Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I guess Mary decided not to stay with us for a couple weeks. I haven't worked with her in a while. Last time I did work with her, she still wasn't sure. Whatever she decided to do, I hope she has fun with. She might have even decided to head back to Florida sooner than expected. I go back to work on Thursday, I will have to see if she is still around. She was planning on working 5 days a week, so we'll see.

In other news...nope no other news. Just trying to get lots of rest. I have been so tired lately. Only 2 more weeks of night shifts! I am so excited about that. It has been really tough these last few months. I just can't wait for it to be over.

Christmas Party coming up mid-December. It sounds like it is a ton of fun every year. I am excited to go. Shaun and I have some nice clothes to wear and have the night off. Matter of fact, it is the night after my last night shift!! Woohoo. Kind of a celebratory night! I will post pictures of that afterward.

Need to finish decorating my tree. Have had it up for over two weeks now, but only have the lights and some gold garland on it. I actually like it simple like that, but we did buy some red decorations, so I had better put them on the tree. Shaun would have done it a long time ago, but I told him that I wanted to do it. He has been patiently waiting for me to get it done. I will have to that today or tomorrow. OF course, I have been saying that for a couple weeks now!

When we get the tree decorated we plan to take our Christmas pictures and get our holiday cards out early this year. Early is almost on time, and on time is headed toward late, so I had better get going!!

Today, off to do some shopping. We went shopping the other night, got some good ideas and gifts, now just need to finish up! I am in need of some new clothes, so I might see if I can find something for me too!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Looks like we will be having someone stay with us for a couple weeks in early December. There is a traveler nurse at work, and she lives In Florida. She has been on contract at PG county Hospital and picking up shifts at Howard County. Her contract ends Dec 1, but is sticking around until Dec 15th to get some more shifts at Howard. She was asking where some good hotels are. So, I inquired about why and she told me her story. I told her she is welcome to stay with us for 2 weeks vs paying $110 per night in a hotel. Way better.
Her name is Mary and she is working on her Master's Degree in Nursing. She has been a nurse for years. She has family scattered across the country. Closest son lives in Delaware, and just had a baby. It is her first grandchild. She is so sweet, and so nice. Her and I have become great work friends over the last couple months. I really enjoy talking and working with her.
I know it will an adjustment having someone with us, but for two weeks, it will be just like someone is coming to visit. I am sure it will go great and I am glad to be able to help out a friend. Especially during the Christmas season. I mean if you are gonna stay to get more shifts and more money, why spend a quarter of every day's salary on a hotel!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Only time will tell!

*****WARNING: Just an update post, not too exciting***

Lots of exciting changes happening in my life. Just completed a long stretch of 8 days off and got to do some exciting and fun things.
Already started decorating for Christmas. My parents have decided that we are old enough and get what we want throughout the year, so are not celebrating Christmas for the adults. It is now just for the kids. I have mixed feelings about this, but they are right. We all pretty much get what we want when we want it. We all make good money, have good families, and are able to get the things we want. Makes it difficult to find Christmas gifts for people who have everything they want. Chances are if they don't have it, it is because it is too expensive or haven't found the right thing yet...and no one else will be able to get that for them for Christmas if it is too much money or you don't know what you want. So, that leaves more money to be spent on my kiddos. I have already started shopping for them, so I am super excited for Christmas this year.
I won't be able to go home for Christmas, but I can mail them their gifts. I get to go home in January for my birthday (3oth birthday that is) and see them playing with the toys I buy them, or wearing the clothes I get them, or reading the books I bought for them. That will be neat.
So, I will try to get a few pictures of our decorations and get them posted. We have our tree up, but I still need to put the decorations on it. Shaun wrapped some garland around it and it is pre-lit so it works for now. Last year we had just moved in to our new place on Dec 28th, so we put up the tree late and enjoyed a Christmas over the New Year with Shaun's Dad and sister. I am not sure if we will do Christmas here or in New York this year, time will tell with my schedule.
There is a Christmas party is December for work, I am super excited to go to that. I hear it is a great party. We even went out and bought some festive shirts to wear. Mine is red (I realized I don't have any red clothes right now-weird) and I am hoping to find a cute snowflake necklace to go with it. I will just wear it with black slacks. Shaun bought a nice shirt to go with mine! Of course, they will probably be the outfits we wear for our Christmas picture for our cards this year. We should be getting those taken and ready soon.
What else, what else....hmmm? Well, you know that I am changing shifts soon. I cannot wait. I have 5 more weeks to go, I am counting down the days!!! In mid-December I switch to 11am to 11pm shift. That will really normalize my life as much as possible at this time. I need some normalcy, some regular hours. Some structure to my life. Some plans I have: go to the gym in the mornings. I obviously won't be working out everyday, but as many days that I can muster some energy to go. I need to stay active and be healthy. I am trying to eat healthier as well. So when my shift change comes, a whole new transformation in my life will be existing.
No plans for the birthday yet. I am going home January 7-18th. I haven't been home since the wedding, so it will be about 8 months since I have been home. I miss everyone so much. It is SO hard being away from everyone. My kiddos will barely remember who I am!! Oh yeah, birthday. No plans so far. I am sure I will try to schedule a time when we can get together and have dinner with all my friends. I will keep planning and let you know!
I guess that is it for now....I will have to keep blogging, I know that I haven't been keeping up much. I will work harder, there just hasn't been too much going on as of lately!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's Official

