Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Wasting some time!

I am cleaning today.

I hate cleaning, but I need to. My sister has sold her house. But, she isn't moving until April, so she has decided to stay with me for a couple months.

She is gonna stay in my spare room, with her husband and 4 month old child. I know it will be tight, but it will work out great. I can't wait. I get to see Grason every day.

Then they will be gone, and I will only get to see him like 4-6 times per year. I will not like that part.

Of course, my neice (who is due March 12) lives near Mom and Dad too, so I won't get to see her much either. That sucks!

My family has bets on when i am gonna move back.

I am not moving back!!

I am staying here in Portland. I like it here. I have a great job. I still need to find Mr. Right.

I may move back someday, but for the meantime, I am here, and I am staying here.

So, I am cleaning. Yes, there was a point to this post. I am a packrat. My mom has been telling me that for years. I seriously keep everything...just in case I may need again later.

Then I find it again later, and I am like...Why did I keep that. Seriously. I am getting rid of a ton of stuff.

I even sold (tentatively) my papasan chairs on Craig's List. They went quick. i just posted them last night.

I am finding lots of things around the house I can sell, or try to sell anyhow. there has got to be a market for everything.

Back to cleaning...I need to clean out my spare closet, so they have a closet, but I don't have much storage space, so it is hard. I may have to use a small corner, it is a walk-in closet, so there will be plenty of room. It was jamm packed, so if I can get it all to fit in one small corner, I'd say I did pretty good.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Long run

Yesterday I did not want to go running, but I did.

I ran 5.5 miles. I know for those who know me, that isn't that far. Those who know me, know I have run 2 marathons, 8 half marathons, and a handful of smaller runs.

Well, since I haven't been running consistently for almost two years, I think 5 1/2 miles is pretty damn far. Plus I am carrying an extra 60 lbs on my frame I wasn't carrying when I was running.

So, today, less than 24 hours later, I went for another run. It wasn't nearly as long, but I would say at least 3 miles.

So far, I have completed two full weeks of WW, running, and Power of 10. I have lost 7.8 lbs. Yeah!!

I am starting week three. I am also going out of town this weekend, so I have to work extra hard while I am gone to be good. Mara, I will need your help on this one, please?

Oh yeah, I am bringing my running stuff, so plan to go for a short (about 30 mins) run, ok?? I am slow, and I will be easy on you. But, I truly believe it relieves stress, and I know you have got to be stressing on some level about all this wedding stuff.

Okay, enough talking to Mara on my blog. I am very happy with my progress so far. I am really hoping to be about 30 lbs lighter by the time I start training for Portland marathon.

Yes you heard me correct. I am going to try to train for Portland this year. I have been wanting to do it for years now, and well, since I live here, and I am running again, I have no excuse!!

Friday, January 20, 2006


Here is a cutie pic of Grason. I know I haven;t posted many pics lately, so here you are...


I know it has been a few days since I have posted. I have been working alot these last few days. WW is doing great. Lost 6.2 lbs the first week. YEah. I was so excited. I was really hoping for at least 3-5 lbs for the first week, and I exceeded my hope.
This week I am doing pretty good. Going running this afternoon. I am also cleaning my house today. It is the biggest mess. Stuff everywhere. My room is even messy, and I normally keep that really clean. ASt least I have since I moved here.
I am also going to go see a movie with one of the fellow new grads from work. She called and asked if I wanted to go, and I never turn down a movie. Too bad it wasn't a guy calling and asking for a date. I guess I will have to settle with a friend to hang out with.
Good Story for ya all...

So, babysat my nephew yesterday. That was a blast. Joel was home, but needed someone to keep an eye on Grason, so he could get some stuff around the house cleaned and repaired.

No problem! I was there to the rescue.

Well, the day went great until in the afternoon, Joel decided he was gonna "clean" the bottles, by putting them in some boiling water for a while.

He thought I was watching them (in which he never asked me too). I thought he was doing the cleaning (since he said, and I quote, "I am gonna clean the bottles").

So I played with Grason, and when he got a little fussy, I put him down for a nap.

Well, I was tired too, so I layed down in the room next to his (so I could hear him if he cried).

I woke up about 45 mins later-Grason still sleeping, to the house filled with smoke.

Yes. I said smoke.

There was one wimpy smoke alarm going off downstairs.

The smoke was clear/white, and it was a light haze throughout the house.

Just waking up, not really knowing what is going on, I am thinking to myself, why is the house filled with smoke...what is going on here?

Well, I get downstairs, hard to breathe, and I see the stove red hot, and the frying pan bursting with...
no not flames, but mass amounts of smoke. I shut off the stove, move the pan, and I discover...

Burned plastic boiling in a pan.

Yes, the entire bottle melted and was burning. The only thing that was still in any shape was the rubber nipple.

It was hilarious...not during the issue, but after the fact of course.

First check in Grason's room proved clear. No smoke, so I shut the door, and went on fanning out the house. Second check revealed...smoke. He was crying by that time, so I grabbed him up, and went downstairs. By that time the ground floor had cleared out mostly.

