Thursday, July 28, 2005


I am at my parents house for the week. My sister is having her first baby (and the first in the family) in October, so she is getting her baby shower this weekend. I can't wait, I know this kid is gonna get so much, and he isn't even born yet. My sisters husband calls him Yoder Oder, since they haven't found a name for him yet.
When I was at my friends house last weekend, we got up and ran about 30 mins for the three days I was there. It was great, I really miss running. I also miss running with family and friends. When I lived here, so did all my friends and my family. Most of my friends have all moved away, and now I moved away from my family. The reason I am on this rant, is because, it was great to always have someone to go running with.
I trained for my first Marathon with my best friends. Jackie would run with me, and Suzy would ride the bike (on shorter runs, she would run too). I miss that. I was held accountable for the days we went running. If I didn't go, then I would hear about it. But now...I am the only one who knows if I don't go.
Back to my point, I am getting spoiled these last couple days, cuz last weekend I had my friend to run with and now, my parents.
Its been great!
My parents haven't always been exercising, but when doc says "exercise!" you exercise. So my parents have been getting up at 5:15 am to go walking.
This is great for them, they haven't had a steady exercise program in years. They are also adding in a few jogs here and there....did I just say my parents have been jogging???
I believe I did!
Actually, its true, they have been jogging. They go out for about 30 mins and walk, and do a few jogs here and there.
Well, when I come along.....I don't tke walk for an answer.
I peel myself out of bed on Wednesday morning at 5:20am, an I barely awake, and we start off walking. Thats ok, I normally do a little warm-up walk anyhow.
Well, when I turned the corner, I started jogging.
They started too.
They kept up!...I was very shocked. They had a few stop and catch my breath walks, but I kept pushing along, and so did they.
I was very impressed, so this morning, I did the same up at 5:15 am, went jogging, but this time, I pushed mom to go just a bit farthur (the ext street), and dad turned home at the regular street. They both did so good.
I am gonna keep getting up at 5:15 am, so I can have someone to go running with. Otherwise, I probably would sleep in till 9 or 10, and by then it would way too hot to run. It has been 100-104 these last couple days here.
Not fun, so I am spoiled, I get to go running with family and friends again. I know it won't be permanent, but I am hoping it will be a start for my training for the Walt Disney World Marathon (Jan 8, 2006). I have been planning to do this one since 2004.
If all goes well, I will get up at 5:15am for the next few days, and go for my 30-40 min run, and then, maybe I will just keep up the same thing when I get home, by myself.

Monday, July 25, 2005

I'm back....and off again!

Hello fellow bloggers!

I am back from my mini-vacation to visit my best friend. We had a blast. We went and saw a chic flick at the $1.50 theatre, we went to the museum of natural history, we went shopping, and we also went to this really cool old house. They give tours there, and, it was the coolest. It was built in 1888, and went through three families before being donated to the city. They do a great job preserving the old times. They accept donations, but only of the period from when people lived in the house. If they do renovations, they have a specialist come in, and he has to only fix things in the way they would back in the late 1800's, early 1900's.
I love walking through time like that. A couple years ago, my mother and I went to a cool museum that had a bunch of really old stuff in there. It is so cool to see all the things they used (and didn't use). I love looking at old photos and hearing things that happened back then.
Well, enough about my little rant. I am back. I am so glad I cleaned up and made thigns nice around here. I hate coming back to a dirty house. It was nice to walk in and have it all picked up.
I did mention I would be off again soon. I am headed back home ( to my parents house) for a week or so, before I start my journey of being a real RN. I start work Aug 1, and my sister is having her baby shower, so I figured, might as well go back early and hang out with my parents for a week or so. I think I will leave here again around.....Tuesday. That sounds good.
I am hoping to see a few more friends before I head off to workland.
Before I leave tonight, I need to wish one of my very good friends a Happy Birthday! Mara, I hope you had a great day and I hope you have a great year! I love ya, Happy Birthday!!

Thursday, July 21, 2005


Like I really need a vacation, all I have been doing is vacationing. Oh well, I am tking off today to go visit my best friend, Suzy. She lives a couple hours away, and it will be a nice visit with some social contact. I haven't been getting much social contact.
I am gonna try to start running while I am down there. I told Suzy, I wanted to go for at least 30-45 mins of running/walking every morning, and no sleeping in. I have packed my running shoes/clothes, so I am ready to start. I am hoping this will jump start my running here.
After I get back from visiting Suzy's, I am going back home. My parents have been running/walking every morning, so I will go out with them too. I need to get started, I really need to get motivated.
When I get back from my 2 mini-vacations, I will start working. I cannot wait. I am so excited to get started working as an RN. I have been talking with a few of my classmates, and I have heard that about 8 or 9 so far have not passed. That isn't very good. I also heard, they all had the minimum amount of questions. I am so glad I passed.
I will try to keep you all posted during my mini-vacations, so check back often.