I heard from the scheduler at work today. She called and asked for a favor. She heard I was switching to days and wanted to know if I was willing to wait a schedule since the next one was already complete. I agreed. I figure, I finally get to switch, so I might as well compromise. I need to get off nights, but knowing that I will be switching in December, I am super happy and willing to finish a few weeks on nights to help them out. The schedule probably wouldn't have been done, except she is trying hard to get the holiday schedules done and out to us sooner than normal. That is nice as well.
So, I start working 11am-11pm on Sunday December 14th. I cannot wait. I know there will be a transition time, but in the long run, I think this will be better for me and my family. I will keep you posted on how it goes. For the next 6 weeks though, it will still be nights. Looks like I will also be working most of the holidays, but I kind of expected it since this is my first holiday here, so I kind of have NO seniority at this place in terms of holidays.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

No Word

Still no word on the new position (time change). I am assuming it is mine, but then I am not. I emailed my boss again tonight, so hopefully I will get a response this week about when I get to transition to the new time slot. I am hoping I don't have to do nights much longer than another schedule. We schedule ourselves one month in advance, so it might be almost December or early December before I get to switch. Which, I am OK with, as long as I know I get to switch. Nights is just getting horrible and it isn't fair to Shaun to have to put up with me. Of course, he says he understands, and isn't bothered, but I think he is. I would be. I hate being tired all the time, I hate being up in the middle of the night while he sleeps, then I get tired around 4pm and sleep until midnight. We are newly-weds and are supposed to be spending all our time together, not working opposite shifts all the time.

On another front. Christmas is in less than 2 months. I can't wait. Although I don't get to go home to WA for the holidays, I do have a house to decorate. I want to put the tree up now, but Shaun insisted on waiting until after Halloween. That is fine, I will probably even wait until closer to Thanksgiving. We are trying to get all our shopping done early this year-especially since we will need to mail all our gifts.
No for sure plans are set just yet, until we get our schedules, but we will probably spend some time with Shaun's family either here or up in NY. Plan to go home in January (after the holiday rush) and spend me and my sister's birthdays together. I turn the BIG 3-0 this year. Scary!! I can't wait to go home, it will have been 8 months since I have been home. I miss my niece and nephews. They are getting SO big. Matter of fact, my nephew Kyler was born just 6 days after our wedding. He will be 8 months old and I have yet to see him. I have pictures though! He is a cutie!

Grason is getting so big and growing up so fast. He started potty training last week and is doing great I guess. I can't wait to give him a big hug and tell him how proud I am of him. I get to talk to him on the phone, but I want to be there. Being away is super hard. I miss everyone so much.

I am at work now, so I had better get to doing something nurse-like. Hehehe

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well, a new position opened up at work. I had been thinking of switching before, but decided to stay on nights. Now, an 11a-11p shift opened up. I am totally psyched to be able to switch. Of course, I am not 100% sure I will get the position, I am really keeping my fingers crossed that I do. The previous shift change would have been to 3p-3a, and it would have been worse than my current shift. Shaun and I decided we liked having our dinners together everynight. Now, we won't get to have dinner together every night, but we can have breakfast together, plus actually get to sleep in the same bed at the same time. Wow! What a concept, huh?
Other than that, I have been busy. I mean, I work, and sleep, and do some housework. In between waking up at 2am and being awake until 4pm (just in time for my hubby to come home), then I am zonked. I really hate, no HATE, nights!!!!
I am really struggling. I have been battling some minor depression lately. I think it is bad enough being on nights and not having any real order to my life, then complicated with my family/friends being across the country. I haven't even heard from my mother in a couple weeks. About once a month I will hear from a friend. Maybe. I am feeling a bit isolated and alone. It really sucks!
I have made a few friends here and there, but mostly just aquaintances. No real friendships.
Enough of my self-pity party. Of to do some laundry. Shaun is working a 24 hour shift today, so I won't see him until tomorrow night, right before I head to work for twelve hours again. Grrr. Never work nights if you can avoid it!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In-law Visit

