Friday, April 22, 2005

Ding Dong the witch is dead...

So, maybe not the witch, but school is almost over. It is drawing nearer. T Minus 6 weeks and counting til my big move. I will be finalizing an apt at the beginning of June, and move in the middle of June. I so cannot wait. I will be so close to Jen, and she is starting to show. We all think she is having a boy. One month to find out for sure.
I am on a dodgeball tournament coming up in May. I can't wait! I think it will be so much fun. Thanks Mara for thinking of a fun activity to do. Nothing exciting in my life right now. I ran a half marathon this last weekend. It was a good run, not nearly as fast as I would have liked, but I finished and I ran the whole way. I haven't ran since the race, but I figure take a good week off, that way I don't get injured. Next up....Bloomsday! I also signed up for another half June 18 in Eugene. I have joined portlandfit as well, so I am planning to run Portland marathon in October.
No job yet, but I have applied to several Portland area hospital residency programs. I am hoping to get a job at one of them. I should be hearing from them soon, I hope. One program deadline was today, so maybe next week? Let's hope! Please keep praying for me!
Well, nothing else exciting going on. Doing alot of work, school, and clinicals. Not getting much work in Spokane, but then again, haven't been trying.
Enough for now.....

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Long Time No See

Hey everyone, I know I haven't written in a while, sorry bout that. I have been so busy. I went to Montana for my friends bridal/bachalorette party this last weekend. I had a blast. It was so much fun! The bridal shower was so beautiful, she had so many people there, and her two twin sisters hosted it. It was awesome, first it was atop the tallest building, so we had a great view! Second, it was decorated so good, and they served a brunch. It was really the coolest.
Then later in the night, we all went out for the bachalorette party. It was a blast....we went from bar-to-bar in a limo, and we dang karaoke and danced on the bars, she had to kiss some random guy (at the same bar her fiance was partying at that night!) It was so much fun!
I had a blast in Montana, I had never been there before. I even went running! Yes, I did say running. Kat said we wouldn't have time for running, but I brought my stuff anyhow! I made time. I convinced her to go the morning of the bridal help relieve stress and anxiety. It was great, I got up early and had amaing energy, it was great. Then, I went again on Sunday. So I decided to keep running, I need to get back to my pre-nursing school weight!
Another crazy idea....I am training for a half marathon in 11 days. That gives me a total of 15 days training (after not running more then 12 times in about 10 months), I know I am crazy. I am going to run Race for the Roses in Portland, I run this run every year, and the first year I ran it, I trained in 2 weeks, so I should be good to go this time too. I am not expecting to be able to run the whole way, but I am expecting to be able to finish! That is all I care about! Even if I don't finish, at least it got me started running again!
I plan to keep running, cuz running is what is going to keep me skinny!
I am trying to catch you all up....Jeff....well, we are still just friends, he is currently trying to date everyone but me! Oh well, we are great friends, and I think that is best! We still talk every day/night, and we hang out every once in a while. We might be going to a movie this weekend....we'll see if that actually happens! is good, keeping me busy. I liked having the time off for spring break. Ready to get this qtr over with. Clinicals are good....I get to be in the ICU at Lourdes (not my first choice, but I like it!), my preceptor is Terri, she is really cool and I am learning lots. Although, it still feels like I am just a free worker. I do two 12 hr shifts every other weekend, so to me it is working for free. I hate that part, but I only have 1 1/2 more months for clinicals. I finish those around May 22. Don't forget June 11th is graduation (and Rachel's bday)! So please plan on coming, I will send you all an invite! job yet, but it is still early. I need to get some more apps in, maybe I will do that next. I have a few apartments narrowed down, but I have to wait til mid-may to decide for sure with vacancy and current specials. Each of the apartments I have picked out all have great qualities about them, but they each have at least one thing I don't like too. So I will just have to weigh my options when I get there.
Jen.....she is still preggo! I can't wait to go see her again, she should be showing by now! I have no pics, but as soon as I do, I will post them if she lets me! She is due in the beginning of October if anyone wants to wish her congrats or anything....!
Well, I think that is all for now, I will keep you all posted of more updates. I will do better at posting more frequently from now on!
Have a great day!