Friday, March 18, 2005

Big City Life

So, I am out visiting my sister in Portland! I love it here! I have been out apartment shopping all day (okay I admit, only half today, but all day yesterday!) I think I have it down to just a few choices. They are all very nice for both me and Charlie! I want to make sure there is lots of grass for him, and running areas for me. I think, out of all the apratment I looked at, if I could take a little from each one and mix it all together, i would have the greatest apartment ever. But, I think I am gonna have to pick the better parts and give in on some of the others.
I can't wait to move now! I am so excited about starting a new life out here. I love it here, it is great. I am getting around all over pretty good, so I don't think it will take me that long to get used to things.
I haven't done the hospital searching yet, that comes Mon and Tues., but I am pretty excited about knowing where the different hospitals are too.
I stopped at Tualitin Fire Dept today. I stopped at the front door...locked! So I pulled around back stopped near the open bay doors, and this old guy comes out...with a look to kill ( why did you park here, this isn't public parking, lady!), but as soon as I introduced myself as a fellow fire deptartmentee, he was very pleasant (well nice to meet you....handshake....what can I do for ya?). Amazing how they are willing to be so rude, until you announce you are one of them....oh well, I would probab;y do the same thing!
So, my point....I really want to be in an area that has a volunteer fire dept, I really miss it now, so I want to try and get on down there (after I get back in shape of course!). Jen and I have already started running, last night we went out for a 3 mile (I run, they walk) jaunt! It felt so good to start slow and be able to go the distance (even if it is only 3 miles). Maybe, that will motivate me to start running at home....I doubt it though. I need to start. I am ready to lose this weight again!
I was out with my cousin and her two kids today....her son was walking near me in a store and was trying to get around he is steering clear of me he says "your butt is so big", I know, I couldn't believe it either, but kids are very honest, and if he thinks my butt is so big, then it is! ( Don't worry, this isn't a shock to me, I have known for quite a while now!)
Amazing, I needed a kid to tell me my butt was big to start motivating me to run....I guess whatever works! Ta-Ta

Friday, March 11, 2005

Grades.... and some other stuff too!

I promised I would keep you all updated with my paper, so here it is....all the hard work....
drum roll please...

brrrrrrrr (that is the best drum roll I could do)....


That is right....

95! All that hard work for 3 days! We had 6 months to work on it! :)

I so excited, that means I'm going into my final quarter of nursing school!
You do not know how wonderful it feels to finally be at the end! i bet it is gonna feel so much better at the end of this quarter!! But the beginning feels pretty good too!
Graduation June 11! You are all invited!!

Oh yeah, and counting down the days... T minus 3 months and counting, til I get to move to Portland to visit my pregnant sister!! Oh yeah baby!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I love Spring!

Spring is amazing! It is just great, the sunny days, the birds chirping, the warm weather. I just get so excited to finally walk outside without a coat and still feel comfortable. I think I like spring better than summer, because summer has been so hot lately!
I am so excited, I am really gonna start getting active again. I took Charlie (my mini-dachshund) to the park the other day and he loved it! He was talking to anyone that would listen to him, he was so happy. I think I will take him again today. He needs to get out like that, my apt is so small for him, and I am gone all day, I love when I get to spend the day with my baby!
I also went and played tennis for the first time since high school! Scary...I know! But, I wasn't half bad! I took my cousin with me. He has never played before so we were playing catch the ball alot more, but he caught on pretty quickly! With a little more practice, we might be able to get a game or two going. I loved tennis back in HS, I started my freshman year, and my sophmore year I was on Varsity. Made me feel pretty good. I really like it. I had a 3 1/2 hour match once. I was ahead too, 5 games to 2, then I got excited about winning, and something happened....the girl came back and won 7-5, I couldn't believe it, but it was a good match the whole time. That is the longest one, alot of them were way shorter, but that was a good one! I think it was in Moses Lake...I could be wrong! I know it was an away game...
Sorry, got caught up in the story, I know I was rambling!
I am gonna start being active everyday, something, even if it is little. Running will come soon, but with school and work, I don't want to put too much pressure on the running....but, I also want to keep my interest, so I am gonna keep it changing!
I will keep you posted on my activities!!

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Saturdays are great!

You know, I love Saturdays! There was a time when I worked every weekend, but now....I get every weekend off, and it is great!
Today, I am gonna bake some cookies for a bonfire/potluck horseback riding day! My friend Bonnie has some horses and she is having a big get together today. I am so excited cuz I don't get to ride horses that often (pretty close to none at all), so I can't wait. I went on my birthday this year, but it was sooo cold that I could only ride for abour 45 minutes. It was very icy out too, so since I am a novice rider, she just had me walking in the backyard, but I still had fun. Today, it is sunny and gonna get pretty warm out (about 60-65), so I might actually get to ride a little more.
I have some pics of me riding in January, I will try to scan them and post them for all to see!
Hope everyone has a great Saturday!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Finally Over!

Today was my last day at clinicals for this qtr. That means all I have left is one more qtr of hell, and I will be a real nurse! I am so excited. Today, since it was our last day, we got to leave early! Thank God! Cuz let me tell you, I had nothing to do today!
Enough about school, even I am getting tired of hearing about it.
Guys....well I don't have one (still!), so I don't have much to talk about. I am still talking to Jeff (the one that pursues me, then decides he is having issues of his own). We talk every night, is that weird? He always calls and talks to me for an hour or so before heading to bed. We talk about random stuff, anything really...doesn't matter. We are always laughing at ourselves, and each other! I hate guys...I still like him! I have to quit this!
Why do guys do those things....he says " I like you, and I like hanging out with, and I like talking to you, but (the dreaded BUT), it just feels like friends right now!"
Guys totally suck!
Oh well, you know I keep telling myself that I am leaving in little more than 3 months, that I need not enter a relationship, and that friends is just fine!
Do I really believe that, or am I just convincing myself that?
I am not sure! Depends on the day and time I ask myself.
Today, I am happy we are friends and I like where we are (Bullshit!)!! Tomorrow....probably same!
I can't decide, so seriously, I think friends is better than nothing at this point!
And I think we are good friends, I like having someone to talk to daily, and that I can talk about anything with him, I think that is good enough for me!
Yeah....good enough for me, for now!