Shaun's dad came to visit this weekend. We had some fun mostly relaxed but played games each night. We got 2 cool games and played them for hours. First is a form of yahtzee. It is called yahtzee free for all. You try to get the same dice collections, but can steal from other players. It is way fun. Second game is called Pictureka. Funnest game ever! A collection of boards with a ton of pictures on them, you have to try to find things either before someone else does or a race against a timer. I won most Pictureka games, but lost most yahtzee games. It evened out.
Other than that nothing new to report. When mom and dad came to visit we had a great time. Very busy time, but great none the less. This time was fun too but way more relaxing. We did get our first wedding pic on the wall and framed. Technically it was from the engagement sitting, but the same photographer did them and they were
For the wedding. If you came to the wedding then you will remember it was the one sitting on the greet table with the sign in book. The pic finally came from the photographer and we sent it in to get framed. Wow, professional framing is super expensive. I am glad we only got one big pic to frame. The other stuff that comes with our package is a 15x15 framed storybook frame and an album. We still have to pick our pictures for those collections. We aren't moving very fast on the process but if will get done. I think we have a good idea on our favorites, I just have to narrow them down to 40 or 50 from like 80 to 100. I have my work cut out for me, they are all good. Matter of fact, we just got our Thank you notes that should be going soon.
Off to bed I go. Have a few more nights off before going back to work. I think I might pick up an extra eight hour tomorrow night though. Eights are little baby shifts to me since I am used to working twelve hours. Nice break!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Life in a nutshell

(As copied from Brooke's blog. Please copy the questions about where you were 20, 10, 5, 3, 1 year ago and also today, tomorrow, and one year from now and post on your blog!)

20 years ago: Well, in 1988 I was 9 years old. I was in elementary school at Mark Twain Elem in Pasco, WA. I think I was in the 4th grade. My teachers name was Mrs Hawley. I remember her being so old then, I am sure she would be retired now. One day in the fourth grade we were all in one of the teachers classrooms (all three 4th grade classes) watching a movie. My teacher came in with my jacket and told me my Dad was here to pick me up. When we arrived home my bags were packed. I was so confused. I thought my parents had finally gotten tired of me and were getting rid of me. Well, turns out my Dad was headed to southern OR to get the family Grandfather clock and wanted me to go with him. That was a really cool trip, I still remember lots of things about that trip. My parents still have the Grandfather clock too.

10 years ago: 1998. I had graduated high school in 1997, and had already started college. I was working at Crazy Mike's Video. Still one of my favorite jobs. It was such a social job. I worked nights closing the store and on weekends, I was the opening manager. Unofficially, but the store manager opened the store during the week, and I opened the store on the weekends. I met lots of cool people at CMV. Still loved at home with my parents. I know I was taking college classes, but I don't remember how many. I know I was paying for it out of pocket and had to take some quarters off.

5 years ago: 2003. I had just entered nursing school. Something I have wanted to do all my life. It was very busy, but I made it through. I was working as a CNA on nights at the hospital as I had been since 2000. Once school started though, I had to change to secretary and work evenings. 12 hour nights shifts were too hard, then be up all day in school. I kept falling asleep. Didn't take me more than a month to figure that wasn't going to work. I was also working as a tech in the ER on weekends whenever I could get a shift. I loved the ER. Plus, I started volunteering as an EMT/Firefighter in 2002, so I was doing that as much as I could. I had a few very busy years.

3 years ago: 2005, hmmm. What was I doing in 2005. Oh yeah. I graduated nursing school. The day of graduation I moved to Portland, OR. I wanted to be closer to my sister. She was pregnant with my first nephew and I needed to spread my wings and fly. Loved Portland, can't wait to go back! I started work at Tuality Hospital in Hillsboro, OR in the ICU. So many great nurses taught me there. I still have some great friends that I keep in touch with from there! No boyfriend, but I had Charlie. My mini-dachshund. I got him in 2004. I miss him so much today, but I know he is doing great and loves his new family!!

1 year ago: I met my husband in March 2007, just after moving to MD to start my first traveling assignment. I got here in Feb and met Shaun in March. Of course we had a whirlwind romance, got engaged July 2007 and married in May 2008. We also bought our first house in 2007. Started my new job (Howard Cty Gen Hosp in the ER) almost one year ago in Jan 2008. We had a puppy for a few months, but decided she wasn't a good fit for our family.

Today: Today I am working at HCGH in the ER. Loving it, but hating working nights. I am looking at some other options, but for now, this is what I am doing. We live in MD and will be here for at least 4 more years, since Shaun just re-enlisted for another 4 years (adding only 2 years to his original end date) to be out in Oct 2012.

Tomorrow: Tomorrow we will still be doing the same thing. I have to work (nights) so I will be sleeping during the day, then when Shaun comes home get up, eat dinner together and go back to work. We treasure our dinners together every night.

1 year from now: Hopefully one year from now, we will have a newborn baby. We are hoping to start a family soon. Shaun will be working on his Bachelor's degree in Clinical Lab. I am hoping in one year I no longer have to work nights, we will be debt-free and saving lots.

Well, that is my life and my future life in a nutshell. Hope you have enjoyed the tour!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Here are the pics

Shaun and I at Gettysburg, PA.

Me with a cool "gun" from Civil War

All of us in Philadelphia, PA

Shaun and I at the "Top of the Rock" in NY City.

