Wednesday, May 30, 2007


We have decided to go camping in a couple weeks. Get away from the same ol' routine of work and play. Some guys that Shaun works with have recommended Deep Creek Lake State Park. It is on the far West part of Maryland. Looks like fun. There is some hiking and camping (of course) and fishing, a lake. I am sure there are activities at the campground site too. Figure we will spend a couple nights there having fun in the great outdoors!! I can't wait!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Scrapbook Part 2

So here you go. Here is the entire scrapbook. I could only take a pic and download that, since I don't have a scanner here, or within arms reach. They aren't the best, but at least you get the point. I hope you enjoy them. Some have a bit of a glare from the plastic cover, but you can still see what needs to be seen. Enjoy!

That's it. I hope you enjoyed it. I liked doing it. I hope I can do some more. It is way better than just showing of some random pics, and not completely knowing when they were taken, and of what. At least this is in an organized fashion, and explains a few things.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


So I decided to scrapbook my trip home and across the country. I printed all the pictures, went to Michael's and picked out an 8x8 book, got some extra stuff. When i got home, I sat down, put the pics in order, and started decided what to do with each page. Well, I guess I just kept plugging away, because before I knew it...I was finished. Took me about 4 hours total. Yippee!

I love it. I brought it to work today, and everyone here loves it too! I will be posting pics on here asap, but I am sorry you all don't get to see my scrapbook. it turned out great, and I am very proud of it!

Side note: Mara....I will keep posting!! Sorry I was on a hiatus. Please don't stray...I need readers too!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

License Plates

Played another fun game on the road. We decided to find as many states license plates as we could. Starting when we left WA, ending in MD. We didn't include semi-trucks, only personal vehicles.

These are the states we found:

South Dakota
North Dakota
Washington DC
West Virginia
North Carolina
New York
New Jersey
(A few more I can't remember off the top of my head...I will look at my paper and update this post)

Total of 38 states and 2 Canadian Providences. It was fun!

Slug Bug Game

Shaun and I played the Slug Bug Game on our trip. It was a ton of fun. A couple months ago, I introduced the game to him so he could practice...because I knew I wanted to play on this trip. So he learned the rules, and practiced. Calling slug bugs whenever he saw them.

So, this trip we decided to keep the game going all the way. Starting in Wa, ending when we got home, in MD. There were times when I was ahead, there were times (more of them) when he was ahead.

But in the last stretch (I would say last 150 miles) I got like 5 slug bugs in a row. Yup. 5. Count them 5.

That made us tie. I know. We tied. Believe it or not, we each got 32 slug bugs throughout the trip. It was close at the end though. There were times I thought I would lose at my own game.

But...we tied!

Road Rules

#1. Click it, or Ticket. In other words....BUCKLE UP!!!

#2. Keep right, Pass on left.

#3. Speed Limit. We also need some Speed Minimums.

#4. Don't Drink and Drive. Duh!

#5. Pull over to use your cell phone. Or use hands free equipment.

#6. Enjoy the scenery.

#7. Stop at stoplights/stop signs.

#8. If you are sleepy...pull over and rest!

#9. Respect your fellow drivers.

#10. Have fun!!

On our cross country trip we noticed a lot of crazy things that people do while driving. Please just respect others and follow the rules of the road.

Coming Soon!

Road Trip Updates and Pictures!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


We are home, safe and sound. We had a BLAST!! Just wanted you all to know we are home. Pictures and fun blog posts to come.
I had to go back to work today, so hopefully tomorrow I will start posting.

Friday, May 11, 2007

T Minus 12 hours and counting...

I am at my last shift before I head home for my vacation. Woohoo!! I am so excited, and of course, this shift will take FOREVER.

I am working nights this week. So far so good, except Shaun came home early today (about noon) and I didn't really get back to sleep after he came home. Grrr. I think I finally slept again for about 45 minutes at about 4:30pm. Then I had to get up and pack for my trip.

He will come get me from work (7am) and we will head straight to the airport. Yeah! His cousin has agreed to drop us off. So we will leave his car there all week. I can't imagine what the cost would be like if we left it there for 8 days. Wow...big bill I can imagine. So, she is doing us a HUGE favor by dropping us off.

It is 10:23pm right now, and work is slow, and the time does not seem to move quickly at all. Tonight will drag on. First I am excited to go home. Last weekend I didn't get to see many people, and didn't get to spend quality time with my babies. So, Shaun is in for a BIG treat. He gets to meet not only ALL of my family, but a lot of my friends. I get to show him all the cool places in Tri-Cities (don't laugh!), and well, thats it. Of course we are spending a few hours in Seattle before the last leg of our journey to Pasco. That will be fun for him. So far, I have planned to show him Pike's Place Market. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

Guess I shall get back to saving lives...

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Night shift

I am at work, right now. I am in my last week of my first travel assignment. They didn't have any needs for day shift, so they asked (nicely) if I would be willing to work night shifts this week. Of course I can't say no, so I said "sure, I don't mind".

When really I was saying...what the hell...of course I mind. But, do I really? I guess not. I just hate staying up, and I haven't been to work since last Monday. Last week I was terribly sick, called in twice, and then went home. So, it has been a while since I have worked.

Now I am here, have only one patient, and (*knock on wood), it is boring. I got all my work done in the first hour, so now I have 11 hours to sit and do nothing.