Monday, July 18, 2005

I passed!

Yeah I passed my test! I am an Registered Nurse now. It is official. I just decided to randomly check the Oregon State Board of Nursing website to do a provider credential search....

...and there it was...

Kathleen S****** - RN - active!!!

I am so excited! I wasn't expecting it to be up until Wednesday, I don't know why I even checked. But, I did, and I was there, listed as an RN. I don't have to wait! Yeah. I can't believe it. I didn't even think I answered the questions right. I really was very worried! I kept thinking of better choices, but I guess I answered some right.

Well, I start my job on Aug 1st. There are 4 of us all starting at the same time. I really cannot wait. My boss even called this morning to ask if I had taken boards yet. I told her I just got back from taking them this morning!

That, really was the last test I have to take for a long time. I am so excited to finally start working as an RN.


I took my test today. I do not feel very good about it. The test shut off at 75 (the minimum) questions. It took me about 60-65 minutes. There were alot of priority questions. Like, these are all people you are taking care of, who would you see first...I hate those. I can usually eliminate two of the wrong answers, but then, I usually tend to chose the wrong out of the remaining two.

I am so scared I won't pass. If I don't, then I have to wait 3 months before I can retake the test. I am very scared, because, my job depends on me passing this test. I can't work as an RN without my license. I find out Wed, so these next couple days are going to suck for me. I don't know how I am going to make it thru. Waiting is the hardest thing you will ever have to do.

I'll keep you posted, for now, I am gonna go cry!

Sunday, July 17, 2005


Tomorrow I take my test to get my RN license. I am just now starting to get very scared. I have been studying off and on for a week now...more off than on. And, I have been studying all day today. I am getting worried that I will not remember everything, or be able to critically think the way I should.
If I don't pass the test tomorrow, I have to wait three months before I can retake it, and pay another $200. That stinks! So, I guess I will just have to pass it, so I don't have to worry about retaking it.
I will keep everyone posted! I will find out Wednesday July 20th.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Harry Potter

Harry Potter was released today. I was not one of the people that went and camped out at Barnes & Noble at midnight (or before). I wasn't even sure I was gonna buy a hardback. I don't like reading the hardback books, the paperbacks are way easier and more comfortable to read.
But, I don't think I can wait another year to read the sixth installment of Harry's adventures.
So, I bought the hardback.
I started reading it. It isn't that bad, I mean reading a hardback, the book itself...I think it is gonna be a great book. It starts off a little different than the past books though. I hear that we are gonna get some answers in this book. She only has one more to go before we get all the answers.
I won't share any Harry Potter book info. I don't want to ruin it for anyone. I personally love reading HP. J.K Rowling is a great author, and I enjoy her stories very much. I love the movies too, but of course, the books are always better. Next HP movie to be released is Goblet of fire, releasing Nov 16th, I believe. I can't wait!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

A Day at the Beach

I took Charlie to the beach today. I think he had a good time. We drove out to Cannon Beach around lunch time. When we got there, it was pretty windy. Of course, it is the beach. He was a little reluctant to go with, but once he got out there, he had a blast.
The weather was great, blue skies all around, with a few puffs of white. The temperature was warm, even with the cool breeze. The water was great. I didn't go out oo far, cuz Charlie barely stands above ground, I didn't want to drown him. But we did get in some water.
We walked pretty far along the beach, it was great. He was barking and talking to anyone who would listen. He would stop and say hi to many people. He even made a good friend (see pic). We walked down to the big rock and back, ran a little and just had a great time.
On the way back, Charlie found a dalmation and a black lab. The dalmation was friendly, but the owner instructed her husband to take the other dog away. Well, as Charlie and the Dalmation were smelling each other and "getting-to-know-the-other", apparently the leash of the other dog broke, and the big black lab came roaring towards Charlie. Well, when Charlie freaks, he bows down and stays still. That other dog didn't care, he just grabbed Charlie in the mouth, and as Charlie was trying to get away, the big dog took a BIG bite out of Charlie's back leg.
I was so scared, but he got away with just a few scratches, and a bit scared. He walked right next to me the entire way back to the car. He didn't dare bark at another dog or person.
He was such a good doggie. We had a great day at the beach!