Shaun and I at the Capitol Building in DC

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Been on vacation. My parents came to visit us for a week. We went all over the place. First full day they were here, we headed to Gettysburg, PA for some history lessons. Actually most of their entire trip was a history lesson. We learned so much. At least I did! A few pics to post, but I got to get them all sorted through first. So many to choose from. After Gettysburg we headed to Philadelphia to check out the Liberty Bell. So cool! Had some fun in Atlantic City that night as well. Of course Shaun and I realized really quick we were just losing money so we stopped while Mom and Dad continued to play, Shaun and I took a stroll along the beach. I had never been to the ocean the entire time I have been on the east coast. Crazy!
The next day spent some time in NYC. Wow that city is amazing. I love it every time I get to go. Two days was enough though. I was getting tired of being a tourist. Came home then the next day had a slower day checking out the Capitol Building in DC. None of us had ever been on a tour through it, so that was neat.
I will post some pics next so be on the watch for those. Tonight it is back to work I go. Trying a new a schedule of blocking my days on and off together. Hopefully this will work out better for us.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Posting from iPhone

posting from the iPhone at work. How cool is that? It is even correcting all my typos automatically. Sweet! Loving my new phone!!


So Shaun and I have been talking about changing plans from verizon to att. We had both wanted iPhones, and our verizon phones weren't working in our houses. I have had the same phone since I moved to MD almost two years ago (gasp-two years, wow! Can't believe I have been here almost 2 years!). I was ready for something different.
We went to the att store and switched yesterday. We have the same phone numbers, so that makes it easy! Matter of fact, I used to be with att (long before they were Cingular) and loved them. Now they are even better. I love the new iPhone. It is really neat. I had been using a palm for my calendar and games, but now I have it all on the iPhone. Don't need to carry around several devices. Plus, I can have my iPod on there as well. Sweet!!
Off to get all my contacts switched over. Oh, it still doesn't work in my house, but it does work at the hospital. Plus, I have downloaded some medical references, so that is another bonus!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Shaun is home!

Shaun made it home safe and sound yesterday. After a long month in KY, he graduated and then hopped on a flight home. He hated it there but we both knew he had to make it through. Hopefully he won't get sent away again at all or at least for a very long time. I hated it when he was gone. But now he is home and we can get back to our life together.
Mom and Dad are coming to visit next week. Not for sure what all we will be doing, but Dad has said that he wants to see Shenandoah Valley. It is in Virginia. Sounds nice, so we will have to plan that. Not much else going on. Still working nights. Was considering a change off of nights, but decided to bunch my nights tighter so I will have my days off together as well. We will see how that works out for us over the next couple months.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Tropical Storm Hanna

I am safe and sound. Thanks to all that were worried.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Looks like Shaun will have the weekend off...and so do I!! I just booked a flight to go see him for a couple days! I can't wait. I leave tomorrow morning after work. I will be super tired, but I get to see my husband, so I don't care how tired I am!!
I almost wasn't sure I would get to go. I was finding flights there for only a few hundred, but the return flight (for the times I am available to fly) were making the trip well into the 700's. I love my husband, but we don't need to be spending $700 for a quick trip.
However, after looking at many sites, I found a good flight and return well within our budget. Yay!! I get to leave at 10am, get there around 3pm. I am super excited. Of course, I have never been to KY before, so that will be fun!
See you when I get back. I had better go get some more sleep before work tonight!! If I can sleep now...

Friday, August 29, 2008


Well, less than 2 weeks to go. Today I am heading to work at 3. Signed up for an extra shift and chose to do 3pm to 3 am. I think it will be a good shift. I am actually trying to switch shifts. I have been doing nights and it just sucks. I feel like my "days" off aren't really days off. Just recovery nights. The scheduler at work schedules me on one off one, on one, off one. It just doesn't work for night shift. I told her this and she basically made it clear that she is in charge and will schedule me when she wants to. So, I put a request to switch to either 3-3 or 11a-11pm. I ultimately want 11-11, but will settle for 3-3 until an 11-11 comes available. I haven't heard back yet, but I hear it isn't hard to get a 3-3, since they always need that shift. 3p-1am is the busiest time in the ER.
Today I will get ready, go out to eat lunch (I am thinking Red Robin) and then go to work.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ding Dong

Mara comes tomorrow!! She will be here at 4pm. Woohoo!!! I can't wait. Don't know what we will do, but my house is clean, I have new clothes and I am ready for a few days off!!! Yippee!!
Headed to work now, then I will come home, get a few hours of sleep and head to the airport to pick her up!! See you then Mara!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Maid Service

Tonight I cleaned my house. Really just needed things picked up and put away, but it is clean. I still need to take a quick vacuum to the place and clean the bathrooms, but other than that, I have been busy. Got all the dishes done and put way. Finished another load of laundry, and took out the garbage. I feel content. I would be proud to have someone come over now, not seeing the mess that I had accumulated earlier. Mara-come on over!!! Hehehe
Got to put my new clothes in the closet and send off my old clothes to Goodwill today. That will make things a bit better as well.
Okay, off to do a few more things!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Shopping Spree

