Friday, March 28, 2008

Wedding Update

Well, 4 weeks to go now. I had an awesome time at home. Jen threw me an amazing shower. I was so excited to see everyone who came. I know many of you missed it-shame on you. Kidding. You missed a great shower, but I know you are planning to come to the wedding, so can't wait to see you there!

I got my dress all fitted. Even had to take an inch off each side. That was nice. Now, I just have to try to maintain that size. Of course, it is the size I have been for weeks/months now, so it shouldn't be too hard.

I think we have everything all planned. We made some consultations with some people. Most aren't used to working with the Bride so far out from the wedding, but it was the only time I will be there between now and the actual wedding. Gotta make some changes when you live across the country. They have all been very accomodating.

**Actually wrote this a while ago, then forgot about it...sorry folks!!**

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bridal Shower

This weekend is my bridal shower(today actually). I got into town Thursday night. Yesterday was filled with wedding chores. We had to approve flowers and finalize those. We had to apply for marriage license. We had to get tuxes squared away. And then some little odds/ends here and there. Lots of fun.
Today is the shower, my final dress fitting. I know it is early, but there isn't any other time I will be here to get fitted, except the week before. So, I think this is it. I will have to try to maintain my weight (which shouldn't be too hard, I have been doing that for months now-just not the weight I want to be at.) so I can fit into my dress in 6 weeks.
I don't think very many people are able to make the shower, so it will be small and intimate, but that is ok. I understand bridal showers aren't exactly on the top of everyone's to-do list, and it is Easter weekend. Oh well.
I am off to my fitting with my bridesmaid, Suzy. She has been hanging with me all weekend. How great it is to spend time with one of my best friends, that I get to see about 2-3 times per year (if I am lucky).

Thursday, March 13, 2008

A little break

I get a little break from working so many hours. Next two weeks I will only be working full time hours. That is 36 hrs, three 12 hour shifts (night). I am headed home Thursday for my bridal shower and get 6 (much needed) days off.

Funny thing, I actually feel guilty for only working 36 hours. Like I should be trying to fit more extra days in. I know that is crazy, but the thought has crossed my mind.

I know I NEED these days off, and I DESERVE these days off, but still can't help but feel guilty. Oh well...I am sure I will get over that quickly, when I am headed home to see my family/friends. Yup, will get over that REAL quick!!

I can't wait. So I guess 90% excited and can't wait/10% guilty. That isn't much at all, easy to silence that guilt!! :)


Friday, March 07, 2008

Night Shifts


That is all that I can say.


I guess it wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't picking up extra shifts and working 5 nights a week (12 hours each night). But, right now, we need the extra money.

I am really looking forward to coming home for my bridal shower in a couple weeks. I fly home Thursday and come back on Tuesday. That will be a really nice break for me. In addition to having 6 days off (in a row), I only work regular full time hours both those weeks, none extra. So that is also a nice break.

Then, 5 weeks after that...Shaun and I fly home to get married. We can't wait. We are getting really excited. We are hearing about more and more people making reservations to come. Alot more from his side of the family are coming, than we originally had guessed. Which is way exciting.

I get three weeks vacation for the wedding/honeymoon. That will be so nice!! We were going to spend a week cruise in the Meditteranean, but when we bought our house, some priorities changed. We cancelled that expensive trip, and decided to take a nice, relaxing week in the Poconos, at a really nice Bed and Breakfast. Hiking, relaxing, swimming, relaxing, horseback riding, relaxing, shopping, relaxing, hottubbing. I think you get the point.

Then it will be back to night shifts, but I am only picking up extra shifts into June. After that, it is only fulltime regular work hours for me. Except an occasional extra shift, here or there.

I know this crazy schedule is only temporary, but it sure stinks while I am doing it. I don't get much done around the house, and I am so tired on my days off. But Shaun is great, he picks up the slack for now. I love that man! He is amazing. And soon, he will be my amazing husband. I can't wait!!! :)

Monday, March 03, 2008


Today, Shaun and I have been together for one year. We have exactly two months to go before we say "I do!"
Nothing major planned. I worked last night, and Shaun works all day. When he comes home, we will go out to dinner and go see a movie. That is our excitement for now.
Countdown for the wedding, we really can't wait for that. I am sure the next few weeks will just fly by.
I get to fly home in a couple weeks for my bridal shower. Yippee!!