Pacific Ocean

Charlie is checking out the ocean. He isn't that big of a fan of water, so he treaded lightly. Don't worry, he didn't drink any ocean water.

Charlie's Friend

This is the friend that Charlie made. He was a nice gentleman, and petted Charlie for a few minutes. I think, he really liked Charlie. I didn't get his name. They also gave me a tissue because Charlie deposited a little something on the beach.


This is me at the beach. I didn't ask anyone to take a pic, so I just held up the camera and shot. I think it turned out pretty good. Today is my Half-Birthday!!

Running away...

This is Charlie running down the beach, before the "incident" with the other dog. The houses in the back were beautiful. I sure wouldn't mind living there....except for the wind. I hate wind!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I'm (not) full of gas

So, you may be able to guess with the title....

I ran out of gas today.

I know, I am sad. Mara even reminded me to get gas. I forgot. When my tank beeps low fuel, it means I can go at least another 50-60 miles. So, I checked it was at 300 miles when it first beeped with Mara. I told her nothing to worry about....we got plenty left...
Then, I forgot about it. She left Sunday night, and I ran some errands Monday afternoon. I went here, and there, and just about everywhere.

But, right before I got to everywhere....I piddled, and I sputtered. Then, I stopped!

I was out and about, ready to turn onto the highway. As I was waiting for my turn at the on ramp, I was glancing at my tank, thinking I REALLY need to get gas. I checked my mileage...370. I had already pushed past the 50 or 60 miles, and gone 70 miles.

Well, I was already on the on-ramp, couldn't turn around, so I figure, I will take the next exit and get some gas before I continue on my merry way.
I get just to the top, ready to start accelerating and I hear sputters, and slows. I quickly signal to get off to the right, and pull over.

It is official. I ran out of gas. So, I call my answer. She works near where I was, and it was right about the time for her to go home, so I figure I will just catch her...nope, she decided to go to the gym today. So, I try my brother-in-law....he is headed home to meet a prospective car time to rescue me.

He suggests, I put my car in neutral, and coast back down the on ramp (luckily it was an incline). So, here I am, with my hazzard lights blinking.....I coast backwards down an on-ramp.

I prayed no police were around, cuz I am sure that was not legal.

No cops! Yeah

So, in the mean time, my sister calls me back. Joel, her husband had gotten a hold of her and filled her in. She met me at the bottom of the on ramp to pick me up and take me to the nearest station.

Funny thing about it....there was one right at the bottom of the on-ramp! I know....I could have done that on my own. Oh well...moral support, I guess.

So, we go and get some gas. The attendant lets me borrow the gas can, cuz he doesn't have any for sale. Nice man! I am glad there are a few generous people out there. Of course, he needed a "deposit" to make sure I returned the can.

"It's not that I don't trust you, it's just that we have lost plenty of gas cans over the years, you know?"

I understand, so I hand him my cell phone as a "deposit". I will get it back, upon the safe return of his gas can.

I am thinking to myself, am I ever gonna see that again. I didn't want to hand him my license, and not have it on my way back. My luck, I would have been pulled over after all that. So, I figure my cell phone will be good enough.

So, I took my gas to my car, it started, and I made my way back to the station to return his gas can, get my phone back, fill my tank, and be off.

In the end, it was all very funny. I had never actually ran-out-of-gas before. I have learned my lesson. I will refill when my tank hits 1/4 mark from now on. My dad taught me that a long time ago, but do I ever listen...nope!

underwater adventures

This is one of the better pictures that were taken in a tank. Most of them came out dark or fuzzy. This is a sea lion. They had some fun taunting us above water, but, we found out they were only playing for the people below water.


This is Mara with the remains of an elephant. We didn't look around too much in this little house of learning, we wanted to see the live animals. So, I can't tell you how old the bones are, but I am sure they are pretty old! Take my word for it.

Big Bird

This bird is very smart. While we were watching him pick at his feathers, I was getting my camera out, ready to shoot. Well, he saw me, I guess, cuz as soon as I put up the camera, he posed...yep, you heard me...he posed. As soon as I shot the photo, he went right back to what he was doing. It was so cool, it happened so fast too!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Is that an elephant or are you happy to see me?

This was the elephant of the park. He didn't look too happy, but then again, what does a happy elephant look like?

No monkeying around

I know this isn't the best picture, please take in account, it was a disposable camera, and there was glass in front, so the flash wouldn't be effective if I had tried it! This monkey looked at us, and I swore he was begging us to let him free! It was so cool! Unfortunately, we could not free him. He wasn't happy with us.