Got out today. Headed to Hagerstown, MD for some outlet shopping. Went there to get my good friend Kat, a baby gift. She just had a beautiful baby girl a few weeks ago, and I wanted to go to Carter's to get something. They always have the cutest outfits. Well, decided I would "shop" around some of the other stores. Went into Bath and Body works. They had a great sale, but just didn't feel like buying today. Then headed to the Coach store. Coach is really popular at the hospital. Seems like its the new buzz that is going around, and everyone just has to have a new Coach bag. Well, I can't justify spending $150-200 on a bag/purse. I stick with my Wal-mart/Target styles. $15 max.
After not really finding anything to buy, I decided to stop into Dress Barn. I had never been in one, but I saw a cute shirt that caught my eye, so I went in. It was a button-down shirt with vertical stripes. Ladies...you all know vertical stripes are best to make you look taller and more slender, but they are nearly impossible to find. Well, once I got inside, there was more to look at. They had cute little outfits all over the store. Some shirts with jackets and necklaces. Well, the next thing I know I have a pile of clothes to try on and nearly all of it fit me. So, I decided why not?
I haven't bought me a new wardrobe in a long time. I felt like a kid going school shopping. Can't wear any of it until the first day of school!! Hehehe. That was always Mom's rule. I have bought stuff here and there, but nothing like a total overhaul of my wardrobe. A few weeks ago I started tossing things in a pile to donate because they don't fit anymore or they are too short (I hate when bellies show when they shouldn't be). Off to goodwill for those clothes, and in with the new! I even changed things up, got things I wouldn't normally wear, but thought looked good. Not only new clothes, but a new style. Nice. Can't wait to show Shaun and see what he thinks. I think he is going to like them!! :)
I will see if I can take pictures of me wearing my new outfits and post them here. I am not sure if it will work. I will try!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Another night off

So tonight I have off. I haven't done anything yet, but I need to get some house chores done. I seriously have not done a thing, except one load of laundry, since Shaun has been gone. Of course, since I haven't been home, I don't have that much of a mess to clean. Howver, I do have dishes to get done...those don't seem to be getting done on their own.

Mara is coming on Friday. I am super excited. I need a friend here. I have a few work friends, but don't really feel like I have any friends here. You know the kind you can call up anytime and chat with or hang out. Of course, as we get older and we each get on with our own lives ... friendships change. You can't just hang out anymore, you have to schedule "girls night" out to each get away from our families and hang with the gals.

Which is why you have husband's, so you have someone to come home to every day, share stuff with, and share life. Life without them is hard. Especially when you haven't spent more than a week apart since you got together. I am surviving, but it is hard. I talk to Shaun daily, but I still miss him more than anything.

Guess I am off to do chores so my house looks good, and fresh, and clean when Mara gets here Friday afternoon.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back to work

Headed back to work tonight. Didn't get to talk with Shaun, hopefully he will be able to call later tonight. He called for a quick second to tell me he couldn't talk. That was nice. I would hate to leave for work not knowing why he hadn't called. He said he should be able to call tonight, I hope I am not busy at work when he calls. His phone calls are the only thing getting me through this. It would be 100x worse if there weren't any phone calls.
Better get going to work. Hope you all have a great night!!

Got out tonight

Went to see Sisterhood of the Traveling pants 2. It was good. I like those types of movies. Went by myself, but it was cool. Saw a 10:30 show, so there was only a few other people there as well. I was thinking of doing dinner too, but just did the movie instead. It was good to get up and dressed and out of the house for a while. Now I am back home and just vegging on the puter.
Sounds like Shaun is keeping busy. He is able to call every night after dinner. He has been having to get up super early for PT (exercise) before 6am breakfast time. Today he had to get up at 3:30 am. They had the PT test. He did good. Ran 2 miles in 14:50 I think he said. He is super fast. I was barely able to break 10 min miles when I was running all the time.
Back to work for me tomorrow, but then I have another night off. Not sure what I will do then. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day 3 of no husband

Well, so far so ok. I have worked each night that Shaun has been gone, so it hasn't been to terrible. Of course, he isn't there when I come home-which is normal because he normally leaves for work at 6, I get home at 7:30. But, he isn't home when I wake up. That part is hard. That is normally the time we get to see each other. Usually only an hour, but we at least see each other, eat dinner together every night and say goodbye before going to work.
I think on my night off, that will be the hardest, and it will hit me. Of course, only 27 more days to go. I have signed up for a bunch of extra shifts at work. Plus, Mara is coming to visit in a couple weeks, so I am super excited about that! Better get the house all cleaned up before she gets here!! :)
One more night tonight, then I have a night off. I am not sure what I will do just yet. I know I need to get some chores done. Maybe drop by the store and get a few items. Other than that...it's all up in the air. Maybe I will rent a movie or better yet, go to a movie. Usually I am so tired, going out doesn't work. Nights is kicking my butt. It is hard. Plus the person who schedules us doesn't work nights and schedules me for one on, one off, one on, etc. It isn't easy doing that when you work nights. She just doesn't get it. Oh well, right now, while I am picking up all these extra shifts, it doesn't matter, since I basically go in all the time right now.
Long enough post...night night!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

