Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I should've posted the previous post a LONG time ago, I got my ATT today. I scheduled my test for July 18th, that was the earliest I could! So, I have a couple, okay 3 weeks to start studying. Hehehe, yeah right, but really, I should! I am also trying to get my EMT certification transferred, so I can join Tualitin Valley Fire & Rescue. I live pretty close to one of the I am looking forward to getting back on with a department. I need to start running though, or I won't be getting anything but a swift kick in a$$, as I am getting kicked out. I so need to get into shape again, it is just so hard to get going!


So, i have to just sit and wait for my authorization to test (ATT) from the board of nursing now. That is required before I am allowed to sit for my boards. They have to make sure I really did graduate and not just say I did. They can't have jsut anyone sit for boards you know. So, while I am waiting, I should be studying, right? WRONG! (well I should be...) I am not! I feel I am gonna forget everything by the time they get around to letting me test. I know I won't, but I haven't even thought nursing since school ended. Graduation was it for me....time to start thinking .....laziness? Boredom? Sleeping? Yeah, that sounds good! Kidding! Okay, so I just got word from my friend Pam....she passed!! Yeah! She took the test on Monday and found out today! I am so excited for her! Now, I have to sit here and wait......and wait....and wait....for my ATT. I can hear the clock ticking...and the hands just zooming, like in the movies...tick, tick, tick.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Concert with Kenny!!

So I went to the Kenny Chesney Concert last night! It was awesome. I have to admit though, I was a little dissapointed! All he had was loud music, lots of lights and he danced around the stage a bit. He didn't talk much. Don't get me wrong, it was so much fun, and I wouldn't trade it for anything...but Reba's concert was way better. That's ok, they can't all be better than than the previous ones. He did alot of signing autograph's at the end too, which is way cool! No, I wasn't even near him, he was about an inch big from where I stood. But.....I could hear him!! (well....through the mic...not without) Gretchen Wilson was there too, she put on a great show....I was pleasantly surprised...nothing fancy, she didn't even dance around the stage much, but she is a great singer and I was impressed. Pat Green was there too, he didn't sing much, about 5 songs. Wave on Wave is the only one I recognized...didn't even know who it was until we were leaving and I saw his T-shirt for sale...then I realized it was the guy who Mara made me a CD for. She is great, she sent me three awesome CD's. I had never heard of him before, but now I have!! So, overall the concert was great, I had a blast! Oh....and NO Renee sightings! Too bad, that would've been cool!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

At Home

I move out....then I go home to visit....then I don't leave! End of story! Seriously, I came home on Friday for Father's Day, and I am still here....on Tuesday. I have nothing to get back to, so I figure, why go back! It is nice to take a long, relaxing vacation. I know it isn't the Bahamas, but it is relaxing. I get to sleep in, watch tv all day, write emails, play games, I don't HAVE to do anything. I think I will go home soon, but I am gonna stretch this "vacation" out as long as I can. Soon, I will have to go back, and my life will start, and I will get so busy again that I have no time to do anything fun, so I am going to have fun and relax now. I have great plans to start running again, but for now, they are just plans. I have went out walking some, but nothing serious. Maybe mom and I will go for a walk tonight. I am trying to convince her to go to a movie tonight....she is Mrs Betty Homemaker, so we can't do anything till she makes dinner....grrr! I might have to go alone, cuz I can, and I will!

Friday, June 17, 2005


I got to have my first get together tonight. My sister plays pinocle once a month at various friends houses...apparently tonight they were short, so they invited me! I was so excited! It was nice to go and meet some people. They were mostly all accountants, but it was still fun. She provided dinner...well breakfast! We got to eat breakfast and a ton of fruit. It was really nice! I was in the winner circle on my first game, then the two winners from each game go to play the championship round....we lost...that's ok. The winners each get a little something...this time it was some notepads and some blank I really need more junk to crowd my already filled apt! It was still fun to play...I haven't played pinocle in a long time, they had to help remind me how to's just a gme though!

Thursday, June 16, 2005


I just met a few of my neighbors. I went to take Charlie out and they were all smoking outside. They were really nice and let me through, and showed a genuine interest in Charlie, that was nice. One of them, her name is Jaina...she wants me to watch her dog for a month. She has a female mini-beagle. I love beagles, but I really don't think it is a good idea to watch a dog for someone else. She says she will pay for everything it needs, but I don't know. I guess her boyfriend (my neighbor) can't have dogs (I am assuming either he hasn't paid the deposit, or his kids have allergies....I dont know!), and something about something else. I think it would be a fun playmate for Charlie, but I seriously do not need another dog. It is so hard to say no to people, especially when they ask the way she did. She doesn't even know me, for all she knows, I could beat on my dog and starve him....hmmm....kidding! I don't, but she doesn't know that I don't! She must be deperate to find her a home. Her dogs name is Langley. She sounds like fun, but I can't watch her dog!
I might have a part-time, part-part-time job. I saw an advertisement on the mailboxes for a bbsitter. A baby- a two-month-old baby! They just need someone from 3:00-3:30 and 6-7pm and a half hours, and they are willing to pay $90/week. I could use that money for just a few hours of my time! Its not like I have anything better to do. I have been running some errands these last few days, and I have been trying to unpack, but I jsut don't feel like doing that all the time, so I don't. I am gonna go play pinocle tomorrow night with my sister and her friends...maybe I will make a friend of my own....!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Well, I did it! I graduated, I moved, I'm here! I like my new apt. I have a ton of stuff, bust I have already gotten most of it unpacked, now i just have to organize a few things. I think Charlie likes it here too, but I am not sure if he still thinks it is temporary. I go in this morning for my pre-employment screening....drug test, TB test, paperwork, you know! Which reminds me...I need to be there earlier than I thought, gotta go!

Friday, June 03, 2005

Interview 2

Had my interviews today....two of them. Yeah, I am totally stoked. The first interview was for a small hospital close to home in the critical care unit, which is where I wanted to end up eventually (might as well start there!!). So, I nailed the interview, answered everything with what she wanted to hear. I nailed the critical thinking exercises. Then we went for a tour (normal routine) and came back to her office she asked if I liked the hospital and if it sounded good. I said yes, I was really impressed. Then, get this.....she offered me the job, on the spot!! That's right! I had a "im completely shocked" look on my face and I was speechless. She was great, and said I should think about it. I didn't need to think about it, I was hooked. But I graciously accepted her card thanked her and left. Then went to y second interview.....that was a breeze after I knew I had a job was ok, but I was not impressed and I accepted the first interviews job posistion the second I left my second interview. So............I HAVE A JOB!!!!!!!! Woohoo! I am so excited. The plan is to start working in early Aug, but maybe late July. That part totally sucks, but I am totally excited!!!
I started moving into my new apt too. I got the keys and have moved about 8 boxes in. Q is coming up this weekend and she is going to help me get started organizing, so when I move officially next won't be so chaotic.
I think I am going to love it here! This weekend I am hanging out with my friend Q and my sister. Tomorrow morning though, my sister is having an AC guy come out, she doesn't want him to be here alone, so I am house sitting while he is working. I am gonna bake and I have some movies to watch. It will be so great not to have to think about school or work or anything, I can just RELAX!
Oh yeah, today, official last day of nursing school.....I passed!!!!!!!!!!!
Today truely is the best day in the world, too bad I didn't meet Prince Charming today also. Oh well!