Long necks!

This is me and the giraffe, George! I just named him! I loved the giraffes, they were the coolest. We didn't get to see any lions, and the tigers were sleeping, and the bears were hiding.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Karaoke and an animal or two!

My friend Mara was in town this weekend. We had a great time. When she first got here we went and saw Bewitched. It was really good. Then went out to lunch and went shopping.
Glad to reoprt...I did NOT buy a thing.
Well, I lied....I almost got out of the mall without buying a thing, but....there were socks...
...with pigs on them...
...and they were pink. (See above)
I could not resist....they were on clearance for $2.30, so I bought them.
But I swear...I never bought anything else.
Enough about that, the more exciting part is after night fall....and so the story begins....

The first night we went out karoake-ing. It was great. I would love to tell you all about this, but Mara is way better with words....she put it all in her blog, and tells the story great! Please visit In Portland from Mara's blog.
Today we were headed off to the baseball game I had free tickets for....but we kept finding things we needed to do first.
We had to eat.
Didn't feel like eating at the game, so we went to Costco for a hotdog and drink for $1.50. Can't beat that!
Then, I had forgotten to remind her to check-in for her flight, so we went back to my apt, to do that online, so she could get on the plane first! She got to get on the plane first, so it's good we went back and did it when we did!
Then, we had to go get some money. is Sunday, ATM's only dispense $20 bills. If you go to the MAX station with a $20 bill, you get $18 in change...I'm talking change! (Suzy and I learned that the hard way a few weeks back!) So, we stopped at Albertson's to buy something little to get some change. Then we were off to the MAX. By this time we are already 45 mins late for the game, and the train ride is at least another 25 mins longer. So we get on, and headed off. We get to Washington Park, and I mention this is the Zoo...!
M: "Zoo??"
K:"Yeah, the zoo!"
M:"Do you wanna do that instead?"
K:"Well, we could, we're already an hour late for the game....might as well."
So, we do...we get off and go to the zoo! We didn't bring my camera so we figure we'll get one at the gift shop, right? They have to have one at the gift shop we say.
Well...they do.
A glorious 27 exp disposable camera for the cheap price of....
What the f#^%?
Yeah, Rite Aid sells them for cheaper...I think around $4. But, no....the zoo needs to sell them for $12.99. I really wanted pics, so I bought one, Mara refrained. (good job Mara!)
And we proceeded to the zoo.
It was fun, not alot of sights at first, we must have looked at 4 or 5 cages before we actually saw a live animal. I was beginning to think they were all retired for the day. But, we did eventually get to see a monkey or two, a bear, an elephant, a peacock running wild, and I believe a rat ( or large mouse) ran across our path. I did get 27 photos of various animals. I will post them as soon as I get them developed. I can't just plug them into my computer and upload...nope the disposables have not come that far yet! I have to wait for film processing.
Overall, I had a great day. It was fun, I got to see cool animals, I got to hang with a great friend for two days, and I had some social contact!! Thanks Mara!!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Some of the cool fireworks...I couldn't get very many good pics, but this is a pretty good one! Posted by Picasa

This is me! I got burnt from the day before, so I wore a baseball cap to help prevent more of a burn! Aren't I cute? Posted by Picasa

This is pregnant Jen at the fireworks show! Posted by Picasa

Joel's neighbors all playing poker...I got out a long time before this! Posted by Picasa


I had some fun at the fireworks show in Vancouver. Me, my sister, her husband, and several neighbors all went to the largest firework show west of the Mississippi. It was so much fun! We went there at about 4 or 5, sat around and played games, walked around, and just hung out till 10:10pm. Then..........we had 20 glorious minutes of fireworks. It was so fun though, they played music to the fireworks, and it all went together. If the music said skies of fireworks went off. It was fun, but hot though, man....was it hot!
The day before, Jen, Joel, Dave (Joel's friend), and Joel's parents all went to the Willamette Jet Boat excursion, that was the coolest. We went out on the Willamette for two hours in this huge jet boat, that held 20-30 people. It went pretty fast, probably about 50-60mph. Also, we did 6 or 7 360 degree turns, some while going really fast. That was the coolest. I did get burned pretty bad, but it was still really cool!

Saturday, July 02, 2005


Nothing exciting going on over here! Jen's parents-in-law are here, so she is busy with them. Joel's bday was Fri, so we might celebrate this weekend. I think we are gonna go see the fireworks on Monday night in Vancouver, but other than that, nothing exciting. I baked some cookies yesterday, that was fun! What are you doing this weekend??