No Husband Diary

Today Shaun left for Kentucky. He will be gone for one month. It is dumb that he has to go at all, but for a month, even dumber. He left at 10am. I dropped him off at the airport. I didn't cry until he was gone. Even then, I think I did good, I just had tears in my eyes.
I know WE will make it as a couple, I am not worried about that in any way. I just don't want him to go for an entire month. I haven't been away from him for more than a week since we got together a year and a half ago.
So, I will be writing about how my life is going while he is gone. A diary of sorts, to see how I make it through. I have picked up a bunch of shifts at work, so I am sure it will fly by. I will be keeping myself busy in that respect. On my days off, it will be mostly time to just recover from working 60 hours per week. We will see. I have a few things planned while he is away. I want to go see Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. If you know me, you know that is right up my alley. I saw the first one, so I gotta see the second one, right? Also, want to clean really good while he is away. I get to start with a full sink of dishes tonight! Yay. Actually, tonight is my first extra shift. So dishes will have to wait till tomorrow. Guess that is it, off to work I go. Shaun called to tell me he made it there safe, I will call him tonight to say goodnight. He starts tomorrow morning at 8am. They may keep him really busy, they may allow him to have lots of free time. We just don't know.
See you lots in the next month!!

Monday, August 04, 2008


Had a fun weekend visiting the in-laws. We went to Rochester airshow while we were there. It was so cool. I haven't seen the US Air Force Thunderbirds since I was a kid. It was neat to see them again.
I got a nasty burn. While everyone else was lathering up on the sunscreen, I just put some on my face. Didn't think it would be that bad out. Boy was I wrong. I am still red and it is over a week later. Of course, now I am peeling. Yuck! It hurt to move for a couple days, but it was my fault, so I dealt with it. Won't make that silly mistake again! :)
Here are a few pics from the airshow that we liked.

USAF Thunderbirds, all lined up waiting to go. You can see the pilots in a briefing.

US ARMY Airborne Parachuters. I don't know if that is the official name, but that is what I am calling them. They jumped out of place at 14,000 feet, then maneuvered the paraglide to do fun tricks in the air and all land on the target one after another. Pretty neat.

One of the airplanes we were allowed to go into and tour. Most were empty tubes that held either a ton of soldiers, trucks, or both.

Quick photo-op. It was hot, but there was a nice breeze, so we didn't feel too hot.

Action shot. They did some really neat tricks.

Shaun with his Dad and Jeanne.

Me and Shaun in front of the biggest plane there.


Shaun had this silly grin on his face all day. He was like a kid again. It was so much fun though!! I like to see him happy!!

Another action shot. This is the first act. There were three of them and they drew stuff in the sky. One time a big heart with an arrow through it. Very cool!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Here it is

So, I tired wearing my hair straight and curled out like the pic I posted before. It just didn't work. My hair is WAY too thick and too much of it. She even thinned it out a lot. When I staighten it, it is flat (no volume) and accepts no curl. So, I tried blowdrying and curling, and it just made a big poof ball. The next day, decided to leave it curly (since my hair turned curly in 2000), might as well use what I have. I love it curly. Way cute. This pic is from the airshow we went to this weekend. I will post more pics of that soon. It was a self-portrait from my camera phone. Pretty neat, huh?
Shaun loves my new hair cut. He thinks it is sassy and fun. What do you all think? Sorry to Mara and Zoe. I know you didn't want me to cut my hair, but I am donating it, so it going to a great cause...Locks of Love. They make real hair wigs for small children.

Friday, July 25, 2008


I'm doing it. I am cutting my hair. I made an appt today at a salon for noon. Shaun won't be able to come with me, but I am going to do it. He wanted to come to hold my hand, but time wise it just didn't work out. He works Mon-Fri til 5p. Today I have off, then we are going out of town when he comes home. I wanted to get it done before we go so I have all weekend to play with it and get used to styling it. I would hate to just get it done, then have to go to work. I wouldn't have any clue how I need to style it. Now I have 5 days to master it, before presenting it to anyone at work.

I am a bit nervous, but knowing that I am donating it to a good cause makes things a bit easier. And its just hair, right? It will come back. If I don't like it, I can start growing it out right away! I think I will like it though!!

Wish me luck. I will post a pic of me with the new hair cut as soon as I can.

On other news. We are headed to NY to see Shaun's dad. Gonna see the Thunderbirds. I haven't seen them since I was a kid. I hope it is as cool as I remember. Shaun should be home around 2 or 3, then we can head out of town. Excited to get away for a weekend.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I am considering cutting my hair again. I know that I have done it in the past, and everyone loved it. I have been wanting something different for a while now. Even before the wedding. I knew I would regret it if I made any drastic changes before my wedding, so I didn't. Then, Jeni, cut my hair for the wedding and made some extra layers and cleaned it up a bit. Now, it is due for another cut, and I want something different. It is getting WAY too long. I was thinking of going just below the shoulders, but I feel that would just cut hair off, and I would have the same look. I want a different look.
So, I was looking online at some photos. I found a cute bob, with my curls, I think would look really cute. I ran it by Shaun, he is cool with it, but of course wants me to keep my long hair. He said if I wanted to cut it then I should. I just know how he feels. Of course, I was thinking, if I was to cut it, might as well cut enough to make it eligible for donation to locks of love. Just a thought.
Here is an example of what I was thinking. Of course, it will look slightly different on me, but I think really cute. I even like the bangs. Enough of a change.
When my hair is long for a while, I want it short. When it is short for a while, I want it long. It has been long for about 3-4 years now. Last time it was cut, I was in nursing school (I think), about 5 yrs ago. Tell me what you think. Good, bad, indifferent, I want to hear from you!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


