Saturday, May 21, 2011

Caribbean Cruise-3rd Anniversary Trip

Cruise was so much fun! I didn't do real well with the ship, rocking back and forth, but I made it through and would totally do it again! It was great to get away and just be with Shaun. We stopped in Key West, Fl on the first day and just walked around and shopped a little. I got my first coach purse purchase at an outlet store. A small wristlet, but that is what I like to use anyhow. I love it! We got some cool hats to keep the sun off when we get to Cozumel!

That night was our anniversary and coincidently formal night on the ship. We dressed up, had a nice dinner and a show. It was a wonderful way to spend our 3rd anniversary. Shaun had surprised me with a rose in our room! He is so sweet!

Next day we had fun in Cozumel, Mexico. We did a sail, snorkel, beach excursion. It was a ton of fun. I had never snorkeled before so it was new to me. First in the water I couldn't breathe, but I was able to acclimate pretty quickly and had some fun. Apparently there was a big hurricane several years back that was centered right over the area and the reef was bleached. No fancy colors, but still super cool!

Then we sailed for about 20 minutes to a private beach. It was so hot and we are not really beach people. We played in the water some and layed on the beach for a while, but it wasn't long before we had to escape to the shade. This momma sure can't handle the sun for long. Plus I didn't want to get dehydrated!

The next day was an at sea day, so Shaun and I took it easy. He got a chance to go behind the scenes and take a tour of the ship. It was only open to 16 people total, so he really wanted to do it. He is a total geek and loved every second of it. His words not mine. I love my total geek! I rested while he was gone, and then in the evening watched another show. The next morning we were back at Miami, and headed home to see my baby! I sure missed him so much. I think he missed us too, but just can't quite say it yet. "Bapa" (what he calls Grandpa) said he was asking for us all day.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fantastic trip! Glad you got to have some fun, just the two of you, for your anniversary. Very Special!
Love, Suzy