Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sickies at home

Well, turns out most of my family is sick with the stomach flu today. Shaun was up all night praying to the porcelain god. It wasn't much fun for him. He is finally getting a wink of sleep. Beckett and Kyler have been sick too. Poor babies. Mom and Dad aren't feeling well either. Dad just broke a several year streak of no throwing up. Oops.
I am fine so far. I got sick around Christmas time, so I am really hoping this is the same thing, so I don't get sick again. It doesn't look like fun.

As for more uplifting news. Had a great birthday. Shaun, Jen and Mom helped throw a surprise party last Saturday for me. It was awesome. I have never had a surprise party before. All my friends that live in town were here, and all my family. It was great to see everyone!

On Monday night, went to a zumba class at the TCCC with Jen. It was fun. Hard work. Latin dance made into an aerobic routine. I looked it up, and there are classes at my gym at home. I think I might have to continue this. We are going again on Saturday.

After zumba, celebrate Jen and Dad's birthdays, then we are headed back home on Sunday. This has been a wonderful, long awaited for trip. I have already booked my next flight home. Coming April 16th-22nd. Can't wait. That might be my last trip home for a while. Grr.

Friday, January 09, 2009

At the rents house

Having some fun at Mom and Dad's. Haven't done too much, but just relaxing and being home is nice. I haven't been home in 8 months, and that is long overdue. My babies are getting so big and aren't babies anymore. Matter of fact, they are now little people. They have such fun personalities and are showing more and more of it everyday. Kyler doesn't know who I am, but he is still little, and is in the stage where he is just exploring. Doesn't really interact too much. Beckett knows me, but doesn't really remember me. He is 18 months now, so he really only wants his mommy-no one else right now. Hopefully by the time we leave, he will have warmed up to us and will remember us next time we come. Of course, don't know when that might be. Hoping at least one more time before baby comes.
Today we are just relaxing, some gym time, and some homework for Shaun. No major plans yet. Thinking of doing a movie today!! I will have to check and see, there are several movies out that we want to go to!
Any suggestions?

Monday, January 05, 2009

Lots Going on

Hi de ho!!

Long time, I know!!

I have so much going one right now, but I am just starting my vacation, so I might actually get to breath for a moment!

Holidays were great. Christmas we got to go to NY and see Shaun's family. It was fun, except I was blessed with the stomach flu for the first day or two. Not so fun there. Wouldn't have been so bad, but it just wears you out!

Headed home on Wednesday. Haven't been there since the wedding in May. Long time coming. I miss my family so much, and 8 months is way too long to stay away. I hope the kiddos remember me!! Hehehe, of course they will, but still.

Good as time as any, I guess. I am officially pregnant!! I am now 13 weeks, and the baby is growing so much already. I am already showing and wearing maternity clothes. I will post a pic when I get Shaun to take one of me!

I have been doing great, no morning sickness really. Week 6-8 was a little touch and go at times, but no throwing up, so that is good. I also had a head cold the week before Christmas. Hopefully I am done being sick, it just makes me so tired!

Loving working the day shift. I finally feel like my life is normal again. I will never do nights again, if I can avoid it. Being in the field I am in, it might not be completely avoidable for my entire career, but I will try. Nights are NOT for me!

We are thinking of taking up our hard wood floor and putting carpet down. It will keep the house warmer, and be better for when baby arrives. Hard to have a little one crawling all over a hard, cold floor. I know, babies don't start crawling right away, I am not dumb, but they do have tummy time, and grow so fast. If we don't do it soon, it may never get done. We also considered leaving hardwood floor down (fake of course) and just adding carpet over it. What do you recommend, any suggestions?

Oh, never really mentioned due date. I am due Mid-July, we are planning to find out the sex, so hopefully that will work out. We will be able to find out come end of February. I am hoping to make it home at least one more time before baby comes. I am thinking maybe April or May. Don't want to be traveling to close to due date, but want to come home, cuz I don't know when I will make it home again. Very hard to go gallivanting across the country with a baby, unless it is well planned out and a nice long trip. Which I am not sure I will be able to take again for a while.

Everyone is welcome to come visit, anytime!! Just let us know! That's all the updates for now, hopefully, I will be better at keeping up on the blog this year. That is my New Year's Resolution: Keeping up on the blog and reading others frequently! What is your New Year Resolution, and are you gonna keep it?? I have never had one before, but this year I will try really hard!!