We have frequent fire drills at work. Kind of like when you were in school. But, at the hospital, you just close all the doors, make sure the hallways are clear, then wait till it stops. Typically if you are in the middle of something, you just carry on with what you are doing.
Well, the other night, I noticed the lights go off. I was in the middle of getting some medication for my patient, I just continued. Well, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the other nurses and some of the firefighters (they were around cuz they just dropped off a pt) were scurrying around, closing all the doors. I thought they were moving a bit quick, and one of the firefighters was carrying a fire extinguisher. Sometimes we like to play things up a bit, so I just thought to myself "Wow, they are really taking this drill seriously".
Turns out, there was a real fire in one of the rooms. I guess the tv started sparking then black smoke started coming out of it. The tv wasn't even on. It wasn't my pt's room, but there was someone in it. Don't worry, they got out safe. The firefighter jumped to the rescue, used the extinguisher, out it out, then grabbed the tv down from the platform it rests on, ran it outside, and threw it on the ground. As he is throwing it he says "I am tired of this place."
There were a couple other FF's out there, had no clue what was going one. It was pretty funny. Of course, the fire alarm alerted the fire station, and about 10 minutes later had a bunch of other ff's here. It was funny. No one was injured, and the smoke was all cleared out within a few hours. We just went on with the night.
It isn't often we get activity like that. Mostly just sniffly noses, broken bones, few heart attacks and strokes. That's about it.

Friday, July 11, 2008

More Favs

Cannot choose between all these, they are SO good. Here is a couple more that we love!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Couple for now


We got our wedding proofs today! So excited. They are super beautiful, so now we can start ordering! We have a few prints as part of our package and an album, and a big pic or two. So we will have to sit down and decide. Mom/Dad and Shaun's Dad get the prints. It is only fair. We just want the album and one of the wall pics. Mom and Dad kept our engagement pic.
Shaun hasn't seen them yet, as he isn't home, but he will soon!! Can't wait til he gets to. Yay!!
I think we have decided to buy the rights to the photos as well, so we can order more later too.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Nothing exciting to report. Have a few days off to look forward to. One of the girls from work invited me to a "Slumber/toy party" Not 100% sure what to expect, but a fun girls night out I guess. I am not completely stupid, I do know what it is, just not 100% sure of what the parties are like. I hear they are a ton of fun, and hilarious. I will have to report back to you.
Did not do anything for the 4th. I have seen firework shows in the past, so we didn't go see anythis year. Only had one night off. Maybe next year!! Thanks Jeffrey for showing your video.
Headed to NY at the end of this month to visit the in-laws. Guess we are going to take in an air show. Sounds like some fun! Excited about that.
Shaun has been busy making things all over. He really enjoys making things out of wood. Keeps him busy and we have neat projects all over the house.
Shaun has to leave in little more than a month. He will be gone a whole month too, still not looking forward to that...though Mara is coming to visit, so that is great news. Can't wait to see you Mara!!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Just a quick one

Had a ton of fun and spent WAY too much money, but hey, you only live once, right??

Williamsburg was a ton of fun. We did Jamestown on Friday. Played at Water Country USA all day on Saturday, and enjoyed Colonial Williamsburg on Sunday. The weather was way too hot, but we survived!!

Now it is back to work I go. I had better work a few extra shifts coming up soon, so I can pay for our little adventures!!

Here is a couple pics...

Oh, and we did end up back at the hotel. Camping just isn't working our for us this year so far. Way too hot, and then thunderstorm/rain in the evenings. Yeah, not really ideal camping weather.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Seriously this time

Okay, so we are really going out of town this weekend. We have wanted to go to Williamsburg, VA for a while now. There is a ton to do there, and it sounded like a nice long weekend place to go. Shaun was granted a 4 day weekend, and I just happened to have to same, so we are going. We were gonna do the hotel thing, but changed our minds, and decided to do the camping thing. Yay! Havne't been camping in almost one year, so it will be fun! I can't wait.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Slideshow

Also posted on myspace, but thought I would show it here too!!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Change of Plans

The weather was a bit too HOT and thunder stormy these last few days. We ended up staying here for the weekend. Got a few things done around the house, and did some more R&R this weekend.

I am finally back to only 36 hours a week. No more working so many hours. I don't need to, so I am not going to. I will pick up a shift here and there, but more like or 2 a month, not 1 or 2 a week.

