are all swollen (BP is fine though). Worse on evenings that I work.
I know this is all par for the course and everyone tells me "its almost over" and "we all go through it", but it doesn't help! I want it to be over NOW! He has decided that it is all cozy in there, and I swear he will never come out.
Shaun has to put my socks on because I can't lean over anymore. Before I could do it with lots of shortness of breath, but now, just can't get there.
I am so exhausted but I sleep almost all day most days...it just isn't "good" sleep.
Come out come out wherever you are!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

No Labor

No Labor yet. We are almost full term (tomorrow), so he can come anyday as far as I am concerned. Of course, being our first, he may just wait until due date or thereafter to come. I am hoping not, so he isnt too big!

Didn't get a 35 or 36 week pic, so I guess I will just have to post a final, right before we leave for the hospital pic. Don't know when that will happen! :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

35 weeks

4 and half weeks and counting. I will get my 35 week pic posted...after I take it. Doing great though. Feel tired, and don't get good sleep anymore, but feeling pretty good. I am still working, plan to up until I go into labor or July 11 (Sat before I am due), whichever comes first.
We have decided on a name, but will wait to announce it here until after the birth. Only our close family and friends have been given the name.
I am having some contractions here and there, but only Braxton Hicks. I know, because they don't hurt, have no regularity and they go away. For the last few weeks I have been having maybe 3-5 a day, now I am having them more often, but still not real contractions.
My next appt is Wed, when they will check to see if I have started dilating. I then go in every week after that. I will try to keep things updated.
We think we are ready. We have prepared and gotten everything ready that we can think of. Car seats in the car and everything. Just need to pack my bags in the next week or two so they are ready to go when baby is!
Birthing classes are going great. Learning some good techniques. My plan is to have a natural (non-medicated) labor as long as I can handle it. I am willing to accept an epidural if it comes down to it.
We took a tour of the birthing suite last Wed. Looks like a nice place. My mother is coming a few days before I am due, so if he comes on time, then she will be here to help me labor along with my loving and amazing husband, Shaun.
T-minus 4 weeks and 3 days and counting!!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Pics of the Nursery, so far!

A little dark, but I had to close the shades to take the picture or it would be too washed out. This is the view from outside the door. The rocking chair will replace the fouton when we get it. In the meantime, at least I have a place to sit when I am in there!

I tried to get the whole room, but the room is too small, and I couldn't back out far enough for the angle on the camera. Oh well. You get the point. Changing table in the corner, only needs to have the door on it, but I gave Shaun a break and said he could finish that when he gets a chance to. At least I have a workable table. Can't wait to put baby on it!

Of course our crib. We know not to have the comforter in there, but I like the decoration for now. We will use the bumper in the crib until baby can pull himself up or move around more freely.

Close-up of the Changing table. He did such a great job. He is so handy.

This is a close-up of the dresser that he made. We had bought some baskets and decided they would be good for a dresser, so he designed a great dresser around that idea. It was either too short or too skinny with just the baskets, so he added a couple drawers. Really makes it complete. We even have little monkey drawer pulls!

Well there you have it. That is our nursery. Ready for baby. Due in 6 weeks now, and counting! Can't wait to have people come see the place in person. Trying to get the rest of the house together too.

Shaun's Dad was here this weekend, and decided to get us the jogging stroller we wanted and the highchair we wanted. Wow, he is so generous. We knew he wanted to get us something, just didn't know it would be both things! The highchair matches our dining room perfectly. Couldn't have asked tried to make it match better. Like it was meant for our place.

Jogging stroller is great too. Can't wait to get out running with him. Of course, he needs to be a bit older (and born first) to be able to hold his head up and maybe sit up. It does lay down for comfort, but don't want a poor newborn bouncing around in a jogger too early. Shaun would take him out on day 2 if it said it was for newborns. Thank goodness it is rated for 6 months+. Hehehe.

Of course, that will be a nice incentive to get me out more and get moving more. I have really been longing to start running and train for another marathon. I probably want to because I can't (we always want things we can't have), but still. Goal post-baby is to get active again, and lose lots of weight.

I haven't gained too much weight with this pregnancy, but I did gain more than the 15-20 I was hoping for. Let's hope I don't end up with a 10lb baby! Ouch!