Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thirty-One Consultant

Hi All,
I have decided to become a thirty-one consultant. I will be selling a great product of bags, wallets, tote, organizers, etc. They are a great company and have a great product. I look forward to seeing where I can go with this company.
I am new to the consultant selling game, but I look forward to my first open house and then helping others have parties to share with their friends. I will post some more info about when I get it.
The new Fall line starts Aug 2011, so I will be starting my business the end of this month and having my first party beginning of August! I am super excited!!

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Anonymous said...

Good Luck! Sounds like a good company for you to try out, you definatly love your product which is the first step :)

Missing you in WA,