Shaun has been busy making some cool shelves. I will post a pic if I can get one soon. We also found some neat canvas baskets, and will be making some shelving type units for them to fit into. One for the dining room and one for the yellow room. We are excited. Of course everything wood that I find that would be cool in the house, Shaun is like "I can make that pretty easily". I am sure that he can, problem is, it takes time and money to build all these little projects. Some times it is just more fun (quicker and easier) to buy them and use them right away! But, he likes to be handy around the house, with all his little "projects". I am very proud of him though.

Other up and coming news...none. Don't have any. Shaun still has to go away for a month in Aug. Not looking forward to that. Anyone wanna come visit around that time, I could use the company. We are still thinking of doing Williamsburg this summer. Lots of fun, history and a trip away. Not too far, about 3 hours I think. It will be a long weekend. His commander at work gave him a free 4 day weekend off for a wedding present. That was nice.

Guess that is it, don't have too much to share!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

This Weekend

Headed to Harper's Ferry, MD this weekend for a nice relaxing time. Hope the weather cooperates. Been off and on thunder stormy this week. We are camping at the KOA, which was recommended to me by someone at work. She said it is really nice. There are several historic sites to visit, and I am sure some places to go hiking. Can't wait. I am sure it will be a lot of fun!! Here is a few pics I got off the National Park website.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


We were originally going to take a cruise to the Meditteranean (France, Spain, Italy), but decided not to spend the time or money. We decided to spend a week in the Poconos. Nice, relaxing time. We had some decent weather. Mostly 60's, some rainy days. Which, was ok. We shopped a little on the rainy day, and spent most of it inside watching movies and taking naps.

Fist day there we went to Bushkill Falls. It is known as the "Niagara of Pennsylvania". It was no niagara, but was still fun. Lots of trails. We decided to do the hardest and longest of them all. It was a 2 hour hike, but very nice. Not many people do that trail, so we only saw two couples the whole time. We chose to do that one, cuz you see the waterfalls on that hike. The others you only get to see one or two, there five or six later on our hike we get to see.

This is one at the beginning. We asked another couple to take a pic for us. They did, that was nice.

This is overlooking PA. It was very serene to look out and see all the trees and no sound. Very peaceful.

The next day we chose to go horseback riding. It was fun. They had 45 minute rides, 2 hour adventure rides, and 4 hour rides. We did the 2 hour adventure ride. It was a ton of fun. We saw some turkeys, but didn't get pics of them. They have like 50 acres of land, and we go on a very rocky trail, up and down and even got to trot a few times. It was cool. I was hurting at the end, my ankles and knees, but after walking back to the car I wasn't hurting as bad. Two days later was another story. Actually what hurt the most was my sides. Probably from wobbling back and forth while on the horse. Oh, and they weren't even horses. They were mules. Mix between a donkey and a horse. They choose mules because they respond better to commands. It was still fun.
This is us on the trails!

My horses name was Cherokee. After we were finished they told us to let the horse go where it wants. It will chose the feeder it wants to go to. Well, my horse had another plan. He was very strong. Frequently on the trail, he would stop to eat the flowers (which is candy to them). They didn't want us to allow them to eat, so they instructed us to pull their heads away and just continue on. I tried. There was no way I could pull his head away. Very strong!! And strong willed. At the end when he would "know where to go", he decided to go everywhere but there.

So, this is me trying to get Cherokee back to where he was supposed to go. I guess my ride wasn't over.

Just a fun pic of us at Friendly's. A restaurant with ok food, but great desserts!!

Last day there, we decided to rent bikes. We chose a place that had a brochure stating "Downhill the whole way, we'll pick you and bring you back". So we thought that would be great. Rent the bikes, ride along the trail (used to be old railroad tracks-now a nice gravel trail) downhill and enjoy the scenery. Not so much. We had signed up to do the 25 mile ride. There was a 10 mile ride, but that didn't seem like much, so we went with the 25. Turned out, It was a 2% grade, so iti felt flat to us. Plus, about mile 15 or so, for about 7 or 8 miles, we had a head wind. It was so cold, and it felt like we were peddling backwards. I swear we weren't moving, but we were.
This is us stopped along the road somewhere near the beginning. It was neat scenery, very fun, even with the wind. I would do it again.

Another fun picture, but just look at the trail, very nice!!

This is one of my favorite of the scenery. I wouldn't mind getting this blown up and put in a frame!!

The End. It was 5 days of bliss and we were ready to get back home. We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast. It was neat, but not our bed. Plus, she made some interesting breakfasts. Most were good, some were not.

Friday, May 16, 2008

A Few More

Let me know when you get tired of these. For now it is just work again. Hopefully in June I can start working only 36 hours a week (fulltime and what I am supposed to be working) instead of the 48 or 60 I have been, and will be for a few weeks.
We don't have anything planned for the summer yet, but are starting to think of a few things. Maybe camping or something fun. We have talked about going to Williamsburg, VA. It is a ton of fun and lots of history. Can't wait. I will leave you with a couple more pics to enjoy of the wedding.

Mara and I before the wedding

Getting Ready

Cutting the cake. Don't you love the BIG green catering truck in our pictures. Silly people.

Butterfly!! They didn't go far after we released them. They are very tame and just stayed on my finger. I found this one on my dress.