Friday, July 24, 2009

Oliver Quinn Mierzwa

Hello All.
Oliver Quinn Mierzwa has arrived. He joined this world at 3:45 am on July 23, 2009. It was quite a long road through that birth canal (I pushed for almost 3 hours), but he made it. Safe and sound. He was 9lbs 3.6oz. 22 inches long. Full head of hair and looks just like daddy. If I didn't carry him for 9 months and push him out, I would swear he wasn't mine. He is a great baby and we are loving every minute of him.
We are still at the hospital until Saturday morning. Jen was not able to stay long enough. She had to leave when I went into the hospital to get induced. I was 41 weeks and so ready for him to be out. He must have had the same idea, beacause I started contractions once I got there. Mom decided to extend her stay. Otherwise she would have had to leave before we left the hospital. She gets to stay until Tuesday. So good for us all. We really need an extra hand, and of course, I need that extra hand to be my mommy! I am sure it will be really hard to say goodbye. She is already planning a trip to come visit with Papa in Sept or October.
Well, here are a few pics...

Daddy's favorite picture. Our precious little boy.

Nana with Oliver

Daddy and Oliver

Mommy and Oliver

Perfect Feet and 10 little toes

Cuddle time after eating

First family photo-"The Mierzwa's"

My friend Marina, "Aunt Rina"

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Still Nothing...

Mom arrives Monday night. Hoping to go into labor that night and have him July 14th. That is my ideal situation. I am tired of being pregnant. I was supposed to work through July 11, but Friday night I left early at 7pm instead of 11 and called myself off for Saturday night. It was getting really hard to work. Pelvic pressure everytime I stood and a very slow pace does not equal good ER nurse. I was miserable and I didn't really feel like I was helping being there. Although I didn't make it to my last day, I still feel I did pretty damn good. I worked for the entire 9 months, and only called out 1 time during my pregnancy. Also, did 12 hour shifts until month 8.
Here is our last pic of me being pregnant. I am pretty sure he has dropped and we are just waiting for labor to begin!