I know Grason had no clue what was going on, but it was still funny looking back. This is something we will remember forever.

JOEL trying to burn down the house.

What makes it even funnier...Earlier in the day, Joel was going to warm up some milk for Grason, and said he was starting to boil water. Well, apparently he saw it was boiling, so added the milk, but then got busy. Didn't bother to tell me the milk had been added.

By the time I discovered it, the milk was boiling too. So we lost a little bucket of pumped milk, but that was ok. We had plenty left for the day.

I teases him about trying to burn the house down twice. Jen just said don't make the third time a charm!!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!! Today is my birthday. I, unfortunately, had to work today. Oh well. Turned out to be a pretty good day. All the people at work signed a card, and got me a cake and sang Happy Bday. That was nice.
I have heard from nost of my friends, but there are a few that are slacking!! Not to name any names...eh hem!!
I don't have any cool plans, but my sister and I are going to celelbrate our birthdays together tomorrow. I have one day off before I have to come back to work for three more. Yeah to me!!
Also gonna go running tomorrow with Jen. I did have a small (really small) slice of cake. It would have been rude not to. But, I am still doing really good on WW. Since I had to have cake ( I chose to), I am going to do one more week of now sweets, to balance it out. That will make me feel better about it. Also, I may do more if I doing good.
Okay, gotta go!!
Happy Birthday to me!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Update WW

So, I started WW on Moday, and for two days I have done GREAT!!! I am allowed 26 points (based on my weight), and I have eaten 20, 19 for day 1, 2 respectively. I even went for a 50 min run yesterday. I am on a roll. Yeah!!
Not much more to update, just that I am doing great. I also made a pack with myself, that I am not to eat any sweets/candy for one week. Surprisingly, I am doing well with it. I am allowed the natural sweets like yogurt, or apples, but nothing like chocolate, or cookies, or things like that. And if you know me...which most of you do...that is almost impossible to do. But, I have made it two whole days without any sweets. I may go two weeks if I am doing this good at the end of the week.
I have doen it once before, the no sweets for a week, and I made it three weeks. When I did have the natural sweets (yogurt, apples), I felt I was cheating. Then I slowly allowed sweets back in, and bamm fell back into my old habits. So this time, I am not doing that. I don't need those damn sweets. Besides, they take points. I would rather have real food to take up those points.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Happy New Year!! 2006

Happy New Year everyone.

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I have been doing a small amount of traveling. Well, if you count going home traveling..I do. I went home three different times during the last three weeks. I know it sounds like alot, but I did it any how. But, I can't go back again for a while, I ran out of money. $30 gas both ways kills someone with no money.
So, what else is new. Well, work is going great. I was on my own the last couple shifts. It is not official yet, but I am pretty much there now. Yeah. It has been 5 1/2 months since I started working as an RN. I think I am ready now. Actually, I know I am ready now!!

I know I have been promising I was gonna start running, and losing some weight. I needed something/someone to just give me that nudge to start doing it. The nudge wasn't gonna be someone just telling me to do it. It had to come in the form of major motivation.

So, when I was at hoem this last weekend. I went to see my best friends sister-in-law. Are you still with me? I actually knew her in high school and she has always been a large woman. I am talking size 22, maybe a little larger. Well, Suzy had told me that she was losing weight, and that Marcia was now a size 6. I couldn't believe it. I thought, yeah right!

Well, when we stopped at her house to pick up some stuff before we headed out of town, I saw her. She looks amazing. She really is a size 6. She had bone structure in her face. She looked amazing. I can't tell you how amazing, you just have to trust me.

I found my motivation.

Yeah, someone I haven't seen for years. Someone I didn't even really know. Someone I will probably never see again (maybe), was my motivating factor.

When I left her house, I knew I could do that too. I know I can loose the weight, I have done it before. So I am going to.

Here is my promise to all of you.

I started Weight Watchers yesterday. I am not going to the meetings, but my firned Suzy, is helping me with the emotional part of losing weight. I will weigh myself each Monday morning, and report back to her (for support) through all of this.

Second promise...I am going to start running again. I have a plan to run today. My new friend Tanae, said she would run with me this afternoon, so I am very excited about that. Even if she doesn't come with, I have said I am running regardless.

Third pronmise. I will not quit Power of 10 Mara. I love it still, and I think weights is an important part of exercise. I had actually always wanted to start weight lifting back when I was running, but I never did. I am very thankful you got me into that program, cuz I love it. I joined a gym for it. I am not quitting now!!

No more promises, but I will try to keep you all posted of my progress on the weight loss. Mara is getting married in April, and I am in the wedding, and I would love to have lost 30 pounds by then, but I am going to take this one week at a time. My first goal, is 10%. Just like if I was at the meetings, and weighing in at WW.

I started on Monday, Jan 9. Now, I know this sounds like a New Year's Resolution. It is NOT. I hate those. It just happens to be that I started it after the new year. I have been talking about it for months now. God has provided me the motivation to get started, and I am going to do it.

Wish me luck!!