I will not forget my book of sudoku tomorrow night. Nor will I forget my sweater. I always get so cold at night. Silly me. I should know this.

I guess I am blabbering now. This only took about 3 minutes of my time. Grrr! Only 8 hours left to go!

Perfect Man

(**Note to all: Beware, could make you jealous**)

Normally a sign of spring, but today, a sign of love from Shaun.

I was lying on the couch, practically asleep, when a loud knock on the door occurred. I jumped up, answered the door, and there they were.

Well, sort was a man delivering a box. So after I opened the box I saw them. Gorgeous Tulips, ready for bloom.

Today they are completely blooming, and beautiful.

Thank you Sweetheart!! They are gorgeous.

He sent them to me, just because. How sweet.

Okay ladies...I know you are all jealous, and wondering what I did to deserve such a gesture. Well, just goes to show you that I have me, the Perfect Man!! (At least he is perfect for me!!)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Bloomsday, come and gone!

We had a blast at Bloomsday. I got to see all my friends (well not all, but a lot), and my family. Kassandra and Jackie ran, so they finished in like 1:30. Kat's friend Kim and I ran/walked and we finished 1:59, and Mara and Kat walked, finishing just a few minutes after us. It was fun. Mom came down and cheered us on. She got a few pics.

I had a great weekend home seeing my family and my babies. Now I am headed back to Maryland to see my sweetie! One more week of work, then back here to spend the week with my family. Yippee! Shaun gets to come next time, so that will be fun. My family can't wait to meet him! :)

I had better get to the airport, I have a (boring) day of flying across the country. I have decided I really hate to fly. But next week I only have to fly there, then I get to bring my car back. I cannot wait. It was nice to drive it again while I was home. I get to turn in the (damn) rental car tomorrow morning, for good!! I can't wait for that either!!


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bloomsday Weekend is here!!

Woohoo! I am checked in. I can't wait. My flight leaves tomorrow morning at 8:40 am. Yeah. I have a small layover in Denver, CO. But it is an hour. So just enough time to potty, get a snack, and change planes. I doubt I will have to run across the airport considering it is the same airline. At least I am guessing I won't have to. So yippee. I get to go home and see my babies in just 24 hours!!!

Off to Bloomsday I go. I am feeling better, and by Sunday I should be in tip-top shape to run, at least some of it. I doubt I could run the whole thing without stopping this year. I don't even need to, cuz I got lots of friends I get to see and hang out with. Might as well walk, stroll, and enjoy the time with my friends. Yippee, I am so excited.

Alright, well, I guess in order to get home, I have to I had better do that! Bye!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Appalachian Trail

Hiked a small portion of the trail today. Didn't go for very long, cuz I am sick and all. But, Shaun got home early from his three-day thingy and it was nice out. So we decided we would go for a small walk on the trail. It was fun, but I was tired, so we didn't go much more than a few miles. Still, it was fun. As soon as I get better, and it stays nice....we will go out much more I am sure.

It was fun though. Of course, nothing like hiking in the Gorge!!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Shaun is gone right now. He left me on Monday. He had some ARMY three-day thing to do. I figured I could have some fun, and get some stuff done around the house...but nope.

I am sick.



I got some cold, and I have lost my voice. I am not talking squeaky lost, I am talking (or not talking) completely lost. Gone. Not here.

It is crazy. I don't think I have ever completely lost my voice before. It's weird.

I was supposed to work these three days while Shaun is gone, but I called in sick today. I went to work yesterday, and it was miserable. Not fair to me, my fellow workers, and especially not fair to my patients. I got worse and I wasn't getting any sleep, so I called in.

I really could have used the money, but I just can't work like this...and now I can't talk, so I really couldn't have worked like that. Bummer.

Nothing else terribly new with me. Get to go home in 4 days...counting down. I can't wait! I hope I am better for Bloomsday! I am sure I can walk with this, but I want to run some. I was hoping to get several runs in this week, but I don't see that happening.

Went out to dinner the other night with my friend Nicole and her boyfriend, Eric. They are awesome. We had a nice dinner at a steakhouse. I even tried some gator tail, and buffalo. Yeah, I know. I tried it. They were both pretty good.

Well, my first travel assignment is almost over. It has been great, but I am not really liking this hospital. The people I work with are great, but the way they run things drive me insane. I have had some pretty stressful days lately. If only they fixed would be better. Always easier said than done, I know.

I am sure it will be fine. I just don't like working in the PCU, and I have been there for a month straight now. Next month I get to be in the ICU's, so I think it will be way better from here on out.

Start my next assignment May 20. After taking a week off, and driving my car back here. Woohoo. Cross country road trip!! Can't wait. We made our trip plans and everything. We will be staying in Billings Montana the first night. Camping under the stars at a KOA site. Okay...not completely under the stars...we will have a roof over our head. We decided it would be fun to stay in a cabin. So we will be doing that. Then, off to see Mount Rushmore, then stay at Sious Falls, SD. Again, in a cabin. Then to Chicago, IL. We will stay at a hotel just outside in Indiana. Woohoo. I am so excited. After that we drive home!

Lots of fun coming up!! I can't wait. Oh, and I *finally* got a card reader, so I don't have to wait to post pictures now! Super duper cool!!